File Title
1 Keep cool: Researchers develop magnetic cooling cycle
2 When is a star not a star?
3 You can't tell whether an online restaurant review is fake--but this AI can
4 Organic ferromagnetism: Trapping spins in the glassy state of an organic network structure
5 New light on the controversial question of species abundance and population density
6 Understanding surface science to manufacture quality cosmetics
7 A novel approach of improving battery performance
8 Ceres takes life an ice volcano at a time
9 Four-year study: Pioneering contact lens approach slows myopia progression in children
10 Genetic mutations thwart scientific efforts to fully predict our future
11 Aspirin found not to prolong healthy aging
12 Earth's oldest animals formed complex ecological communities
13 Opioid users could benefit from meth-relapse prevention strategy, study finds
14 Witnessing violence in high school as bad as being bullied
15 Multi-joint, personalized soft exosuit breaks new ground
16 World's first passive anti-frosting surface fights ice with ice
17 Machine learning technique to predict human cell organization published in Nature Methods
18 How dragonfly wings get their patterns
19 New guideline recommends weight loss strategies for sleep apnea patients
20 Researchers find children experience concussion symptoms three times longer than adults
21 The gene code of growing limbs
22 Gunshot victims require much more blood and are more likely to die than other trauma patients
23 Exposure to organochlorine pesticides in the womb linked to poorer lung function in childhood
24 Medicaid expansion boosted the financial health of low-income Michigan residents
25 New method more than doubles sugar production from plants
26 Tiny fossils reveal how shrinking was essential for successful evolution
27 Either too much or too little weight gain during pregnancy is associated with adverse outcomes in children aged 7 years
28 New evidence of a preventative therapy for gout
29 COPD patients suffer fewer respiratory problems if treated with targeted lung denervation
30 Paris climate targets could be exceeded sooner than expected
31 Tiny moth from Asia spreading fast on Siberian elms in eastern North America
32 Fossils reveal diverse Mesozoic pollinating lacewings
33 X-rays uncover a hidden property that leads to failure in a lithium-ion battery material
34 UCLA researchers develop mechanism for characterizing function of rare tumor cells
35 Large-scale shift causing lower-oxygen water to invade Canada's Gulf of St. Lawrence
36 Study IDs why some TB bacteria prove deadly
37 We are predisposed to forgive, new research suggests
38 Gene therapy via skin protects mice from lethal cocaine doses
39 Thinking beyond yourself can make you more open to healthy lifestyle choices
40 Scientists determine four personality types based on new data
41 One big reason why women drop out of doctoral STEM programs
42 Individual, societal changes needed to combat obesity
43 Pre-activating cath labs prior to STEMI arrival speeds treatment, reduces risk
44 Liver allocation system disadvantages children awaiting transplants
45 Scientists reveal way to map vast unknown territory of long non-coding RNA
46 Middle-aged moderate drinkers rarely have health concerns about drinking
47 Study of 1 million people leads to world's biggest advance in blood pressure genetics
48 Modeling crystal behavior: Towards answers in self-organization
49 Inexpensive testing spurs cancer patients' relatives to assess own disease risk
50 Characterizing pig hippocampus could improve translational neuroscience
51 After 150 years, a breakthrough in understanding the conversion of CO2 to electrofuels
52 How the brain bounces back
53 More than half of parents of sleep-deprived teens blame electronics
54 Decisive sea otters use paws and whiskers to distinguish objects by touch
55 Resynchronizing neurons to erase schizophrenia
56 Nanoparticle therapeutic restores function of tumor suppressor in prostate cancer
57 Household cleaning products may contribute to kids' overweight by altering their gut microbiota
58 Targeting this key bacterial molecule could reduce the need for antibiotics
59 Drug prices increased twice as quickly than expected during shortage [plus other topics]
60 Injuries associated with infant walkers still sending children to the emergency department
61 In a tiny worm, a close-up view of where genes are working
62 For-profit hospitals correlated with higher readmission rates
63 Tweaking cells' gatekeepers could lead to new way to fight cancer
64 Kessler researchers show Speed of Processing Training effective in multiple sclerosis
65 Cash, carbon, crude: How to make oil fields bury emissions
66 Study on jararaca pit vipers links 'giant' specimens proliferation to predators
67 Making happiness last longer
68 Social animals have tipping points, too
69 UTMB adapts Zika vaccine to fight brain cancer
70 International study suggests ancient globalization
71 Study uncovers new hurdle for developing immunotherapies
72 How cells repurpose their garbage disposal systems to promote inflammation
73 Machine-learning system tackles speech and object recognition, all at once
74 Use of electrical brain stimulation to foster creativity has sweeping implications
75 Geoscientists find unexpected 'deep creep' near San Andreas, San Jacinto faults
76 A new defender for your sense of smell
77 Researchers investigate correlation between blood flow and body position
78 Distance helps re-fuel the heart
79 Researchers predict invasion risk of starry stonewort in upper Midwest
80 Searching for errors in the quantum world
81 First gut bacteria may have lasting effect on ability to fight chronic diseases
82 Penn researchers: Class of neurological disorders share 3D genome folding pattern
83 Greater than the sum of its parts
84 Eucalyptus 2018: Plantation managers and researchers are working to deal with climate change
85 Better chemo drug adsorption onto targeted delivery capsules
86 Researchers confirm glyphosate resistance in junglerice
87 Introducing the 'smart mirror'
88 Nuclear pasta, the hardest known substance in the universe
89 Study links natural climate oscillations in north Atlantic to Greenland ice sheet melt
90 RUDN agriculturists suggested an optimal strategy for growing wheat in northern Eurasia
91 Surviving insects and plants are tougher than we think
92 A key to climate stabilization could be buried deep in the mud, FSU researchers suggest
93 Racial/ethnic discrimination associated with lower well-being among adolescents
94 Increased the performance and lifetime of lithium batteries in renewable energy facilities
95 New study shows Florida Keys' corals are growing but have become more porous
96 Jumping genes work together to control programmed deletion in the genome
97 Intestinal bacteria produce electric current from sugar
98 Extremely small and fast: Laser ignites hot plasma
99 NUS researchers invent new test kit for quick, accurate and low-cost screening of diseases
100 Global trade in exotic pets threatens endangered parrots through the spread of a virus
101 Failure rate in some surgical mesh treatments unacceptably high--Biomedical review
102 Silver nanoparticles are toxic for aquatic organisms
103 Colon cancer is caused by bacteria and cell stress
104 Father's obesity in early puberty doubles asthma-risk for future offspring
105 The nocturnal pollinators: Scientists reveal the secret life of moths
106 Mathematicians calculate the safest way home
107 Productive interaction
108 Why the brain struggles to get off the sofa
109 Monitoring serum Albumin can help patients recover from gastrectomy
110 Engineered E. coli using formic acid and CO2 as a C1-refinery platform strain