File Title
1 Personality pressure
2 How good bacteria can help keep a gut healthy
3 Ancestral people of Chaco Canyon likely grew their own food
4 Breakthrough synthesis strategy could mean wave of new medicinal compounds
5 Scientists identify mechanism that may explain why males are more at risk than females for neurodevelopmental disorders
6 New clues to sepsis may speed diagnosis
7 A first look at interstitial fluid flow in the brain
8 UTA urban researcher shows impact of urban sprawl on life expectancy, innovation hubs
9 Illinois child care providers need resources to serve children with disabilities
10 Study: Small talk not as bad as previously thought
11 Pelvic exams do not help diagnose STDs in adolescent girls, study says
12 Neuroscientists uncover secret to intelligence in parrots
13 Can parents of juvenile offenders still dream?
14 ICD placements not meeting medicare coverage decline after investigation
15 When oil and water mix
16 Southeast Asian forest loss greater than expected, with negative climate implications
17 Sylvester researcher uses HPV vaccine to treat patient with skin cancer
18 Boosting testosterone makes men prefer higher-status products
19 Chemical Science features stunning artwork from John Keith's lab
20 Researchers discover new vulnerability in deadly form of lung cancer
21 Study finds new genomic regions associated to weight gain in Nelore cattle
22 NASA's NuSTAR mission proves superstar Eta Carinae shoots cosmic rays
23 Self-healing seed pods
24 Can citizen science reverse the extinction of experience?
25 Molecular oxygen in comet's atmosphere not created on its surface
26 Expecting a stressful day may lower cognitive abilities throughout the day
27 Building trees: The protein controlling neuron branch growth
28 Researchers discover new enzyme paradigm for critical reaction in converting lignin to useful products
29 When there is no one around
30 Spearfishing makes fishes more timid
31 Drugs that block structural changes to collagen could prevent lung fibrosis
32 A promising new tool to measure antibodies against malaria
33 Study: Fungi and bacteria grow on body implants
34 Highly refined mineral oils in cosmetics
35 Economic burden of fatty liver disease in US is $32 billion annually, new study finds
36 Milky Way type dust particles discovered in a galaxy 11 billion light years from Earth
37 New insight into the maturation of miRNAs
38 Survey shows Australian GPs cautiously supportive of medicinal cannabis access
39 Scientists pump up chances for quantum computing
40 Gulf Stream eddies as a source of iron
41 High performance nitride semiconductor for environmentally friendly photovoltaics
42 Guiding sound waves through a maze
43 Ultimate precision for sensor technology using qubits and machine learning
44 Consciousness is partly preserved during general anesthesia
45 Feeling young could mean your brain is aging more slowly
46 Efficient synthesis of multi-substituted anilines by domino rearrangement
47 Testosterone causes men to desire luxury goods
48 Spraying efficiently: Breaking up is hard to do
49 New experimental results from the largest and most sophisticated stellerator
50 A novel switch to control genome editing
51 The impact of the sugar tax in Chile: A bittersweet success?
52 Testosterone increases men's preference for status goods
53 'Find your passion' may not be the best advice after all
54 Study shows where brain transforms seeing into acting
55 Chronic heart disease poses high financial burden to low-income families
56 In a warming world, could air conditioning make things worse?
57 New tools used to identify childhood cancer genes
58 Don't sweat it: Scientists identify key step in production of BO
59 Prenatal exposure to folic acid fortification of foods may reduce mental illness risk
60 Exposure to paint, varnish, other solvents linked to increased risk of MS
61 TV coverage of cycling races can help document the effects of climate change
62 A bright and vibrant future for seismology
63 Rising sea levels could cost the world $14 trillion a year by 2100
64 Deadly amphibian fungus has its origins in East Asia
65 Surgeons have substantial impact on genetic testing in breast cancer patients who need it
66 Creating room to breathe on the microscale
67 Material could help windows both power your home and control its temperature
68 Sound waves could provide 'liquid biopsies'
69 Only 7 percent of social egg freezers have returned for fertility treatment at a large European center
70 Energizing eggs with a patient's own mitochondria offers no benefit in assisted reproduction
71 Large population study fails to find causal link between assisted reproduction and ovarian cancer
72 Sub-fertility in men treated with ICSI associated with an increased risk of prostate cancer
73 Commonly used preventive therapy for recurrent miscarriage proved ineffective in large trial
74 More than 8 million babies born from IVF since the world's first in 1978
75 A commonly offered add-on treatment for IVF fails to provide any benefit in a large randomized trial
76 Caring for seniors with dementia and their caregivers: A guide for physicians
77 Anticonvulsant drugs ineffective for low back pain and can cause harm, despite increased prescribing
78 Increased brain injury markers in response to asymptomatic high-accelerated head impacts
79 How targeting metabolism can defeat cancer stem cells
80 Climate change and health: A special issue in PLOS Medicine
81 Scientists use CRISPR to tweak butterfly wing color, change wing scale surface structure
82 Cardiac hybrid imaging an effective tool for predicting heart attacks
83 Pneumococcal DNA predicts course of infection
84 New receptor involved in symbiosis between legumes and nitrogen-fixing rhizobia identified
85 SATB1 vital for maintenance of hematopoietic stem cells
86 Porous materials shed light on environmental purification
87 Upper and lower plate controls on the 2011 Tohoku-oki earthquake
88 Even phenomenally dense neutron stars fall like a feather
89 The Gaia Sausage: The major collision that changed the Milky Way galaxy
90 Brain study paves way for therapy for common cause of dementia
91 Sleep disorder linked with changes to brain structure typical of dementia
92 New study questions when the brown bear became extinct in Britain
93 Test tube artificial neural network recognizes 'molecular handwriting'
94 Foot fossil of juvenile hominin exhibits ape-like features
95 Engineering cooperation
96 Higher risk of heart defects in babies of mothers with type 1 diabetes
97 New anti-clotting drugs linked to lower risk of serious bleeding
98 Children are less likely to be obese if mothers stick to a healthy lifestyle
99 Asian hornet nests found by radio-tracking
100 In India, swapping crops could save water and improve nutrition
101 Combining antibiotics changes their effectiveness
102 Expanding primary care buprenorphine treatment could curb opioid overdose crisis
103 Frigid polar oceans, not balmy coral reefs, are species-formation hot spots
104 What you eat while pregnant may affect your baby's gut
105 Theory of general relativity proven yet again in new research
106 Piping plovers want people to get off their lawn
107 Anti-Bat-Signal: Moths with larger hindwings and longer tails are best at deflecting bats
108 Mothers who follow five healthy habits may reduce risk of obesity in children
109 A diet rich in nuts improves sperm count and motility
110 Our human ancestors walked on two feet but their children still had a backup plan
111 Crows are always the bullies when it comes to fighting with ravens
112 To help save northern spotted owls, we need to prevent kissing cousins