File Title
1 Opioid addiction in young people linked to prescriptions from dentists
2 Oral drug for blood clot treatment safe for cancer patients, study says
3 Cost of insulin causing 1 in 4 diabetics to cut back on use
4 Another study finds autism in 1 in 40 children
5 Benefits of CBD liquid for epilepsy may fade over time, study says
6 Pediatricians: Old-fashioned play better for kids than digital toys
7 Study: 1 in 10 will develop eczema in their lifetime
8 Tooth loss in older women likely to cause high blood pressure
9 Gene therapy treatment reverses sickle cell anemia, early trial results show
10 Wrong connective tissue linked to poorer breast cancer prognosis
11 Study: Black males twice as likely to die, mainly from gun violence
12 Few Americans have optimal 'metabolic health'
13 Most people lie to their doctors, study says
14 New chlamydia test offers results within 30 minutes
15 Infection risk spikes after hip surgery, study says
16 Demand for doctors in U.S. jumped by 7 percent in 2017
17 Green neighborhoods could lead to fewer cases of heart disease
18 Researchers create sensors to measures cancer's ability to spread, study says
19 New stem cell treatment uses umbilical cord blood for bone marrow patients
20 FDA warns of rare stroke risk with MS drug
21 Botox may help prevent post-op atrial fibrillation
22 Ultrasound, MRI can detect Zika-related brain defects
23 New blood test could spot cancer cells more quickly
24 Neonatal vitamin D deficiency linked to schizophrenia in study in Denmark
25 Statins prescribed to patients who don't need them, study says
26 PET scans improve tuberculosis meningitis treatments
27 Experimental vaccine may block effects of opioid drugs
28 Hazelnuts boost micronutrient levels in older adults, study says
29 Fewer breast cancer patients may need lymph node removal, study says
30 Smokers who roll their own less likely to quit
31 Obesity increases heart failure survival, but still not healthy
32 Supervised heroin injection programs may help addicts
33 Report: Millions still breathing secondhand smoke
34 Over 60 percent of people at risk of heart attack or stroke have belly fat
35 More seeking mental help, but not those who need it most
36 Uterine cancer rates rising, particularly among black women
37 Elevated hormone may help doctors spot rare liver condition
38 Researchers study link between Mediterranean diet and lower cardiovascular risk
39 Good economies bring bad nursing home conditions, study says
40 Study suggests drug could help with breast cancer survivors' hot flashes
41 Study: Kids with strong family ties, school support more likely to stop bullies
42 More blood pressure meds recalled due to carcinogen
43 Healthy lifestyle lowers odds of breast cancer's return
44 Study: Statins have low risk of side effects
45 Women with HPV at higher cervical cancer risk, regardlesss of cell abnormalities
46 Memory tests may forecast Alzheimer's disease, brain atrophy
47 Coffee could fight Parkinson's disease, study says
48 New study connects physical activity with gene changes
49 People with type 2 diabetes may be testing blood sugar too much
50 Mindfulness may help symptoms of low back pain
51 Autism, ADHD in one child linked to increased risk in siblings
52 Hair may be restored on scarred skin, mouse study suggests
53 Sleep, not cramming, before finals leads to better grades
54 Puzzles, games may keep brain sharp in aging
55 Chemical from red meat consumption linked to heart disease
56 Link between poverty, obesity developed in last 30 years
57 BMI, overall health are connected after all, study says
58 New technology could predict cancer outcome
59 Black people with sleep apnea twice as likely to develop high blood pressure, study says
60 Women often hesitate to call for help when heart attack strikes
61 'Hookups' more intimate for college students than previously thought
62 Diabetics may not need to fast before blood tests, study suggests
63 A new spray could fight cancer recurrence after tumor removals
64 Fentanyl now top opioid overdose killer, CDC says
65 Women after child birth face greater risk of breast cancer, study says
66 Study: VA hospitals outperform nearby healthcare facilities
67 Exercise could boost mood, improve bipolar, study says
68 'Easy way out' stigma may hold people back from weight loss surgery
69 Study: Stethoscopes carry wide range of bacteria
70 Obesity at fault for 4 percent of cancers worldwide, study says
71 Holiday season increases heart attack risk, Swedish study says
72 Study: 15 percent of infants exposed to Zika develop abnormalities
73 New tool could improve asthma prediction in children
74 People with cancer have higher shingles risk, study says
75 Study: Common anti-delirium drug seen as largely noneffective
76 Study: Average hospital outpatient visit cost approaching $500
77 Ingestible robot can be monitored from outside body by Bluetooth
78 New disease-bearing tick may spread throughout U.S.
79 Anti-opioid vaccine shows promise in mice
80 Women doctors penalized for motherhood, survey says
81 Protein linked to Alzheimer's is transmissable, study with mice suggests
82 Genetic analysis reveals brain changes that lead to mental illness
83 Crohn's, colitis may increase prostate cancer risk
84 CDC says U.S. flu season off to slow start
85 Stress in the evening harder on body than at other times: study
86 Healthy sleep habits for kids pay off in growth
87 Physical therapy can help you avoid opioids when joint pain strikes
88 Father-son talks about condoms prevent STIs, unplanned pregnancy
89 Dementia, Alzheimer's linked to stroke deaths
90 Study: Risk of cancer, death less likely 10 years after cancer-free colonoscopy
91 Parents should think before they drink this holiday season, survey says
92 Blood pressure monitoring at barbershops effective in follow-up study
93 Vaping rises among high schoolers, as use of opioids, alcohol goes down
94 More potent pot may increase chance of dependence, study says
95 Sleepless nights could make pastries more attractive
96 Runaway immune system may play role in chronic fatigue syndrome
97 Child abuse spikes on Saturday when report cards go home on Friday
98 Depression, anxiety increase risk for heart disease, stroke
99 Surgeon general issues warning about e-cigarette 'epidemic'
100 Widespread occasional antibiotic use linked to resistance
101 AHA launches opioid courses for healthcare providers, lay responders
102 New computer imaging method detects lung cancer based on blood vessels
103 Study: Heart surgery won't cause brain decline
104 Opioids not much better than placebo for chronic pain, study says
105 Three-quarters of people in U.S. struggling with loneliness
106 Known risks don't explain rates of sudden cardiac death for African-Americans
107 Study: Pregnant women, extremely obese at high risk for flu complications
108 Women born at low birth weight may face pregnancy complications
109 Diabetes drug may also treat common heart failure syndrome, study says
110 Researchers find link between MS relapses, food allergies
111 Exercise may cut blood pressure as well as medication, study says
112 Study: Marijuana causes genetic changes in men's sperm