File Title
1 Student-run mental health education efforts may improve college mental health climate
2 Genetically humanized mice could boost fight against aggressive hepatitis
3 Rethinking the orangutan
4 Mandatory labels reduce GMO food fears
5 When it comes to gonorrhea, gender matters
6 Young binge drinkers may have higher heart risks
7 The ultimate 'smell test': Device sends rotten food warning to smartphones
8 Thermal camouflage disguises hot and cold
9 Building a chemical weapons detector with Legos
10 Sandbox craters reveal secrets of planetary splash marks and lost meteorites
11 It's go time for Hawaiian bird conservation, and luckily there's a playbook
12 Platforms for investigating lncRNA functions
13 Research shows benefit of giant panda conservation far exceeds cost
14 For dialysis patients with AFib, a newer blood thinner may provide a safer option
15 New testing finds synergistic combination leads to toxicity in nanomaterials
16 Continental microbes helped seed ancient seas with nitrogen
17 The odds of living to 110-plus level out--once you hit 105
18 Rapid 3D analysis of rockfalls in Yosemite
19 Perceptions on Zika
20 URI drug study produces 'promising therapy' for alcohol abuse
21 CAR-T immunotherapies may have a new player
22 Carbon dioxide-to-methanol process improved by catalyst
23 Perceived race of victims, location determine concern in terrorist attack
24 Dollar for dollar: Consumers willing to pay more for financial advisers with designations
25 Self-heating, fast-charging battery makes electric vehicles climate-immune
26 New study reveals the function of a mysterious component of the inner ear
27 Men and women have different genetic risk factors for developing brain cancer
28 Rapid Zika detection test uses smartphone technology
29 Obesity + aging linked to Alzheimer's markers in the brain
30 Smoking associated with delayed shinbone healing
31 Computational models provide novel genetic insights into atherosclerosis
32 Study provides promise in search for simple, early test for Alzheimer's disease
33 Genetic ancestry test users 'cherry-pick' which races to identify with
34 Study investigates the reproductive habits of the fungus that causes athlete's foot
35 #Hookahlife: Social media posts spread misleading information on hookah use
36 SNMMI 65th Annual Meeting sets the stage for a revolution in precision medicine
37 Penn study reveals secrets of 'hot' and 'cold' pancreatic cancer tumors
38 Strategic classroom intervention can make big difference for autism students
39 Organizing a cell's genetic material from the sidelines
40 Magnetic skyrmions: Not the only ones of their class
41 No difference in outcomes for children of same-sex versus different-sex parents
42 Some existing anti-cancer drugs may act in part by targeting RNA, study shows
43 Team sports have ancient roots
44 Illinois study finds benefits and tradeoffs in feeding rice bran to pigs
45 More clues that Earth-like exoplanets are indeed Earth-like
46 Mars valleys traced back to precipitation
47 Open relationships just as satisfying as monogamous ones, U of G study reveals
48 Sandia light mixer generates 11 colors simultaneously
49 'Breakthrough' algorithm exponentially faster than any previous one
50 Study: Tau does not stabilize microtubules, challenges approach to treating Alzheimer's
51 Molecular brake on human cell division prevents cancer
52 Dietary supplement increases muscle force by 50% in the Duchenne muscular dystrophy mouse model
53 Low-cost prosthetic foot mimics natural walking
54 As asylum requests rise, doctors have important role
55 Learning disabilities: Kids and families struggle beyond the academics
56 Many survivors of childhood cancer are unconcerned about their future health
57 Researchers discover new mechanism to explain the spread of Alzheimer's disease
58 CMS Policy to reduce hospital-acquired conditions had minimal impact
59 Lobachevsky University scientists developed a mathematical model of a social conflict
60 Synthesis of opium alkaloids using electric current
61 Chimpanzees start using a new tool-use gesture during an alpha male take over
62 Crucial new data on the origin of the Dolmens of Antequera, a World Heritage Site
63 Territory holders and floaters: Two spatial tactics of male cheetahs
64 Physicists come in 3 types, say mathematicians
65 Smartphones used to track migrations caused by climate change
66 People undergoing voluntary and involuntary ECT treatment have similar outcomes
67 Nanoaggregation on command
68 Is it heuristics in use or 'ritualistic and instrumentalist' in purpose?
69 Less than a quarter of American youths previously treated for anxiety disorders stay anxiety-free
70 Scientists fine-tune carbon nanotubes for flexible, fingertip-wearable terahertz imagers
71 Movie Pirates of the Caribbean: Illegal streaming sites vulnerable to enforcers
72 Building bridges with water molecules
73 Major study reveals Great Barrier Reef's 30,000-year fight for survival
74 The meteorite 'Black Beauty' expands the window for when life might have existed on Mars
75 Pulse wave analysis provides reliable information on heart health in young people
76 Security gaps identified in LTE mobile telephony standard
77 The fingerprints of molecules in space
78 Will global warming change the summer rainfall patterns over Eastern China?
79 Correcting the eyesight of microscopes
80 Global surface area of rivers and streams is 45 percent higher than previously thought
81 Living longer in poor neighborhoods, tied to higher risk of not gaining healthy pregnancy weight
82 The problem with solving problems
83 Revolutionizing retinal studies
84 Complexity of NMDA receptor drug discovery target revealed
85 How the office org chart in your brain helps to organize your actions
86 Mutations in gene TRAF7 are associated with a multisystem disorder
87 AI and radar technologies could help diabetics manage their disease
88 New study: Indonesia faces a 'double burden' of diseases
89 Largest ever multimorbidity trial in primary care challenge current thinking
90 Study debunks notion that large chunks of Medicare go to lost causes
91 Empathetic police are less effective in the face of public criticism, study says
92 Cheating on cheaters
93 Out of the darkness: A new spider found deep within an Indiana cave
94 How smart technology gadgets can avoid speed limits
95 Genetic biomarker linked to improved survival for patients with certain brain tumors
96 The evolution of testes
97 IDSA/ASM lab diagnosis guide helps health care providers
98 Climate change linked to potential population decline in bees
99 Seeing the same doctor is a matter of life and death
100 Availability of family and friends key factor in deciding organ transplant suitability
101 Handwashing and house cleaning may protect against unhealthy chemicals
102 Gaming or gambling? Online transactions blur boundaries
103 'Lower status' people more likely to share wealth than 'higher status' people
104 Atomic movie of melting gold could help design materials for future fusion reactors
105 Path to zero emissions starts out easy, but gets steep
106 New insights bolster Einstein's idea about how heat moves through solids
107 Educational interventions decrease sunburns among heavy equipment operators
108 Spectral cloaking could make objects invisible under realistic conditions
109 Rivers, streams cover substantially more of Earth's surface than we thought
110 Healthcare spending in late life is not wasteful, predictive model shows