File Title
1 Life-saving stroke educational program goes global
2 Potential to replace race as a risk factor for kidney-transplant failure
3 Robot bloodhound tracks odors on the ground
4 Crumple up this keyboard and stick it in your pocket
5 Planned movements and spontaneous reactions are processed differently in the brain
6 Key molecule of aging discovered
7 Interaction of paired and lined-up electrons can be manipulated in semiconductors
8 New tissue-imaging technology could enable real-time diagnostics, map cancer progression
9 Simple sugar delays neurodegeneration caused by enzyme deficiency
10 News from Molecular & Cellular Proteomics
11 University of Michigan researchers use gene silencing to alleviate common ataxia
12 New therapeutic opportunity for the treatment of resistant malignant melanoma
13 Towards personalized medicine: One type of data is not enough
14 A case of 'kiss and tell': Chromosomal kissing gets less elusive
15 Quantum step forward in protecting communications from hackers
16 People who feel threatened by vegetarianism more likely to care less about animals
17 Dogs understand what's written all over your face
18 Study explores satisfaction, quality of life after breast reconstruction
19 New tool using Facebook data shows worldwide gender gap
20 Quantum non-locality in ultra-cold atomic gases
21 New screening tool could help diagnose early cognitive decline in dementia from home
22 Finnish scientists analyzed the proteome of T helper 17 cells
23 Mega-cruises are becoming copies of the great Las Vegas resorts
24 Dry landscapes can increase disease transmission
25 Coconut oil prolongs life in peroxisomal disorders
26 A lightweight carbon nanofiber-based collector
27 Researchers find important new piece in the Huntington's disease puzzle
28 Swedes have been brewing beer since the Iron Age, new evidence confirms
29 The deformation and mechanics of one-atom thin layer materials
30 Lonely and prolonged struggle for people with severe obesity
31 Having a meal activates the functioning of human brown fat
32 Review of the synthetic techniques and applications of QDs/GR composites
33 Is it their own fault?! How people judge the exclusion of others
34 Encrypted messages in biological processes
35 Evaluation method for the impact of wind power fluctuation on power system quality
36 Weight loss reverses heart condition in obesity sufferers
37 Reading risk behavior in the brain
38 Self-care and social ties can help men recover from the suicide of a loved one
39 Research team reverse way potassium channels work from bacteria to human
40 New research shows why nutrition should be back on the table for surgical patients
41 Multiracial congregations have nearly doubled in the United States
42 Around the world, people have surprisingly modest notions of the 'ideal' life
43 A mix of in-person and online learning may boost student performance, reduce anxiety
44 Forgetting may help improve memory and learning
45 New medicare model produces expert nurses to address shortage of primary care
46 T. Rex couldn't stick out its tongue, new research shows
47 The cells that control the formation of fat
48 Whether wheat weathers heat waves
49 Opioid overdose survivors face continued health challenges, higher death rate
50 Chemical 'caryatids' improve the stability of metal-organic frameworks
51 Gene-edited pigs are resistant to billion dollar virus, study finds
52 Do bats adapt to gates at abandoned mines?
53 Innovative autonomous system for identifying schools of fish
54 Asylum seekers are not a 'burden' for European economies
55 Hearing tests on wild whales
56 Why isn't anyone talking about vaginal dryness (or doing anything about it)?
57 Annual southeast Asia haze linked to increased respiratory problems
58 Do circulating bone turnover markers indicate hip fracture risk?
59 New theory deepens understanding of Turing patterns in biology
60 Substance in hair may be a marker for alcohol consumption
61 Surgery in space
62 A dual-therapy approach to boost motor recovery after a stroke
63 Medicaid work requirements and health savings accounts may impact people's coverage
64 Controlling robots with brainwaves and hand gestures
65 Causes of subsequent death for patients after nonfatal opioid overdose
66 Parent-child therapy helps young children with depression
67 Compound made inside human body stops viruses from replicating
68 Birds have time-honored traditions, too
69 Should pharmacists be allowed to write prescriptions?
70 Biologists discover how pancreatic tumors lead to weight loss
71 Focusing on next 10 years could lead to better use of recommendations for cancer screening
72 Research reveals zero proof probiotics can ease your anxiety
73 American swamp sparrows have sung the same songs for more than 1,000 years
74 Buildings as power stations--data shows they work: They generate more energy than they consume
75 Spacefood for cows
76 New drug halves hearing loss in children following cancer treatment
77 Democracy in decline for one-third of the world
78 Atomic-scale ping-pong
79 Electron sandwich doubles thermoelectric performance
80 The sounds of climate change
81 Half of those on Parkinson's drugs may develop impulse control problems
82 Joint venture: Breakthrough treatment for crippling jaw disease created by UCI, others
83 Scientists calculate impact of China's ban on plastic waste imports
84 Microbial proteins could supplement animal feed, reduce land use and pollution
85 Using bloodstains at crime scenes to determine age of a suspect or victim
86 Study of 800 million tweets finds distinct daily cycles in our thinking patterns
87 Intervention shows promise for treating depression in preschool-aged children
88 Powerful new approach helps understand molecular alterations in neurological disease
89 When you're a sitting duck, you learn to adapt
90 Computational method puts finer point on multispecies genomic comparisons
91 Starving fungi could save millions of lives each year
92 Scientists solve the case of the missing subplate, with wide implications for brain science
93 First major study comparing robotic to open surgery published in the Lancet
94 Template to create superatoms, created by VCU researchers, could make for better batteries
95 Our intestinal microbiome influences metabolism--through the immune system
96 Ketamine acts fast to treat depression and its effects last--but how?
97 Deep data dive helps predict cerebral palsy
98 New cellular pathway helps explain how inflammation leads to artery disease
99 'Antifreeze' molecules may stop and reverse damage from brain injuries
100 Scientists discover how brain signals travel to drive language performance
101 VLT makes most precise test of Einstein's general relativity outside Milky Way
102 Antidiabetic action of natural fatty acid derivatives not confirmed
103 Coining less expensive currency: bringing down the cost of making nickels
104 Writing away the body image blues
105 Crisis can force re-evaluation and derail efforts to reach goals
106 New study finds US oil & gas methane emissions 60 percent higher than estimated
107 Scripps Research study provides new clues to improving chemotherapies
108 'Flamingo:' High-powered microscopy coming to a scientist near you
109 Higher body fat linked to lower breast cancer risk in younger women
110 Researchers solve major challenge in mass production of low-cost solar cells