File Title
1 Video clips, spicy soap operas, games slash STD rates in gay young men
2 Heavy-duty emissions must be eliminated to halt climate change, UCI-led review shows
3 'Music of speech' linked to brain area unique to humans
4 For some bladder cancer patients, simple test could reduce over-treatment, ease high cost
5 Kidney disease patients' experience of care and illness can take a large emotional toll
6 How the flu virus builds a better mousetrap
7 Researchers identify mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) in human arteries
8 New insights into the epigenetic control of hematopoiesis
9 Novel drug therapy partially restores hearing in mice
10 Two proteins involved in schistosome epigenetics play key roles in parasite's biology
11 The neuroscience of human vocal pitch
12 I am human, hear me roar: Judging formidability from human vocalizations
13 Ancient Moroccan dental remains elucidate history of long-lost African fauna
14 What's giant panda conservation worth? Billions every year, study shows
15 Microtransactions can move popular online games closer to online gambling
16 More than half of Amazonian armadillos carry leprosy
17 Molecular 'fossils' reveal evolutionary history of descending testicles
18 Giant panda population research shows new challenges
19 Treating AFib with ablation reduces mortality and stroke
20 Complication of 'fat freezing' procedure may be more common than thought
21 UM study: Forests may lose ability to protect against extremes of climate change
22 Most teens with gynecomastia don't need hormone lab tests
23 Pediatric study analyzes dietary supplement trends among children with Down syndrome
24 Newly developed therapeutic shown to combat drug addiction
25 Sintering atomically thin materials with ceramics now possible
26 Researchers apply computing power to track the spread of cancer
27 Researchers find connection between genes, response to environmental chemicals
28 Timing is key for bacteria surviving antibiotics
29 Not all diversity is equally beneficial
30 The culprit of some GaN defects could be nitrogen
31 Screening for postpartum depression in the emergency department
32 NIST researchers simulate simple logic for nanofluidic computing
33 Administering hormones affects DNA
34 The scent of a man: What odors do female blackbuck find enticing in a male?
35 HKUST scientists discover autophagy inhibitory peptides from giant ankyrins
36 Regional Earth system modeling: Review and future directions
37 Enzyme may get key role in drug design for breast cancer and brain condition
38 Self-monitoring of type 2 diabetes reduces follow-up costs by more than half
39 Drinking changes young adults' metabolite profile
40 The novel function of self-renewal factor of spermatogonial stem cells is identified
41 Surrey makes breakthrough in perovskite solar cell technology
42 Otago researchers' discovery unlocks secrets behind cancer drug resistance
43 New mystery discovered regarding active asteroid Phaethon
44 Small bee 'pollen thieves' are not effective bumblebee substitutes, study shows
45 Researchers report novel hybrid catalyst to split water
46 New technology enables man to hold his granddaughter again
47 The hidden complexity underlying a common cause of autism
48 ClinGen Panel evaluates validity of genes reported to be associated with Brugada Syndrome
49 DBS treatment may slow the progression of Parkinson's tremor in early-stage patients
50 Viruses are found to be the most common cause of meningitis but diagnosis is often delayed
51 Lemurs can smell weakness in each other
52 The Lancet Infectious Diseases: Study highlights diagnostic delays and inappropriate treatment of meningitis in UK hospitals
53 Tallinn University researchers helped develop three serious games
54 Climate predictions should include impacts of CO2 on life
55 Plant fossils provide new insight into the uplift history of SE Tibet
56 Air pollution contributes significantly to diabetes globally
57 Simple sampling method eases identification of foot and mouth disease outbreaks
58 New coatings make natural fabrics waterproof
59 Astronomers observe the magnetic field of the remains of supernova 1987A
60 Is risk for endocrine disease higher in survivors of cancer in adolescence, young adulthood?
61 Up to half of childhood cancer survivors will develop hormone disorders
62 Higher doses of rifampin appear more effective in fighting TB without increasing risk of adverse events
63 Teachers lacking educational background in science use inquiry-oriented instruction least
64 'Dancing' holes in droplets submerged in water-ethanol mixtures
65 Predicting bad side effects
66 Does a full hospital mean higher infection risk?
67 Mindfulness is key to tinnitus relief research reveals
68 Anemones take the heat with a little help from their friends
69 $20 blood test could help diagnose hepatitis B patients across Africa
70 Gene discovery unlocks mysteries to our immunity
71 Cost-effective universal screening for hepatitis C in France
72 More evidence supports link between orthostatic hypotension and CVD
73 Pregnancy loss occurs in 26 percent of Zika-infected monkeys
74 Study shows machine learning can improve catalytic design
75 Back to the future: Low-tech food-safety trainings still best for some audiences
76 Athletic 'pull' increases campus diversity
77 Scientists visualize the connections between eye and brain
78 Putting a quantum gas through its phases
79 Timely interventions help spot signs of teen dating violence
80 Stem cells restore function in primate heart-failure study
81 The gender bias of names: Surnames standing solo gives men advantage
82 Water compresses under a high gradient electric field
83 Utah soil's slippery grip on nutrients
84 Scale is a key ingredient when tracking biodiversity, researchers say
85 Research shows plants in Africa 'green up' ahead of rainy season
86 This virus actually may boost--not weaken--our immune system
87 Versatile ultrasound system could transform how doctors use medical imaging
88 Loss of lemurs might endanger many of Madagascar's largest tree species
89 Algorithm identifies hypertensive patients who will benefit from intensive treatment
90 Mayo researchers find off/on switch for DNA repair protein
91 What people want from a trip to the ER
92 Mid- to late-life increases in marker of chronic inflammation tied to dementia
93 Koala genome cracked Down Under to help save species
94 A refined magnetic sense
95 Undetected Zika infections may be triggering miscarriages and stillbirths
96 Three research-based ways to maximize the fun of leisure activities
97 Computer graphics research team to present new tool for sketching faces
98 How mangroves help keep the planet cool
99 CRISPR genome editing technology can correct alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency
100 What articulation-relevant brain regions do when we listen
101 Is the Bitcoin network an oligarchy?
102 Electrical disorder acts like a traffic light for a biological gate
103 Feinstein Institute researcher uncovers new understanding of certain psychiatric diseases
104 Can aspirin treat Alzheimer's?
105 Novel pretargeted radionuclide therapy for HER2-expressing cancers shows promise
106 Next-generation robotic cockroach can explore under water environments
107 Illinois' crop-counting robot earns top recognition at leading robotics conference
108 Researchers determine the rate of return to sport after shoulder surgery
109 Story tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, July 2018
110 Experimental drug stops Parkinson's disease progression in mice