File Title
1 Use honey first for a cough, new guidelines say
2 Rise in diabetes 'to cause surge in heart disease and strokes'
3 Radiologist shortage 'affecting cancer care' in the UK
4 Children 'getting sight problems because of eye test delays'
5 Say 'menopause' three times a day, academics urged
6 'I broke every bone in my face--and survived'
7 Adrian Chiles 'horrified' at drinking 100 alcohol units a week
8 Critically-ill children 'need more aftercare'
9 'Why I drink 100 units of alcohol a week'
10 Cruise ship rescue: How to survive for 10 hours in the water
11 Vaping--good, bad or not clear?
12 Forward-box: Xbox Adaptive Controller's packaging is a good Microsoft move
13 Possible lake spotted under a polar ice cap--on Mars
14 Google launches "Shielded VMs" to protect cloud servers from rootkits, data theft
15 Snoopware installed by 11 million+ iOS, Android, Chrome, and Firefox users
16 The genetics of education: 1,271 genes account for 10% of the variation
17 Leaked benchmarks show Intel is dropping hyperthreading from i7 chips
18 Facebook stock dives nearly 20% on warning of slow revenue growth
19 Decade-old Bluetooth flaw lets hackers steal data passing between devices
20 Amazon's Rekognition messes up, matches 28 lawmakers to mugshots
21 British man unwittingly gave Russian nerve agent to his girlfriend as a gift
22 YouTube comes down on Alex Jones for hate speech, child endangerment content
23 Windows 10 will try not to reboot when you're just grabbing a cup of coffee
24 Tesla's cash crunch, explained
25 NY threatens to kick Charter out of the state after broadband failures
26 Virgin's Unity spaceship sets a new altitude record of 52 kilometers
27 Burglar wakes up couple to ask to use their Wi-Fi network
28 Neanderthals used stone hand axes to strike a light
29 Shipping company's networks in the Americas crippled by ransomware attack
30 New Spectre attack enables secrets to be leaked over a network
31 HTC, amidst a major revenue decline, brags about its VR revenue
32 Californian, Hawaiian homeowners charging ahead on residential batteries
33 Nintendo's next Labo kit coming in Sept, looks like next-gen Pilotwings
34 Amazon wrongly IDed 28 members of Congress, and they're not happy about it
35 Rocket Report: SpaceX doubles up, European resistance, condensed Karman
36 How they did it (and will likely try again): GRU hackers vs. US elections
37 Ebola mysteriously hid in a woman for more than a year before spreading
38 It's too soon to tell if the Great Barrier Reef's bleaching was a catastrophe
39 After 25 years, military told to move from "expendable" to "reusable" rockets
40 Alex Jones slammed with 30-day ban from Facebook for hateful videos [Update]
41 Why do so many moms die and suffer in the US? Stupid negligence
42 NY orders Charter out of state, says it must sell Time Warner Cable system
43 Facebook's "downvote" system begins rolling out wider in US--here's how it works
44 Daily Beast: Russian hackers targeted Democrat facing tough 2018 election
45 Re-testing the MacBook Pro: Apple's firmware update led to a big improvement
46 Intel says not to expect mainstream 10nm chips until 2H19
47 Review: Azul, board game of the year?
48 Garmin Fenix 5S Plus review: So capable, so enviable, so expensive
49 Neural network implemented with light instead of electrons
50 Amazon: Cops should set confidence level on facial recognition to 99%
51 Pedestrians are a hard problem for self-driving cars--here's one solution
52 Click on this iOS phishing scam and you'll be connected to "Apple Care"
53 How Steve Jobs and Bill Gates defined a decade of tech--according to CNN's The 2000s
54 Hackers find creative way to steal $7.7 million without being detected
55 Trump seems to think F-35 is "literally invisible" in flight
56 8 states take aim at 3D gun company, sue to get files off the Internet
57 Vaccine-refusing community drove outbreak that cost $395K, sickened babies
58 A new report questions "viability" of plan to privatize the space station
59 Vertical video sheds its black bars on YouTube, Android app adds dark mode
60 Ex-SolarCity employees: We were fired after reporting millions in fake sales
