File Title
1 Superconducting vortices quantize ordinary metal
2 Social bonding key cause of football violence
3 Important step towards a computer model that predicts the outcome of eye diseases
4 Mosquito-borne diseases in Europe: Containment strategy depends on when the alarm sets off
5 Miniature testing of drug pairs on tumor biopsies
6 Rapid and efficient oil-water separation achieved by newly-developed particles
7 Physical exercise improves the life quality of those living in care homes for the elderly
8 Self-assembled energetic coordination polymers based on multidentate pentazole cyclo-N5-
9 The photoelectric effect in stereo
10 Origin Quantum Company and LQCC have successfully simulated a 64-qubit circuit
11 Research team discovers drug compound that stops cancer cells from spreading
12 Digitalisation meets the Middle Ages
13 When low batteries are a good thing
14 What causes the sound of a dripping tap--and how do you stop it?
15 Normalization of 'plus-size' risks hidden danger of obesity, study finds
16 Broken shuttle may interfere with learning in major brain disorders
17 Low-cost plastic sensors could monitor a range of health conditions
18 Inhaled nitric oxide may reduce kidney complications from heart surgery
19 Overdose risk quintuples with opioid and benzodiazepine use
20 Health insurance plans may be fueling opioid epidemic
21 What are insurance coverage policies for drug treatments for low back pain?
22 How are chronic opioid use, 2016 presidential voting patterns associated?
23 Yellowstone's 'landscape of fear' not so scary after all
24 Tiny jumping roundworm undergoes unusual sexual development
25 Repurposing promising cancer drugs may lead to a new approach to treating TB
26 Detecting metabolites at close range
27 Improved PSMA-targeting agent more effective for prostate cancer diagnosis/therapy in mice
28 Novel PET tracer successfully images cardiovascular infections
29 New carbon could signal step-change for the world's most popular batteries
30 Risk of autism increased in children of mothers with diabetes
31 How do tropical cyclones affect the air quality of Hong Kong?
32 A new way to improve automated systems
33 Novel nuclear medicine probe will help assess new drugs for neurodegenerative diseases
34 Combining targeted radionuclide therapy and immunotherapy could improve melanoma survival
35 New study explains Antarctica's coldest temperatures
36 New theranostic strategy developed for precise tumor diagnosis and therapy
37 True nature of cells blamed in Alzheimer's revealed
38 NASA's James Webb Space Telescope to target Jupiter's Great Red Spot
39 The McMaster recipe for star clusters
40 A multifunctional, multiscale, reconfigurable surface
41 New nuclear medicine technique could help tackle brain disease
42 In melanoma, radiosurgery may combine well with immunotherapy, especially PD-1 inhibitors
43 Pain relief at a lower opioid dose
44 Eye-in-the-sky to save olive trees
45 Long-lasting radionuclide therapy for advanced neuroendocrine tumors proves effective
46 How social media's powerful 'silent majority' moves Bitcoin prices
47 Wendelstein 7-X achieves world record
48 Nanomaterials could mean more algae outbreaks for wetlands, waterways
49 Efficient, eco-friendly production of fine chemicals
50 Novel nuclear medicine approach shows promise for treating wide array of cancerous tumors
51 Russian and Korean scientists developed effective and cheap sound-absorbing nanofoam
52 'Substantial portion' of childhood cancer survivors not concerned about future health
53 Disparities in opioid abuse treatment increased among Medicaid recipients, study finds
54 Russian and Korean scientists developed effective and cheap sound-absorbing nanofoam
55 'Substantial portion' of childhood cancer survivors not concerned about future health
56 Disparities in opioid abuse treatment increased among Medicaid recipients, study finds
57 Discovery of a major technical error will improve epigenetics research
58 Clinical outcomes and patient experiences vastly improved with hospital a[t home]
59 Journal explores database that quantifies environmental impacts in a 'global' world
60 Giving up on your goal? Read this first
61 Microbiologists and plant scientists find secret to tackling cholera
62 A galactic test will clarify the existence of dark matter
63 Smart probe detecting cancer cells may improve survival rates
64 You don't need to believe in free will to be a nice person, shows new research
65 Climate projections suggest Lancaster County corn yields in jeopardy by 2050
66 Looking to mosquitos for a way to develop painless microneedles
67 Control of quantum state of optical phonon in diamond induced by ultrashort light pulses
68 A new toxin in Cholera bacteria discovered by scientists in UmeC
69 Reducing CO2 with common elements and sunlight
70 Creature feature: Twisting cracks impart superhero toughness to animals
71 New mutation in amyloid diseases discovered
72 Pulses raised as new study reveals secrets of the plant that keeps people calm
73 Staying coherent while spinning
74 Cranium of a four-million-year-old hominin shows similarities to that of modern humans
75 Government reforms could deter foreign investment
76 Who shares similar experiences of climate change in a 1.5íC world and beyond?
77 Increase in storms could have 'catastrophic impact' on fishing industry
78 Fluorescent molecules reveal how cancer cells are inhibited
79 Citizen scientists developing expertise on galaxy images
80 Concern over low vitamin D intakes among UK South Asians
81 Hearing-related problems common among preschool teachers
82 Exposure to air pollution in pregnancy does not increase symptoms of attention-deficit
83 Authentication of patients in medicine via online system should be discussed ethically
84 USTC contributes to LHC experiment discovery on Higgs Boson
85 New wasps named after Crocodile Dundee and Toblerone amongst 17 new genera and 29 species
86 Structure of S. agalactiae toxin identified by USTC biologists
87 Photon loss won't hurt in quantum sampling, USTC researchers find
88 New catalyst upgrades carbon dioxide to fuels found by USTC
89 Putting oneself in another person's place is the best antidote against prejudice
90 Otago researchers help find answers to growing typhoid problem in the Pacific
91 Having more allies may decrease a country's power
92 Closing the loop for robotic grasping
93 Scientists found means to inhibit capillary leakage in sepsis
94 Commonly used HIV drug worldwide not associated with increased risk for suicide in Uganda [plus other topics]
95 Justice not blind to gender bias
96 Researchers identify brain cells responsible for removing damaged neurons after injury
97 T-cell leukaemia: Cancer cells take advantage of 'survival protein'
98 Skeleton formation in young corals documented for first time in multidisciplinary study
99 Monarchs ride west coast winds: Proof of butterfly migration gathered
100 Researchers work toward systematic assessment of climate models
101 In the brain, dislike and dehumanization are not the same thing
102 'Electrogeochemistry' captures carbon, produces fuel, offsets ocean acidification
103 Lethal prostate cancer treatment may benefit from combination immunotherapy
104 CRISPR editing reduces repetitive behavior in mice with a form of autism
105 Nature creates its own plaster to protect wounds from infection
106 Gut bacteria markers could be a 'smoking gun' for liver disease
107 Children with existing allergies should be screened for an emerging, severe chronic food allergy
108 New mechanism for the plant hormone auxin discovered
109 Two diabetes medications don't slow progression of type 2 diabetes in youth
110 Men's testosterone levels largely determined by where they grow up