File Title
1 The Best Microscopes for Kids
2 DARPA Wants to Boost Your Body's Defenses--By 'Tuning' Your Genes
3 Why Do Babies Kick in the Womb?
4 The Truth About 'Meat Sweats,' According to Science
5 Spider Eggs Look like Rock Candy (But Don't Eat Them)
6 Discovery of Rare Viking Dragon Pin Solves 130-Year-Old Mystery
7 Why Does a Mother's Body Keep Some of Her Baby's Cells After Birth?
8 Nuclear Fusion Power Could Be Here by 2030, One Company Says
9 This Andean Volcano Is Restless. But Should We Expect an Explosive Eruption?
10 Marijuana Farms Are Driving this Adorable Forest Creature to Extinction
11 Flamingo Spotted in Texas, 13 Years After Escaping Kansas Zoo
12 Once-Dreaded Poliovirus Could Treat Brain Cancer
13 'German Stonehenge' Yields Grisly Evidence of Sacrificed Women and Children
14 The Milky Way Is Full of Toxic, Sticky Grease
15 How Theoretical Physicists Can Help Find E.T.
16 A Gorgeous 'Blue' Sand Dune Snakes Across Mars in this Awesome NASA Photo
17 Have Humans Reached Their Limit on Life Span? These Researchers Say No.
18 'Sonar Anomaly' Isn't a Shipwreck, and It's Definitely Not Aliens, NOAA Says
19 Someone Just Killed One of the Last Remaining Jaguars in the US
20 Historic Shift Means an Arctic Ocean Region Could Become Part of the Atlantic
21 Teen Dies from Toxic Shock Syndrome. Why Is It Linked to Tampons?
22 Hottest Night in Recorded History Just Logged in Oman
23 WWI POW's Romantic Engraving Discovered 100 Years Later
24 What's the Evidence for Einstein's Theory of Relativity?
25 Source of E. Coli in Deadly Romaine Lettuce Outbreak Finally Found
26 At this Lab, 'Mad Scientists' Are Making Outlandish Tech a Reality
27 Human Sacrifices Surround Ancient Mesopotamian Tomb
28 This Week's Strangest Science News
29 The 'Decapitated' Pompeii Man Wasn't Decapitated After All
30 Cause of Overpowering Odor on Transavia Airlines Flight Found
31 Woman's Odd Weight Gain Turned Out to Be a 50-Pound Ovarian Tumor
32 Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano Spawned a Giant, Otherworldly 'Lava Ball'
