File Title
1 Get ready for more sales taxes on online purchases
2 Why a 40-year-old SCOTUS ruling against software patents still matters today
3 Air Force certifies Falcon Heavy, orders satellite launch for 2020
4 Man who saved NCC-1701-D touring bridge pleads guilty to child porn charge
5 Rocket Report: Chinese tourism, launch by centrifuge, SLS the "right" rocket
6 YouTube now lets you pay $4.99 per month to support your favorite creators [Update]
7 Police: Uber driver was streaming Hulu just before fatal self-driving car crash
8 Supreme Court rules: Yes, gov't needs warrant to get cellphone location data
9 Otzi the Iceman spent his last days trying to repair his tools
10 Amazon staff to Bezos: Stop selling tech to law enforcement, Palantir
11 Under "right-to-try" law, therapy may go for $300K--with no proof it will work
12 Study: US oil and gas methane emissions have been dramatically underestimated
13 Ars on your lunch break, part three: Those darn robot overlords
14 After being pulled from a spaceflight in January, Jeanette Epps speaks up
15 Google's AR "Measure" app comes to all ARCore Android phones
16 Huge wave in Venus' clouds changes the length of a day
17 Extinct gibbon in ancient Chinese tomb hints at other lost primate species
18 Switch-hacking trolls reportedly loading pornographic profile pictures
19 Valve revamps its next controller, should make using hands in VR feel way cooler [Updated]
20 Tesla to cut nearly 20 percent of its SolarCity installation locations
21 More details leak on "Snapdragon 1000," Qualcomm's chip for Windows 10 laptops
22 Selfies show worm slithered through woman's face for 2 weeks
23 Apple launches service program to address MacBook keyboard woes
24 Buzz Aldrin returns to Twitter, sues his son and former manager
25 Tesla fires back against alleged whistleblower: "He is nothing of the sort"
26 Acer Chromebook Tab 10 review: Chrome OS revives Google's tablet future
27 India eyeing a new monster 100GW solar-capacity goal
28 Supreme Court surveillance opinion nudges us to think nationally, act locally
29 Meet the 8 spooky AT&T buildings that almost certainly also serve the NSA
30 The $159 Nokia 3.1 comes to the US July 2
31 First space, then auto--now Elon Musk quietly tinkers with education
32 Report: New AirPods, Apple noise-cancelling headphones pegged for 2019
33 In China, coal rules cut sulfur emissions, but data manipulation is a concern
34 Xbox One mouse-and-keyboard support could be rolling out soon
35 AT&T buying company that delivers targeted ads based on your Web browsing
36 Report: Trump officials planning escalation of US-China tech trade war
37 Russia's Proton rocket, which predates Apollo, will finally stop flying
38 Hyperthreading under scrutiny with new TLBleed crypto key leak
39 Watch the John Oliver segment that got Oliver's name banned in China
40 Senator to FCC: How much do police stingrays drain a cell phone battery?
41 Barents Sea seems to have crossed a climate tipping point
42 Players paying up to $450 for disc-based copies of Fortnite
43 Judge deals blow to women suing Microsoft over gender discrimination
44 Charter's gigabit cable with no data caps is ready for 27 million homes
45 Air Force "light attack" test aircraft crashes on bomb range, killing pilot
46 MacOS Mojave: A visual tour of Dark Mode and other major features
47 Microsoft's USB Type-C dongle for Surface Pro is finally here, and it's huge
48 Judge rules that sea-level rise doesn't fall under public nuisance laws
49 Uber wins back its right to operate in London
50 You can now play Mario Kart 8 with Labo's cardboard motorbike controller
51 Fox desperately trying to avoid selling to Comcast
52 Talking to Google Duplex: Google's human-like phone AI feels revolutionary
53 Facebook's quest for fleet of solar-powered Internet drones grounded forever
54 Forget deliveries--this firm wants to bring a grocery store to your driveway
55 Sony exec "confident" PS4 cross-console play "solution" is coming
56 Bill to save net neutrality is 46 votes short in US House
57 Microsoft's facial recognition service now less bad for nonwhites
58 Spinning glass ball rejects light from one direction
59 Disney gets DOJ approval to buy Fox but must divest sports networks
60 After subpoenaing Apple in trade secrets case, Tesla goes after Facebook
61 Microsoft teases the first-ever "stream-to-win" option built into Xbox
62 Webb Space Telescope pushed back again, won't launch until 2021
63 This novel, one-and-done flu drug could be available soon in the US
64 Samsung and Apple have had enough of the court battles, finally settle
65 How does the third-party doctrine apply to future autonomous robots?
66 Amazon is turning its Fire tablets into portable Echo Shows
67 Archaeologists armed with spears demonstrate how Neanderthals hunted
68 Nintendo: Docked and undocked play time for Switch is "about even"
69 Kroger will use autonomous vehicles to deliver groceries this fall
70 Ars on your lunch break, week 3: Mary Lou Jepsen and peering into the brain
71 Switch pirates don't want you to pirate their piracy-enabling firmware
72 The Note 9 launches August 9--here's what to expect
73 Visitor from another solar system accelerated away from the Sun
74 AT&T removed HBO from an unlimited data plan after buying Time Warner
75 Amazon buying online pharmacy with nationwide reach; drug store stocks dive
76 Splitting water for fuel while removing CO2 from the air
77 A sports car in SUV clothing: The Jaguar E-Pace reviewed
78 Halo TV show going into production in early 2019
79 Amy Hennig, who was hired to make an EA Star Wars game, has left EA
80 California approves privacy rules opposed by ISPs and tech companies
81 SpaceX has flown its last Block 4 version of the Falcon 9 rocket [Updated]
82 Facebook patent would turn your mic on to analyze how you watch ads
83 Google researchers created an amazing scene-rendering AI
84 7:57:148--Volkswagen makes racing history with record-breaking electric race car
85 Baltimore's police department is a technological disaster
86 Report: Google courting developers for coming game-streaming service
87 Ars on your lunch break, week 3: Mary Lou Jepsen on AI and spooky brain scans
88 EFF sues to kill FOSTA, calling it "unconstitutional Internet censorship law"
89 OnePlus finally promises to update its smartphones
90 Tesla opens orders to all US and Canadian Model 3 reservation holders
91 Man's creepy "upskirting" plan foiled when his shoe camera explodes
92 LTE wireless connections used by billions aren't as secure as we thought
93 Why Curie's no Einstein: A subtle gender bias in science
94 New hinge API gives more hints about Microsoft's 2-screen "Andromeda" device
95 Medical board puts infamous doc on probation for toddler vaccine exemption
96 Inventor of email appeals ruling that tossed his libel suit against Techdirt
97 Facial recognition found Capital Gazette suspect among 10M photos
98 Porsche shatters the Nurburgring record we thought was unbreakable
99 Gravitational waves and the slow pace of scientific revolutions
100 By defining "l33t" and "Thanks Obama," became the Web's reference
101 1990, meet 2018: How far does 20MHz of Macintosh IIsi power go today?
102 Judge slams Tacoma for not releasing stingray records
103 The final launch of SpaceX's Block 4 rocket looked stunning
104 The lost standing stones of Devon are still hiding from archaeologists
105 European rocket chief: Trump rhetoric strengthens our commitment to space
106 Would you pay $700, plus a monthly fee, for a digital license plate?
107 Tesla nearly triples Model 3 production from the previous quarter
108 Comcast starts throttling mobile video, will charge extra for HD streams
109 Software delays, lack of purpose means Microsoft's "Andromeda" may never arrive
110 Valve working on "more accurate" replacement for Steam Spy's sales data