61 Don't try to rejuvenate your vagina, FDA warns after scolding companies
62 Sitrep: The Air Force's senior-citizen chopper may have to hold off retirement
63 Firefox is getting new icons; Mozilla shows off two competing designs
64 Comcast, Charter dominate US; telcos "abandoned rural America," report says
65 Sorry, Elon: Nuking Mars' icecaps won't geoengineer planet
66 Uber's controversial self-driving truck division shuts down
67 Toyota's heavy-duty fuel cell truck project moves from alpha to beta
68 Facebook's latest meddling disclosure: "We expected the organization to evolve"
69 Waymo pilot program shows how self-driving cars could boost transit
70 Man accused of sabotage at Tesla brings his own lawsuit over defamation
71 Services drove Apple's best third quarter ever, but iPhone sales aren't growing
72 3D-printed gun website yanks CAD files after federal judicial order
73 P is for Power--Android engineers talk battery life improvements in Android P
74 Work begins on rocket engines for SLS flights a decade from now
75 Samsung's Tab S4 is both an Android tablet and a desktop computer
76 Latest Windows 10 build will support "Your Phone" content sharing
77 Report: Google is preparing to cave to Chinese search censorship
78 Engine maker Cummins to recall 500,000 trucks after failed emissions tests
79 Climate change brings Britain and Ireland's hidden past to the surface
80 Steam sees surprising, significant usage dip in 2018
81 661Tbps through a single optical fiber: The mind boggles
82 NY ordered Charter to leave the state--but Charter won't go without fight
83 Russian embassy trolls US launch industry after new rocket engine sale
84 Valve's first new game in 5 years, Artifact, coming in November, starting at $20
85 Time is running out for dieselgate Volkswagen owners to get their money
86 Blue diamonds come from ocean floor that is pushed nearly to Earth's core
87 Password breach teaches Reddit that, yes, phone-based 2FA is that bad
88 Doctors cut out a large chunk of a boy's brain--now he's doing just fine
89 DOJ announces arrest of 3 men allegedly behind notorious FIN7 hacking group
90 Boeing shifts schedule for Starliner, calls 2019 crew launch "realistic"
91 Tesla posts bigger-than-expected loss, bigger-than-expected revenue [Updated]
92 Tesla asked cops for help during "active shooter threat," which was bogus
93 New open source effort: Legal code to make reporting security bugs safer
94 Alex Jones podcast episodes yanked from Spotify over "hate content"
95 Apple shuts App Store affiliate program, imperiling recommendation sites
96 Physicists' simple spanks economists' complex in economic growth forecasts
97 Fuel economy standards kill people, Trump administration claims
98 Tesla says it's dumping Nvidia chips for a homebrew alternative
99 $50 a month for 1Mbps: How AT&T and Verizon rip off DSL customers
100 The modern pygmies of Flores are not related to Homo floresiensis
101 That's trillion with a T--Apple hits market value of $1 trillion
102 The Surface Go reviews are in, and...they're a bit all over the place
103 How can NASA return to the Moon? By making everything reusable, chief says
104 FCC sides with Google Fiber over Comcast with new pro-competition rule
105 Heads-up: 2FA provider Duo Security to be acquired by Cisco (ugh)
106 EA issues apology after removing Kaepernick's name from song in Madden 19 [Updated]
107 Rocket Report: Japan chasing SpaceX, missile-test failure, Russian trolling
108 Gig economy 101--"I came to this bar in a Lyft, should I feel guilty about that?"
109 People buried at Stonehenge may have come from as far away as Wales
110 Blockbuster drug Abilify nears Judgment Day over compulsive gambling, sex
111 Original Star Wars movies blocked from Disney streaming until 2024
112 Salt-infused graphene creates an infrared cloaking device
113 Gene editing crunches an organism's genome into single, giant DNA molecule
114 Net neutrality foe Marsha Blackburn gets 85% of the vote in GOP Senate primary
115 How do you pronounce "NES"? Nintendo throws a wrench in the debate
116 Leaked video shows the Galaxy Note9 from every angle, reveals 512GB version
117 Motorola and Verizon kick off the 5G smartphone hype with the Moto Z3