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1 Lab creates conductive 3-D carbon blocks that can be shaped for applications
2 Bioinspired material mimics color changes of living organisms
3 Thermal camouflage disguises hot and cold
4 Thiol molecules drive gold atoms to form a forest of nanowires with useful properties
5 No barrier to applications for a remarkable 2-D material
6 Graphene company partners with university to commercialise egg-unboiling machine
7 Scientists suggest making electronic devices from 'carbon peas'
8 Graphene assembled film shows higher thermal conductivity than graphite film
9 The deformation and mechanics of one-atom thin layer materials
10 Detecting the fingerprints of harmful molecules noninvasively via black silicon
11 Physicists solve the mystery of vanishing particles in graphene
12 Nano crystals impact stem cell fate during bone formation
13 Team develops flexible blue vertical micro LEDs
14 Nanoscale 'crack-junctions' can speed up DNA sequencing
15 Scientists discover how to control the 'excitation' of electronics
16 Graphene makes its mark on gas separation
17 Plants open their pores and scientists strike gold
18 E--textiles control home appliances with the swipe of a finger
19 Graphene carpets: So neurons communicate better
20 Of hearts and giants: Moving a cardiac regulatory protein to the right place
21 What caused the mass extinction of Earth's first animals?
22 Human insulin as safe and effective to treat type 2 diabetes as costlier insulin analogs
23 Progress toward improved Wilson's disease drug
24 A new link between cancer and aging
25 Carbohydrates shape the profile of gut metabolites in piglet model of NEC
26 SNMMI image of the year: PSMA PET imaging of theranostic for advanced prostate cancer
27 Experimental drug combined with radiation kills brain tumors in pre-clinical studies
28 Scientists use hydrophone to listen in on methane seeps in ocean
29 Researchers develop synthetic T cells, mimics form and function of human version
30 Bicycle-related injuries send 25 children to emergency departments every hour
31 New insight into how Autism might develop in human brain
32 A Fox code for the face
33 In women, even mild sleep problems may raise blood pressure
34 Immune cells that create and sustain chronic inflammatory bowel disease identified
35 UMass Amherst geoscientists offer new evidence for how the Adirondack Mountains formed
36 Scripps Research scientists find new way to block alcohol addiction and ease withdrawal
37 Killer immune cells that halt malaria could hold key to new vaccines
38 Researchers discover volcanic heat source under glacier
39 Gene editing curbs autism symptoms in mice
40 Early treatment of advanced prostate cancer with radioligand therapy prolongs life
41 Women TEDx speakers receive more polarized comments than men
42 Reinforced adversarial neural model for drug discovery and longevity biotechnology industry
43 Decision to live together negatively affects wealth accumulation
44 New studies illustrate need for rigorous review of infection preventionist staffing models across healthcare systems
45 Spine surgery patients less likely to be opioid dependent after surgery
46 Fluciclovine PET/CT locates recurrent prostate cancer and advises management
47 When one drug fails, a new door opens for cancer treatment
48 Lynxes in danger
49 N/A
50 Most accurate picture of Zika yet creates potential for therapeutics
51 Fluorescence imaging technique goes from micro to macro, moves closer to clinic
52 Inflammation discovery opens window to better rehabilitation possibilities
53 Twelfth impact structure discovered in Central Finland
54 Food insecurity has greater impact on disadvantaged children
55 History of side-necked turtle diversification revealed
56 Texas A&M research opens doors to expanded DNA studies
57 Usutu: An African virus under surveillance in Europe
58 Novel genetic method improves efficiency of enzyme
59 Timings and behaviour influence worm's response to force
60 New tech improves ability to reflect sound back to its source
61 How family physicians are paid is linked to their rate of referral to specialists
62 Polymer professor develops safer component for lithium batteries
63 Research on cancer-frying nanoparticles heats up
64 Tragic death of baby highlights need for vitamin D public health policy change
65 Digital vs. print publications: New study shows playing favorites can hurt overall sales
66 New insights into pruning
67 An involved board of directors, a key component in innovation in family SMEs
68 Closing the gap: On the road to terahertz electronics
69 Study finds significant proportion of older adults are deficient in vitamin B12 and folate
70 In search of biomarkers to detect patients with latent 'Plasmodium vivax' infection
71 What nipple size means for evolutionary biology
72 Flu's response to new drug explored
73 RUDN-based cardiologists studied new aspects of vascular aging
74 Tropical 'banana eater' birds lived in North America 52 million years ago
75 The origins of fine-particle pollution in Guangzhou, China
76 Mindfulness helps injured athletes improve pain tolerance and awareness
77 Computational model analysis reveals serotonin speeds learning
78 Twisted meta-molecules as they really are
79 Frankfurt physicists set limits on size of neutron stars
80 Journal of Hymenoptera Research links Crocodile Dundee, Toblerone, Game of Thrones & Alien
81 Blockade at the receptor
82 Relational mobility may influence your interpersonal behaviors
83 Finnish forest management guidelines fail to protect the flying squirrel
84 Women know what they want; men get pickier with age
85 Anger overlooked as feature of postnatal mood disorders: UBC study
86 Majority of teenagers need food safety education
87 Study: Teaching grad students to teach effectively doesn't compromise research careers
88 Poliovirus therapy for recurrent glioblastoma has three year survival rate of 21 percent
89 Why popcorn tastes better when you eat it with chopsticks
90 Chemotherapy-induced diarrhea traced to immune cells
91 Social awkwardness scuppers standing meetings
92 VHIO scientists reveal novel drug-target to strangle sleeping cancer cells
93 Cleveland clinic-led study shows leadless pacemaker patients experience less complications
94 Engineer creates new design for ultra-thin capacitive sensors
95 Narcissistic adolescents may perform better at school--Queen's University Belfast researcher
96 Fatigue is a common but underestimated symptom of endometriosis
97 New diagnosis method could help spot head and neck cancers earlier
98 More woodland management needed to help save dormice
99 Serotonin speeds learning
100 Detection of arboreal feeding signs by Asiatic black bears
101 A bright light in a dark room
102 Novel micropacemaker takes new approach to faulty heart rhythms
103 UA genetics research verifies purity of the Mexican wolf
104 USC researchers find kids sneak smoking substitute into school
105 Antidepressants may increase risk of death by 20 percent for those with progressive lung disease
106 Do abortion-related complications differ based on facility where done?
107 Bad behavior to significant other in tough times has more impact than positive gestures
108 Unraveling role of tumor suppressor in gene expression & ovarian tumorigenesis
109 Baboons shed light on antimicrobial resistance
110 Substance found in grapes prevents agglomeration of a mutant protein that leads to cancer