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1 Immunotherapy drug for skin disease could boost hormone treatment for prostate cancer
2 When it comes to gonorrhea, gender matters
3 Fit at midlife may mean healthier brain, stronger heart later
4 Don't let depression keep you from exercising
5 Your brain with a migraine
6 New study finds preference for children to cradle dolls on left is indicator of social cognitive abilities
7 Two gene mutations transform harmless bacteria into a strain that could cause major epidemics
8 Vacation time recharges US workers, but positive effects vanish within days, new survey finds
9 Two teams independently tease out gene expression patterns in tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes using RNA sequencing
10 Drug protects neurons in Parkinson's disease
11 Freedom from fear: dopamine's role in unlearning fearful associations
12 New study sheds light on how deadly genetic diseases may be inherited
13 Blockade at the receptor
14 With gene editing, researchers cure blood disorder in fetal mice
15 Experimental drug combined with radiation kills brain tumors in pre-clinical studies
16 Researchers engineer T cells to recognize tumor-specific expression patterns, enhancing tumor response
17 Carbohydrates in infant formula shape gut metabolites profile
18 Human insulin as safe and effective to treat type 2 diabetes as costlier insulin analogs
19 Progress toward improved Wilson's disease drug
20 More post-acute care isn't always better, study finds
21 New insight into how autism might develop in human brain
22 The placenta slows embryo growth so an injured limb can play catch-up
23 Study solves mystery of genetic-test results for patient with suspected heart condition
24 In women, even mild sleep problems may raise blood pressure
25 Trial from Niger finds village-wide prophylactic antibiotics contained spread of meningitis
26 Social awkwardness scuppers standing meetings
27 Researchers find more genes associated with intelligence and neuroticism
28 Serotonin speeds learning
29 Researchers discover insights into amyloids associated with Alzheimer's and type 2 diabetes
30 Chemotherapy-induced diarrhea traced to immune cells
31 Study finds new measure for stress in overtrained athletes
32 Smart steps for a safe nursery
33 How to head off an ice cream headache
34 Decline in medicare patients who die in acute care hospitals
35 Researchers discover antidepressant could be a promising treatment for Primary Biliary Cholangitis
36 Teens with concussion may benefit from earlier physical therapy
37 37-year-old survives heart attack on the way to her wedding
38 Researchers find little association between suicide and hypoxia
39 Singapore may send back unvaccinated foreign travellers
40 How does your body 'burn' fat?
41 How opioid addiction alters our brains to want more
42 Study shows blood test can differentiate between Zika and dengue
43 New research casts doubt on myth that consuming dark chocolate helps people with muscle damage
44 New antibiotic approved for drug-resistant infections
45 How gardening can improve the mental health of refugees
46 Philosophy professor explores the ethics of severe brain injury
47 Yosemite granite 'tells a different story' about Earth's geologic history
48 Scientists find evidence of complex organic molecules from Enceladus
49 First malaria-human contact mapped with Nobel Prize-winning technology
50 Tricky feat with stand-up molecule
51 Researchers identify two new ancient mammals in Bolivia dig
52 In surveys, people say they'll pay twice what they're actually willing to spend
53 Study signals dramatic change in way ancient diets are calculated
54 Whether bold or shy, seal personalities are steady over time, study says
55 Inbred animals face greater threat from changes to environment
56 Large scale study identifies core microbial community for maize rhizosphere
57 Research identifies barley beer in Bronze Age Mesopotamian drinking vessels
58 When is a croc not a croc? When it's a thoracosaur
59 At any point in life, people spend their time in 25 places
60 Relational mobility may influence your interpersonal behaviors
61 Tropical 'banana eater' birds lived in North America 52 million years ago
62 Leprosy DNA extracted from medieval skeletons in Denmark
63 Use of surname for males more than females may be sign of unintentional bias
64 How social media's powerful 'silent majority' moves Bitcoin prices
65 Neanderthals hunted in bands and speared prey up close: study
66 Cranium of a four-million-year-old hominin shows similarities to that of modern humans
67 Cockatoo discovery reveals flourishing medieval trade routes around Australia's north
68 New gibbon genus discovered in ancient Chinese tomb
69 Scientists discover new species of ancient marine lizard
70 Swedes have been brewing beer since the Iron Age, new evidence confirms
71 Stone tools from ancient mummy reveal how Copper Age mountain people lived
72 No, asylum seekers are not a 'burden' for European economies: study
73 T. Rex couldn't stick out its tongue, new research shows
74 Fossils show ancient primates had grooming claws as well as nails
75 Fossil fish with platypus-like snout shows that coral reefs have long been evolution hotspots
76 New tool using Facebook data shows worldwide gender gap
77 Strange 'nude' fossil creature from half a billion years ago
78 New testing method suggests baby Anzick-1 was same age as surrounding Clovis artifacts
79 To appreciate its power, think of design as a drug
80 Can tariffs be used to enforce Paris climate commitments?
81 Why are Russians so stingy with their smiles?
82 'Tipping the balance' against domestic abuse
83 Low expectations are stopping young disabled people going to university
84 Poor parents in South America must cross digital divide
85 Decision to live together negatively affects wealth accumulation
86 Women show sexual preference for tall, dominant men--so is gender inequality inevitable?
87 The stresses and strains of work and unemployment
88 Putting a price tag on a person's life could make America safer and fairer
89 Women TEDx speakers receive more polarized comments than men: study
90 Study looks at how consumers respond to certain retail sales promotions
91 Digitalisation meets the Middle Ages
92 Teaching grad students to teach effectively doesn't compromise research careers, study finds
93 Digital vs. print publications: New study shows playing favorites can hurt overall sales
94 Food fraud spoils value for all, study finds
95 Scientist offers 6 tips for keeping your workout clothes from smelling permanently bad
96 Rethinking the orangutan: How 70,000 years of human interaction have shaped an icon of wild nature
97 Why bacteria survive in space--biologists discover clues
98 Whether bold or shy, seal personalities are steady over time, study says
99 Inbred animals face greater threat from changes to environment
100 'The eyes have it'--Photoreceptors in marine plankton form a depth gauge to aid survival
101 Cancer-causing virus HTLV-1 changes DNA loops to 'affect tens of thousands of genes'
102 Bumblebees found to do better in urban settings than in agricultural areas
103 Habitat fragmentation can promote disease outbreaks
104 A Fox code for the face
105 Baboons shed light on antimicrobial resistance
106 New oceanographic insight pinpoints marine 'hotspots of risk'
107 Researchers establish new tool to study Cryptosporidium in healthy tissues
108 Scientists discover a new mechanism that prevents the proliferation of cancer cells
109 A new toxin in Cholera bacteria discovered
110 Striking differences in brain morphology between wild and domestic rabbits