File Title
1 Revving up innate control of viral infection requires a three-cell ignition
2 Biomarker for salt sensitivity of blood pressure discovered
3 How to start a nanomotor?
4 Rethinking neurodegenerative disease treatment: Target multiple pathological proteins
5 The tricks to playing extra time in the World Cup
6 Data-sharing website may speed the response to new illegal drugs
7 Research finds three major failings in some apps used for the diagnosis of skin cancer
8 Scientists develop highly sensitive molecular optical pressure sensor
9 Figures reveal 1.77 billion pounds mental health treatment gap for children and young people
10 A molecular label: traceability for medical implants
11 Content of illicit cannabis extracts used to treat children with epilepsy revealed
12 New wasp species with a giant stinger discovered in Amazonia
13 Potential new drug for two life-threatening diseases
14 Expansion of agricultural land reduces CO2 absorption
15 Prostate cancer ultrasound treatment as effective as surgery or radiotherapy
16 Ex-smokers crave lost identity, study shows
17 Scientists teach the neural network to carry out video facial recognition--using a single photo
18 ESMO and ASCO call on governments to improve cancer services and reduce cancer deaths
19 Reconstruction of Grand Banks event sheds light on geohazard threats to seafloor infrastructure
20 Neuronal 'barcodes' shape complex networks in the brain
21 Biorefineries will have only minimal effects on wood products and feedstocks markets
22 Synthesis of tetrapeptides and screening of their antioxidant properties
23 UV narrow-band photodetector based on indium oxide nanocrystals
24 New world record for direct solar water-splitting efficiency
25 What does global climate have to do with erosion rates?
26 'Molecular movie' captures chemical reaction on atomic scale
27 Obesity affects prostate cancer test results
28 Rays of hope for development of materials for 3D displays and medical applications
29 Urban greenways can reduce neighborhood carbon emissions
30 When rabbits and hares are introduced to new areas: Factors to consider
31 Study examines salmon poisoning disease in grizzly bears
32 Exposure of hummingbirds and bumble bees to pesticides
33 Web-based support system may help people lose weight and keep it off
34 Study reveals privacy issues in smartphone headache apps
35 Extended tamoxifen therapy may increase risk of endometrial cancer
36 Study examines alcohol's effects on sexual aggression
37 Fiber-optic transmission of 4,000 km made possible by ultra-low-noise optical amplifiers
38 Age and education affect job changes, study finds
39 A bird's eye view of the Arctic
40 Opioid epidemic responses overlook gender
41 Stem cell therapy drug may protect against smoke-related COPD symptoms
42 New study pinpoints ways to improve quality of food & nutrition research
43 Oxygen therapy could help combat dementia in individuals with lung disease
44 New study: Oxygen loss in the coastal Baltic Sea is 'unprecedentedly severe'
45 Ancient genome analyses reveal mosaic pattern of goat domestication thousands of years ago
46 Spiders go ballooning on electric fields
47 Gene therapy method developed to target damaged kidney cells
48 New target in certain leukemias discovered, could be treated with existing drug
49 SLAC's ultra-high-speed 'electron camera' catches molecules at a crossroads
50 First dogs in the Americas arrived from Siberia, disappeared after European contact
51 Genetic trails of the New World's oldest dogs and Near East goat domestication
52 Exciton limits are meant to be broken: OLED surpasses 100 percent exciton production efficiency
53 Immunotherapy for deadly bacteria shows early promise
54 Study finds new brain pathway for escaping predators
55 New research detects brain cell that improves learning
56 Bacteria-powered solar cell converts light to energy, even under overcast skies
57 New assay reveals biophysical properties that allow certain proteins to infect others
58 Heat-conducting crystals could help computer chips keep their cool
59 'Skinny fat' in older adults may predict dementia, Alzheimer's risk
60 Implanting diamonds with flaws offers key technology for quantum communications
61 Some of the world's poorest people are bearing the costs of tropical forest conservation
62 Researchers develop gene therapy method to target kidney cells
63 Ancient American dogs almost completely wiped out by arrival of European breeds
64 Limited shoulder function is leading factor for rotator cuff surgery, research shows
65 Current ACL return to sport criteria fails to identify second injury risk, say researchers
66 Results for female ACL graft repair methods differ among younger athletes, say researchers
67 Young athletes' ACL injury risk increases with fatigue, new research shows
68 Older patients with knee pain may benefit from allograft transplant technique
69 Vitamin D deficiency affects many pregnant women
70 FSU research: Zika suppresses virus-fighting cells
71 When spiders balloon through the air, it's (literally) electric
72 Mighty mitochondria flex their DNA power to help nucleus run the cell
73 Spleen microbes of wild animals change with tick-borne illness
74 Ranking locations for lion conservation in southern Africa--a new approach
75 Isoglucose and sucrose
76 Study Shows Viral Suppression Helps Lower Risk for Many Types of Cancer
77 Hubble Telescope Views an Aging Beauty--NGC 6139
78 Neuroscientists Discover Fundamental Rule of Brain Plasticity
79 Lipid-Based Nanoparticles Enable Improved Therapy for Cystic Fibrosis Patients
80 Astronomers Investigate Supermassive Black Hole Radio Jet in Unprecedented Detail
81 NASA's Webb Space Telescope Will Target Jupiter's Great Red Spot
82 Will Astronomers Know 'Alien' Life When They See It?
83 Astrophysicists Determine New Constraints on Neutron Stars
84 Galactic Test Set to Clarify the Existence of Dark Matter
85 ESO Image of the Week--New SPHERE View of Vesta
86 'Promiscuous' Enzyme Turns Plant Waste into Sustainable Products
87 Scientists Reveal Secrets of Planetary Splash Marks and Meteorites
88 Nanoparticles Cure Blood Disorder, Provide Site-Specific Gene Editing
89 Physicists Hunt for Nitrogen Containing Molecules in Space
90 First Known Interstellar Object 'Oumuamua Gets Unexpected Speed Boost
91 Organic Compounds Bubble Up from the Depths of Enceladus
92 Scientists Observe the Magnetic Field Remains of Supernova 1987A
93 Researchers Identify Two New Ancient Mammals in Bolivia
94 Chandra Reveals Cluster of X-Ray Binary Stars Near the Galaxy's Center
95 Astronomers Discover More Clues that Earth-Like Exoplanets Are Indeed Earth-Like
96 What We Know and Don't Know About Interstellar Object 'Oumuamua
97 Connection Between Genetic Response to Environmental Chemicals Revealed
98 Microbial Continental Ecosystems Helped Seed Ancient Seas
99 Air Pollution Significantly Increases Mortality in Low-Income Countries
100 Hubble Telescope Zooms in on the Early Universe
101 MIT Develops Nontoxic Alternative to Water-Repellent Coatings
102 Evolution of Earth's First Animals Caused Global Warming
103 VLT Captures First Confirmed Image of Newborn Planet PDS 70b
104 NASA Juno Spacecraft Image of Jupiter from 13th Close Flyby
105 Astronomers Reveal 'Cataclysmic' Collision Shaped Uranus' Evolution
106 New Research Reveals Scale is a Key Ingredient When Tracking Biodiversity
107 Scientists View Beam of Light from First Confirmed Neutron Star Merger
108 NuSTAR Telescope Shows Eta Carinae Shoots Cosmic Rays
109 Scientists Reveal Dramatic New Views of Occator Crater on Ceres
110 Scientists Detail the Origin of Molecular Oxygen in Comet 67P