File Title
1 Six Things You Need to Know About Opportunity's Recovery Efforts
2 New HIV Therapy Boosts Immunity and Reduces Viral Replication
3 Scientists Discover a Massive Galaxy Cluster Hiding in Plain Sight
4 Scientists Reveal that Water-Worlds Are More Common than Previously Thought
5 ALMA Displays Capabilities, Reveals Cosmic Steam Jets and Molecules
6 Physicists Identify Some of the Oldest Galaxies in the Universe
7 Physicists Reveal New Principle of Fighting Laser Chaos with Wave-Dynamical Chaos
8 New Test Helps Identify People at Risk for Five Deadly Diseases
9 Physicists Demonstrate How Hydrogen Becomes Metallic Inside Gas Giant Planets
10 Ancient Quasars Help Confirm Quantum Entanglement
11 Moon Bricks Will Pave the Way for Human Space Exploration
12 6,500 Year-Old Human Remains Point to Origin of Ancient Culture
13 STEVE--An Entirely New Celestial Phenomenon
14 Scientists Definitively Prove There Is Water Ice at the Moon's Poles
15 NASA's InSight Passes Halfway Point to Mars, All Systems Working Well
16 MIT Scientists Discover New Antibiotic Candidates
17 New Study Shows Dehydration Alters Human Brain Shape and Activity
18 Astronomers Reveal Previously Unknown Details About the Milky Way
19 CRISPR's Potential and Dangers: Is CRISPR Worth the Risk?
20 Study Shows a Depressed Spouse Increases One's Own Cognitive Decline
21 Primitive Meteorite Brings Scientists Closer to Understanding Solar Evolution
22 Gaia and Hipparcos Satellites Reveal the Mass of an Infant Exoplanet
23 Scientists Reveal Cellular Changes that Lead to Chronic Allergic Inflammation
24 New Organ on a Chip Lets Researchers Study Effects of Drugs and Disease
25 Scientists Discover Protein Responsible for Hearing and Balance
26 Scientists Close in on Mystery Surrounding Dangerous Blood Syndromes
27 NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope Still Going Strong After 15 Years
28 Researchers Explain Why Certain People Possess Amazing Memory Abilities
29 New Imaging Technique Captures Detailed Information About Metabolism
30 Students Spot Mysterious X-Ray Source in Globular Cluster NGC 6540
31 Researchers Discover Two New Chinese Dinosaurs: Bannykus and Xiyunykus
32 Why this Supermassive Black Hole Appears to Move
33 NASA's OSIRIS-REx Captures First Glimpse of Asteroid Bennu
34 The 15 Greatest Discoveries from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope
35 Spectacular Hubble Image of Planetary Nebula NGC 3918
36 MIT Media Lab Researchers Develop Wireless Underwater to Air Communications
37 Researchers Discover How to Stop Cell Death Associated with Multiple Diseases
38 Hubble Image of the Week--GOODS-South Deep UV Legacy Field View
39 Hayabusa Spacecraft Reveals Absolute Age of Asteroid Itokawa
40 Marijuana Study Finds 63 Percent of Breast Milk Samples Have THC Up to Six Days After Use
41 Scientists Reveal Jupiter Grew in Different, Distinct Phases
42 How Scientists Predicted the Corona for the August 2017 Total Solar Eclipse
43 Amazing Time Lapse Sequence of Jupiter's North Hemisphere
44 Scientists Reveal Mechanism that Helps Malaria Parasites Take Over Blood Cells
45 Researchers Develop a Novel Nanoactuator System
46 New Horizons Makes First Detection of Kuiper Belt Object Ultima Thule
47 ESO's VISTA Telescope Reveals the Interstellar Matter of the Carina Nebula
48 Physicists Detect Higgs Boson via Decay in Two Bottom Quarks
49 Stellar 'Swarms' Help Scientists Understand the Evolution of Stars
50 Warmer Water Now Reaches Deep into the Arctic Interior
51 Mars Has Some of the Tallest Mountains in the Solar System
52 Researchers Develop New Technique to Forecast Geomagnetic Storms
53 Scientists Find Evidence of Water in Jupiter's Great Red Spot
54 ALMA Reveals Monster Galaxy in the Early Universe
55 Astronomers Believe Water Worlds Could Support Life
