File Title
1 Cholera spread tracked at household level
2 Enzyme boost could hasten production of biofuels and other bioprocessed materials
3 Plaster which sticks inside the mouth will revolutionize treatment of oral conditions
4 Immune profile for successful cancer immunotherapy discovered
5 A new tactic for starving tumors
6 How music lessons can improve language skills
7 Are gestational age at birth and symptoms of ADHD associated?
8 Researchers find prostate cancer drug byproduct can fuel cancer cells
9 How your brain decides between knowledge and ignorance
10 'Embattled' breast cancer drugs could be revived by UCSF discovery
11 Why life on Earth first got big
12 Delivering insulin in a pill
13 Clean power is not enough
14 N/A
15 Virtual reality technology transforming cardiovascular medicine
16 Nicotine alters neurotransmission in habit-forming brain region
17 Glia and axons: A match made in evolution
18 Inability to recognize faces linked to broader visual recognition problems
19 Can the kids wait? Today's youngsters able to delay gratification longer than those of the 1960s
20 Striking differences in brain morphology between wild and domestic rabbits
21 Methane-producing microbial communities found in fracking wells
22 Clostridium difficile infections have decreased 36 percent in Canadian hospitals
23 Study Shows Plant Protein and Nuts Lower Cholesterol, Improve Blood Pressure
24 Starburst Galaxies Contain Much Higher Proportions of Massive Stars
25 NASA's Worldview Puts 20 Years of Earth Data at Your Fingertips
26 Scientists Target Brain Protein for Cure to Alcoholism
27 Could Alien Civilizations Help Predict the Fate of Our Planet?
28 Gemini Reveals Outflowing Gas from Supermassive Black Hole Nuclei
29 High Resolution Coronal Imager Launches to Study Sun's Corona
30 NASA's Juno Spacecraft Solves 39-Year Old Mystery of Jupiter Lightning
31 Cassini Image of Odysseus Crater on Saturn's Icy Moon Tethys
32 IBEX Reveals How Solar Wind Changes Our Heliosphere
33 Natural Sorting Mechanism Allows Bacteria to Preserve Diversity
34 Engineers Enhance the Interactions Between Light and Matter
35 Updated Juno Mission Allows for More Exploration of the Jovian Magnetosphere
36 Chandra Scouts Alpha Centauri for Possible Hazards
37 Newly Discovered Dunes on Pluto Reveal a Diverse and Dynamic Dwarf Planet
38 NASA's Curiosity Finds Ancient Organic Material on Mars
39 New Type of Silicon Laser Uses Sound Waves to Amplify Light
40 Biologists Create 3D Maps of DNA Within the Innermost Parts of a Cell
41 Hubble Image of the Week--Strings of Homeless Stars
42 NASA's Opportunity Rover Waits Out a Growing Dust Storm on Mars
43 Engineers Develop New System to Provide Low-Cost Drinking Water
44 New 3D Printing Technique Enables Cheaper Patient-Specific Medical Research
45 Researchers Reveal Diabetes Results from Breakdown of Epigenetic Control
46 Scientists Discover Spinning Nanodiamonds Around Stars
47 Scientists Link Bipolar Disorder to Mitochondrial Disease
48 NASA to Focus on Exploration of Moon, Mars and Worlds Beyond
49 Therepi Device Enables Direct Delivery of Medicine to the Heart
50 Chemical Studies Trace Interstellar Dust Back to Solar System's Formation
51 When Did Animals Leave Their First Footprint on Earth?
52 Gentle Giants of Chajnantor--ALMA Antenna Transporters
53 New GAIA Data Reveal Relics of Merger Events in the Milky Way
54 Scientists Reveal the True Power of the Solar Wind
55 NASA to Discuss Martian Dust Storm, Mars Opportunity Rover
56 ALMA Discovers Trio of Infant Planets Around HD 163296
57 Dawn Reveals Surprisingly High Concentrations of Organic Material on Ceres
58 Fat Cell Filling, Ketogenic Diet, and the History of Biochemistry
59 Scientists Reveal How and Why Antarctica's Glaciers Are Changing
60 New Planet-Hunting Technique Identifies Unusual Patterns
61 NASA's Opportunity Waits Out a Dust Storm on Mars
62 Engineers Develop a Probiotic Mix of Bacteria to Treat Cholera
63 Graphene Bolometer is Faster, Simpler and Covers More Wavelengths
64 Research Shows Gamma-Ray Bursts Follow Binary Neutron Star Mergers
65 Quantum Transmission Between Two Solid-State Qubits at the Push of a Button
66 Amber Fossils Provide Earliest Direct Evidence of Frogs
67 Lunar Meteorite Discovery Reinforces Belief that Water Exists on the Moon
68 Astronomers Identified Moons Capable of Supporting Life
69 Scientists Identify a Gene Critical for Male Sex Development
70 Engineers Configure RFID Tags to Work as Sensors
71 Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Captures New Image of an Impact Crater
72 Scientists Discover Why People Love Foods Rich in Fats and Carbohydrates
73 New Technique Could Improve Electronics' Energy Efficiency
74 XMM-Newton Views Star-Circling Bubble of Gas NGC 3199
75 Mysterious Features in Active Galactic Nuclei Due to Dust Clouds
76 Scientists Discover a New Type of Photosynthesis
77 Hubble Image of the Week--One Galaxy, Three Supernovae
78 Machine-Learning Algorithm Compares 3D Scans Up to 1,000 Times Faster
79 MIT Engineers Develop a Smart Power Outlet
80 NASA's Juno Spacecraft Views a Dark and Stormy Jupiter
81 Ancient Crocodile Reveals the Humble Beginnings of the Apex Predator
82 Astronomers Hunt Molecules in the Search for New Planets
83 Scientists Reveal the Source of a Mysterious Martian Rock Formation
84 New Evidence of the Existence of an Elusive Type of Black Hole
85 Ground-Breaking Discovery Could Create Superior Alloys
86 Astronomers Directly Image a Black Hole Ripping Apart a Star
87 New Technique Fine-Tunes Treatment for Epilepsy Patients
88 New Low-Power Chip Will Help Miniature Drones Navigate
89 Physicists Reveal Mysterious IceCube Event May Be a Tau Neutrino
90 Clovis Burial Site Raises New Questions About Early Inhabitants
91 Image of the Day--ARADS Rover Under the Milky Way
92 Scientists Are on the Path to Making an Artificial Cell
93 Astronomers Discover the Last of Universe's Missing Ordinary Matter
94 Martian Dust Storm Grows, Is Now "Planet-Encircling"
95 Once in a Blue Dune, MRO Views Lyot Crater
96 Scientists Uncover New Target to Stop Cancer Growth
97 'Red Nuggets'--Relics of the First Massive Galaxies
98 Astronomers Make Most Precise Test of Einstein's General Relativity Outside Milky Way
99 Archaeologists Reveal Swedes Have Been Brewing Beer Since the Iron Age
100 Scientists Report Discovery of Nearly 80 New Planetary Candidates
101 Forty Years of Discovery on Pluto's Moon Charon
102 NASA's Juno Spacecraft Views Chaotic Clouds of Jupiter
103 ESA's XMM-Newton Reveals Missing Intergalactic Material
104 Herschel Space Observatory Discovers Planetary Nebula Lasers
105 Researchers Use DNA Patterns in Blood to Identify Spastic Cerebral Palsy