33 Boeing's Hypersonic Vision: A Sleek Passenger Plane that Can Hit Mach 5
34 Chernobyl's Radioactive 'Wildlife Preserve' Spawns Growing Wolf Population
35 New Telescope Will Hunt for Asteroids on Collision Course with Earth
36 Are These Dots Purple, Blue or Proof that Humans Will Never Be Happy?
37 Beer Shortage Looms in Europe as CO2 Supply Dwindles
38 No Aliens, but Scientists Find More Evidence for Life on a Saturn Moon
39 Earth's First Animals Sparked Global Warming, Too
40 Could Aspirin Help Prevent Alzheimer's Disease? Mouse Study Says Maybe.
41 Another Cup? More Coffee Could Be Linked to Longer Life Span
42 China's New Laser Gun Can Zap You with a Silent, Carbonizing Beam
43 Horses Have Had Dental Appointments in Mongolia for Over 3,000 Years
44 Two 4,500-Year-Old Homes Found Near Giza Pyramids
45 How Long Would It Take to Cross the Milky Way at Light Speed?
46 Why a Fighter Jet Is Testing 'Quiet' Supersonic Booms Over Texas
47 Woman's 'Fish Pedicure' Tied to Odd Toenail Problem
48 Hand-Feeding Sharks Is a Terrible Idea
49 What to Do if You Come Face-to-Face with an Alligator
50 Remember that Dark-Matter-Free Galaxy? It May Have Dark Matter After All
51 Dozens Fall Ill in Texas Outbreak: What Is Cyclospora?
52 How Long Can Humans Survive in a Cave?
53 Why this 5.4-Million-Year-Old Planet Is Still a Baby
54 Woman Rescued a Baby Raccoon. Now, She and 20 Friends Need Rabies Treatment.
55 How Scuba Divers Will Rescue Soccer Team Trapped in Thai Cave
56 Ancient Human Ancestors Had to Deal with Climbing Toddlers
57 These 2 Wine Barrels Were Used as Bathrooms During the Renaissance
58 Traces of 'Sonic Boom' Meteorites Found in the Ocean
59 Why Do Babies Barely Blink?
60 Game Over, Man: This Australian Wasp Lays Chest-Bursting 'Alien' Eggs Inside Caterpillars
61 UK Couple Poisoned by Same Nerve Agent that Struck an Ex-Russian Spy and His Daughter
62 Einstein's Theory of Gravity Passes Toughest Test to Date
63 Honey Badger Takes on an Antelope, and It Doesn't Go Well
64 Woman Declared Dead Found Alive in Morgue Fridge
65 Ancient Dogs of the Americas Were Wiped Out by European Colonization
66 Poachers Tried to Kill Rhinos in South African Reserve. Instead, a Pride of Lions Killed Them.
67 Man Tries to Smuggle 19 Raptor Eggs Through Heathrow Airport--And 2 Hatched
68 Watch this Frog Light Up After It Swallows a Firefly
69 The 'Blood Rain' in Siberia Was Probably Caused by a Bunch of Industrial Garbage
70 Diver Dies During Rescue Efforts for Cave-Trapped Thai Boys
71 The Very Real Risks of Rescuing the Boys Trapped in a Thai Cave
72 Famed British Geologist Was Spectacularly Wrong About Stonehenge
73 Are Hot Summer Days Risky for Pregnant Women?
74 Hurricane Season 2018: How Long It Lasts and What to Expect
75 The Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week
76 Why Are There 9 Supreme Court Justices?
77 Photonic capsules for injectable laser resonators
78 Complex brain circuitry revealed using new single-cell sequencing technology
79 Detecting esophageal cancer cells
80 Berry-gorging bears disperse seeds through scat and feed small mammals
81 Inferior vena cava filter trends over 2 decades
82 Progress in addressing a severe skin disease that affects dogs and humans
83 Nanofiber-based wound dressings induce production of antimicrobial peptide
84 New software designed for rapid, automated identification of dendritic spines
85 An aggressor is not necessarily a bully--and the distinction matters
86 Gonorrhea researchers identify novel route to vaccine, new antibiotic
87 Ancient dog cancer still around today after 10,000 years
88 Stopping a tiny--and deadly--fly in its tracks
89 Machine learning to assist in building muscle
90 The rising price of Medicare Part D's 10 most costly medications
91 Non-opioid drug relieves pain in mice, targets immune cells
92 Amyloid beta protein protects brain from herpes infection by entrapping viral particles
93 Semiconductor quantum transistor opens the door for photon-based computing
94 SBRT may be effective, safe alternative for patients, medically inoperable early-stage lung cancer
95 MGMT promoter methylation associated with improved survival for patients with WHO Grade II Gliomas
96 Establishing system for 911 video calling poses design challenges
97 'Blind' Cheetah 3 robot can climb stairs littered with obstacles
98 Training in musical improvisation may teach your brain to think differently
99 Precision genomics point the way to mutations associated with accelerated aging
100 Researchers detect Higgs boson coupling with top quark
101 Researchers link coastal nuisance flooding to special type of slow-moving ocean wave
102 High-power electronics keep their cool with new heat-conducting crystals
103 Texas A&M AgriLife study shows BPA risk factor for inflammatory bowel disease
104 Described 28 years post-collection, new grass species makes a strong case for conservation
105 Abnormal branched-chain amino acid breakdown may raise diabetes risk
106 Cultural practices may cause dermatologic side effects and complications
107 Noninvasive prenatal diagnosis can reliably detect trisomy 21
108 University of Minnesota research derives muscle stem cells from teratomas
109 Researchers upend conventional wisdom on thermal conductivity
110 Online reviews of spine surgeons--staff and office factors may negatively affect ratings