56 New Research Suggests Solar Eruptions Have Interesting Shapes After All
57 Scientists Find Evidence of a Protein that Existed When Life Began
58 With the Clearing Skies Opportunity Rover Could Automatically Initiate Recovery Procedures
59 Hubble Captures Striking Image of Nebula IRAS 05437+2502
60 SpaceX and NASA Are Finalizing Plans for Launch Day Operations
61 Scientists Use Acoustic Forces to Print like Never Before
62 Jupiter Might Have Many Times More Water than Found on Earth
63 AWAKE Collaboration Has Breakthrough Building New Type of Particle Accelerator
64 ATLAS Experiment Observes the Decay Signature of the Higgs Boson
65 New Dual-Layer Solar Cell Sets Record for Efficiently Generating Power
66 Million-Fold Increase in the Power of 'Chorus Waves' Near Jupiter's Moons
67 Scientists Discover How Microenvironments Regulate Stem Cell Development
68 Cannibalistic Materials Spontaneously Form New Nanostructures
69 New Technique Allows Engineers to 3D Print Colloidal Crystals
70 Amazing Image Reveals Distribution of Aerosols in Earth's Atmosphere
71 New Research Shows How Sickled Red Blood Cells Clump Together
72 New Method Uses Meteorites to Investigate Supernovae
73 Scientists Develop a New Way to Turn Sunlight into Fuel
74 Scientists Discover New Stage in Evolution of Young Solar Systems
75 Intrinsic Pink-Noise Provides Better View of Climate Change
76 Chemicals in Consumer Products May Promote Weight Gain. But There's an Easy Fix.
77 Think Politics Today Is Ugly? Politicians in Ancient Rome Were Insulting, Too
78 Why Is Synthetic Marijuana So Risky?
79 Could this Slimy Corn 'Fix' One of Earth's Biggest Pollution Problems?
80 How Massive Is the Milky Way?
81 Weapons Against Superbugs Might Lurk in Your Stomach
82 The Americas' Oldest Human Remains Lost in Brazil Museum Fire
83 Microwave Weapon Blamed for Apparent Attack on US Embassy in Cuba
84 N/A
85 'Life-Threatening Situation' Expected on Gulf Coast as Gordon Is Forecast to Strengthen into a Hurricane
86 Did a Volcano Defeat Napoleon at Waterloo?
87 Physicists, Hunting the 'Dark Photon,' Will Blast a Diamond with Antimatter
88 Can You Really Get Sepsis from Trying on Shoes Without Socks?
89 Ancient Church Hidden in Turkish Lake. And a Pagan Temple May Lie Beneath It.
90 Saturn Sprouts Another Weird Hexagon, Puzzling Scientists
91 Could 'Microwave Weapon' Really Have Caused US Embassy Workers' Bizarre Symptoms?
92 Antibiotic 'Cocktails' Could Fight Resistant Bugs--But It's Tricky
93 87 Elephants Slaughtered in One of the Largest Poaching Incidents in Africa
94 Adopted Warriors? Genetic Tests Reveal Unexpected Relationships in Medieval Graves
95 Earth's Ancient Scars Explain Strangeness of Mount St. Helens
96 Scientists Have a Plan to Hunt the Ancient, Dead Star that Birthed Our Solar System
97 Airports Are Way More Disgusting than You Think, New Study Finds
98 Victorians Had Their Own Version of Netflix: 'Magic Lanterns'
99 Ancient Egyptian Village Found Along the Nile River Predates the Pharaohs
100 Man Breaks into Zoo and Tries to Steal a Squirrel Monkey. Gets Manhandled.
101 Sick Passengers on Emirates Flight Test Positive for Flu
102 Enormous Iceberg Pirouettes After Splitting from Ice Shelf
103 Bowtie-Funnel Combo Best for Conducting Light; Team Found Answer in Undergrad Physics Equation
104 Did Bats Invent Fireflies?
105 A Device to Harvest Energy from Low-frequency Vibrations
106 Diet Has Bigger Impact on Emotional Well-Being in Women than in Men
107 NUS Food Scientists Create Healthy Probiotic Drink from Soy Pulp
108 Researchers Find New Way of Removing Metal from Water
109 WVU professor part of international effort to predict where cholera will strike next
110 Seeing What Isn't There in a Construction Site
111 Scientists Find Corals in Deeper Waters Under Stress Too
112 Researchers Uncover the Science Behind Blowing Bubbles