File Title
1 Three new species and important taxonomic insights featured in PhytoKeys issue 100
2 Researchers engineer bacteria to exhibit stochastic Turing patterns
3 Nearly 80 exoplanet candidates identified in record time
4 Cells stop dividing when this gene kicks into high gear, study finds
5 Army study quantifies changes in stress after meditation
6 New World Atlas of Desertification shows unprecedented pressure on planet's resources
7 Accurate measurements of sodium intake confirm relationship with mortality
8 DNA enzyme shuffles cell membranes a thousand times faster than its natural counterpart
9 One year of school comes with an IQ bump, meta-analysis shows
10 Mindful movement may help lower stress, anxiety
11 Scientists print sensors on gummi candy
12 Alzheimer's breakthrough: Brain metals that may drive disease progression revealed
13 Watch: Insects also migrate using the Earth's magnetic field
14 Bisexual men have higher risk for heart disease
15 When fluid flows almost as fast as light--with quantum rotation
16 Probiotics can protect the skeletons of older women
17 Garden seed diet for threatened turtle doves has negative impact
18 Brain tingles: First study of its kind reveals physiological benefits of ASMR
19 Graphene assembled film shows higher thermal conductivity than graphite film
20 Hitchhiking to kill
21 The psychobiology of online gaming
22 Zebrafish's near 360 degree UV-vision knocks stripes off Google Street View
23 Fright and flight: Deciding when to escape
24 Beyond conventional solution-process for 2-D heterostructure
25 Opening up a drug delivery route--Discovery of a new vehicle peptide
26 Sticklebacks infected with parasites influence behavior of healthy fish
27 Fat cells control fat cell growth
28 Your brain anatomy may play a role in determining your food choices
29 Ratchet up the pressure: Molecular machine exploits motion in a single direction
30 New research provides expanded insights into the brain's response to opioids
31 Enhanced detection of nuclear events, thanks to deep learning
32 Many wildlife-vehicle collisions preventable
33 Northwestern researchers achieve unprecedented control of polymer grids
34 Online professional development boosts teachers' confidence, knowledge
35 'Exam Roulette' could quell essay-induced anxiety
36 Study abroad for commuters: a case study at the University of New Hampshire at Manchester
37 Human immune 'trigger' map paves way for better treatments
38 Scientists discover new gene expression mechanism with possible role in human disease
39 New study debunks Dale Carnegie advice to 'put yourself in their shoes'
40 Antarctic ice sheet is melting, but rising bedrock below could slow it down
41 UM research identifies how snowshoe hares evolved to stay seasonally camouflaged
42 Police killings of unarmed black Americans affect mental health of black community
43 Study suggests bias for sons remains among second-generation women of South Asian descent
44 Dying cancer cells make remaining glioblastoma cells more aggressive and therapy-resistant
45 The Lancet: Police killings of unarmed black Americans impact mental health of wider black American population
46 UBC researchers create matchmaking service
47 Novel therapy makes oxidative stress deadly to cancer
48 New technology helps to improve treatment for NHS patients with depression
49 Crowding inside cells may influence many functions and major diseases
50 Is increased BMI associated with reduced risk of premenopausal breast cancer?
51 Prop. 47 lessened racial disparities in drug arrests
52 Old star clusters could have been the birthplace of supermassive stars
53 Exposure to fracking chemicals and wastewater spurs fat cell development
54 Water can be very dead, electrically speaking
55 Mice not only experience regret, but also learn to avoid it in the future
56 How do horses read human emotional cues?
57 Fish's use of electricity might shed light on human illnesses
58 Common psychiatric disorders share an overlapping genetic risk
59 Psychiatric disorders share an underlying genetic basis
60 Majority of US adults prescribed epinephrine report not using it in an emergency
61 Device may detect heart dysfunction in childhood cancer survivors treated with chemo
62 Researchers uncover new target to stop cancer growth
63 Improved CPR training could save more lives, research finds
64 Waking up is hard to do: Prefrontal cortex implicated in consciousness
65 Einstein proved right in another galaxy
66 First ancient syphilis genomes decoded
67 Not junk: 'Jumping gene' is critical for early embryo
68 A mechanism behind choosing alcohol over healthy rewards is found
69 Medicaid Expansion increased low-income patient access to kidney transplants
70 Fast rising bedrock below West Antarctica reveals an extremely fluid Earth mantle
71 Reduction in protein in the urine is a treatment goal in children with kidney disease
72 Medicaid expansion helps low-income patients get on transplant waitlist before dialysis
73 Bedrock in West Antarctica rising at surprisingly rapid rate
74 New study suggests viral connection to Alzheimer's disease
75 Genetic variation in progesterone receptor tied to prematurity risk, study finds
76 More evidence for controversial theory that herpesviruses play role in Alzheimer's disease
77 Bogong moths first insect known to use magnetic sense in long-distance nocturnal migration
78 NIH-funded study finds new evidence that viruses may play a role in Alzheimer's disease
79 BCG vaccine leads to long-term blood sugar improvement in type 1 diabetes patients
80 Caffeine from four cups of coffee protects the heart with the help of mitochondria
81 Six new species of goblin spiders named after famous goblins and brownies
82 How competition and cooperation between bacteria shape antibiotic resistance
83 Cross-species prion adaptation depends on prion replication environment
84 Synthetic peptides enhance antibiotic attack of skin infections in mice
85 California Aedes mosquitoes capable of spreading Zika
86 Ancient Treponema pallidum from human remains sheds light on its evolutionary history
87 Scientists, students to make first live, interactive broadcasts from Arctic Ocean's Northwest Passage
88 MIT scientists discover fundamental rule of brain plasticity
89 Unusually high levels of herpesviruses found in the Alzheimer's disease brain
90 Envisioning a future where all the trees in Europe disappear
91 Using fragment-based approaches to discover new antibiotics
92 Penn study reveals new therapeutic target for slowing the spread of flu virus
93 New research on avian response to wildfires
94 Strong sibling bond protects against negative effects of fighting parents
95 USGS estimates 8.5 billion barrels of oil in Texas' Eagle Ford Group
96 Men tolerate stress incontinence years before seeking help
97 Using tree-fall patterns to calculate tornado wind speed
98 First step to lasting wheat health
99 'Stealth' material hides hot objects from infrared eyes
100 GA4GH streaming API htsget a bridge to the future for modern genomic data processing
101 Dynamic modeling helps predict the behaviors of gut microbes
102 About face: Special collection of papers celebrates research on how the human face forms
103 Collaborative model for post-disaster behavioral health recovery may serve as standard
104 Biorenewable, biodegradable plastic alternative synthesized by CSU chemists
105 Western-led research team uncovers lost images from the 19th century
106 Scientists discover how antiviral gene works
107 Challenging our understanding of how platelets are made
108 Blood test predicts spastic cerebral palsy
109 People with schizophrenia account for more than one in 10 suicide cases
110 Decellularized cartilage-based scaffold promotes bone regeneration at fracture site