File Title
1 New mechanism for the plant hormone auxin discovered
2 Scientists take a journey into the lungs of mice infected with influenza
3 Eye-in-the-sky to save olive trees
4 Microbiologists and plant scientists find secret to tackling cholera
5 Monarchs ride west coast winds: Proof of butterfly migration gathered
6 Men's testosterone levels largely determined by where they grow up
7 Why life on Earth first got big
8 Australian feral cats kill a million reptiles a day: study
9 European eels found to suffer muscle damage due to cocaine in the water
10 Map of Javan leopard distribution provides guidance for conservation efforts
11 Endangered species listing considered for rare Nevada toad
12 Research team identify genetic structure of Painted Bunting
13 'Nuru' becomes African farmers' newest ally against fall armyworm
14 Evolution of metabolic dependency as base for ancestral symbiosis
15 Scientist mines supercomputer simulations of protein dynamics for biological energy-conversion principles
16 Key protein providing defense against 'jumping genes' identified
17 It's go time for Hawaiian bird conservation, and luckily there's a playbook
18 New results of Deepwater Horizon research to protect marine life against future oil spills
19 Citizen scientists capture penguin breeding dynamics
20 History of side-necked turtle diversification revealed
21 Detection of arboreal feeding signs by Asiatic black bears
22 Platforms for investigating lncRNA functions
23 Japan to seek partial resumption of commercial whaling
24 10 of the most diabolical crop pests in North Carolina
25 In search of biomarkers to detect patients with latent 'Plasmodium vivax' infection
26 In search of biomarkers to detect patients with latent 'Plasmodium vivax' infection
27 Finnish forest management guidelines fail to protect the flying squirrel
28 What nipple size means for evolutionary biology
29 Structure of major brain receptor that is treatment target for epilepsy, anxiety solved
30 Team reports technology to enable precision antibiotics
31 First malaria-human contact mapped with Nobel Prize-winning technology
32 Tricky feat with stand-up molecule
33 New nerve gas detector built with legos and a smartphone
34 Break it down: Understanding the formation of chemical byproducts during water treatment
35 Scaling up biohybrid systems to synthesize fuels, chemicals
36 New 'promiscuous' enzyme helps turn plant waste into sustainable products
37 Scientists find a link between cancer and aging inside our cells
38 Researchers develop synthetic T cells that mimic form, function of human version
39 Most accurate picture of Zika yet creates potential for therapeutics
40 Bacteria as living factories for the production of powerful antibiotics
41 Maintaining vibrational coherence with electron spin
42 Researchers decode molecule that gives living tissues their flexibility
43 Pulses raised as new study reveals secrets of the plant that keeps people calm
44 Creature feature: Twisting cracks impart superhero toughness to animals
45 Enzyme boost could hasten production of biofuels and other bioprocessed materials
46 New carbon could signal step-change for the world's most popular batteries
47 Uncovering a missing link from methane to methanol
48 Plaster which sticks inside the mouth could improve treatment of oral conditions
49 Detecting metabolites at close range
50 Research team uncovers lost images from the 19th century
51 Chemists report biorenewable, biodegradable plastic alternative
52 CryoEM study captures opioid signaling in the act
53 Template to create superatoms could make for better batteries
54 Finding the right balance for catalysts in the hydrogen evolution reaction
55 The bizarre world of topological materials
56 Appealing finding suggests why refrigeration dampens banana aromas
57 We've discovered a way to recover DNA from fingerprints without destroying them
58 Polymer professor develops safer component for lithium batteries
59 Reducing CO2 with common elements and sunlight
60 Probing the complex dielectric properties of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs)
61 New catalyst upgrades carbon dioxide to fuels found
62 Rapid and efficient oil-water separation achieved by newly-developed particles
63 A hard look at polymers in cement mix
64 Discovery of a new vehicle peptide opens up a drug delivery route
65 Super-resolution imaging reveals mechanism of GLUT1 clustering
66 Research conducted to obtain glass-ceramic materials from abandoned mine waste
67 Researchers achieve unprecedented control of polymer grids
68 Chemists teach an enzyme a new trick, with potential for building new molecules
69 Cells stop dividing when this gene kicks into high gear, study finds
70 Personalized 'deep learning' equips robots for autism therapy
71 Facebook, Google 'manipulate' users to share data despite EU law: study
72 WPA3 security protocol will keep Wi-Fi connections safer
73 Rough terrain? No problem for beaver-inspired autonomous robot
74 Google prepping its Duplex bot for a summer rollout
75 Low-cost prosthetic foot mimics natural walking
76 New Facebook AI application can unblink your eyes in a photo
77 Dota 2 challenging bots turn hard to beat after being taught cooperative mode
78 'Smart' prosthetic ankle takes fear out of rough terrain, stairs
79 Engineers create new design for ultra-thin capacitive sensors
80 'Workhorse' lithium battery could be more powerful thanks to new design
81 How to train your robot: Research provides new approaches
82 Closing the loop for robotic grasping
83 E-whiskers may be touchstone for future of e-skin
84 Photo fakery nabbed via outsmarting techniques
85 PV, wind, batteries: Energy outlook research
86 Researchers create world's smallest 'computer'
87 Low-cost plastic sensors could monitor a range of health conditions
88 Publication of Digital Key Release 1.0 specification is announced
89 Tracking cancer cell development with 'drinkable' electronic sensors
90 Printing microelectrode array sensors on gummi candy
91 Ford, exoskeleton company address strain in overhead tasks
92 High Court: Online shoppers can be forced to pay sales tax
93 What does midnight electricity use tell us about morning traffic congestion?
94 Researchers solve major challenge in mass production of low-cost solar cells
95 Lyft value jumps to $15.1 billion in new funding round
96 Togo launches new energy scheme with focus on renewables
97 First Rwandan-made Volkswagen rolls off assembly line
98 Facebook halts production of drones for internet delivery
99 Tiny sensors may avert earthquake damage, track sonar danger, 'listen' to pipelines
100 As solar energy makes headlines, apartment dwellers find sustainability options
101 Vertical retirement villages are on the rise, and they're high-tech too
102 Broadcasters are World Cup losers owing to piracy trend in Africa
103 Ticketmaster UK says customer info may have been stolen
104 Disney clears hurdle for Fox tie-up with US regulator approval (Update)
105 Amazon Alexa devices in hotels raise privacy concerns for some
106 Manufacturing process provides low-cost, sustainable option for food packaging
107 NASA technologies significantly reduce aircraft noise
108 Facebook eases ban on cryptocurrency ads
109 Sweltering Europe loses its fizz as CO2 shortage hits drinkers
110 Twitter to confirm new accounts in spam fight
111 Huawei executive warns Australia risks economy with 5G ban
112 Big Data mining for better contact centre performance