File Title
1 Scientists develop new strategies to discover life beyond earth
2 Protein catch-22: Unravelling the roles of ataxin-2 in health and disease
3 New study links poor sleep quality to atrial fibrillation
4 Is less more? Rehabilitation for elderly people following hip fracture
5 Trial from Niger finds village-wide prophylactic antibiotics contained spread of meningitis
6 Trade challenges from wealthy countries may impede noncommunicable disease prevention in LMICs
7 Fight-or-flight response triggers white bloods cells, increases heart attack risk in diabetics
8 Researchers report success culturing Treponema pallidum, which causes syphilis
9 Wearable defibrillators may be an alternative to surgically implanted device for children with certain heart rhythm disorders
10 Study solves mystery of genetic-test results for patient with suspected heart condition
11 High-strength MRI may release mercury from amalgam dental fillings
12 New study confirms higher cancer rate in women with dense breast tissue
13 More post-acute care isn't always better, study finds
14 Defining the brain mosaic in fruit flies and humans
15 The placenta slows embryo growth so an injured limb can play catch-up
16 Marine protected areas often expensive and misplaced
17 To tell the sex of a Galapagos penguin, measure its beak, researchers say
18 Obstetric trauma rates for forceps deliveries have increased in Canada
19 New photodetector could improve night vision, thermal sensing and medical imaging
20 Granite crystallizes at temperature 200 degrees lower than previously thought
21 Summer dead zones in Chesapeake Bay breaking up earlier
22 Is the interstellar asteroid really a comet?
23 Breast cancer studies ignore race, socioeconomic factors
24 Our solar system's first known interstellar object gets unexpected speed boost
25 Study yields a new scale of earthquake understanding
26 Research Brief: Small classes reduce performance gaps in science
27 New mechanism involved in memory loss associated with aging discovered
28 New findings on bacteria in female bladders
29 Structure of major brain receptor that is treatment target for epilepsy, anxiety solved
30 THz spectroscopy could help Explain water's anomalies
31 This curious animal grew larger over time--but its brain didn't quite keep up
32 Researchers identify key protein involved in triggering inflammation
33 Seismologist Jessica Irving uses massive earthquakes to unlock secrets of the outer core
34 Beer. Soup. Barley's next great use? A medical imaging drink
35 Hubble sees 'Oumuamua getting a boost
36 ESO's VLT sees 'Oumuamua getting a boost
37 Boston College team reports technology to enable precision antibiotics
38 OU research team identify genetic structure of Painted Bunting
39 Why bacteria survive in space--UH biologists discover clues
40 Lipid species offer insights into metabolic health
41 UCalgary researchers discover antidepressant could be a promising treatment for PBC
42 US, South American paleontologists ID two new Miocene mammals in Bolivia
43 Teens with concussion may benefit from earlier physical therapy
44 Special-purpose buildings bring together earliest Neolithic communities
45 Reproducibility matters in large-scale maize study
46 Inbred animals face greater threat from changes to environment
47 In surveys, people say they'll pay twice what they're actually willing to spend
48 Study signals dramatic change in way ancient diets are calculated
49 Co-op University of Guelph study finds new measure for stress in overtrained athletes
50 UAlberta biologists show that female seals have consistent personalities
51 CU Anschutz researchers find little association between suicide and hypoxia
52 Rough terrain? No problem for beaver-inspired autonomous robot
53 New results of Deepwater Horizon research to protect marine life against future oil spills
54 Appealing finding suggests why refrigeration dampens banana aromas
55 NIH study associates obesity with lower breast cancer risk in young women
56 Your brain with a migraine
57 Vacation time recharges US workers, but positive effects vanish within days, new survey finds
58 Dangerous reptiles
59 'The eyes have it'--Photoreceptors in marine plankton form a depth gauge to aid survival
60 A milestone on the path towards efficient solar cells
61 UTMN scientists confirm the high speed of Siberia development
62 Sounds of moving objects change perceptions of body size
63 Financial incentives help to drive down unnecessary antibiotic prescriptions from GPs
64 Probing nobelium with laser light
65 Scientists identify geographic sectors controlling the Hadley circulation
66 Cancer-causing virus HTLV-1 changes DNA loops to 'affect tens of thousands of genes'
67 Grease in space
68 BNAs improve performance of Li-ion batteries
69 Adhering to Paris Agreement climate goal could significantly decrease heat-related summer deaths
70 Study provides insight into the physics of the Higgs particle
71 RUDN chemists have completely changed the direction of Diels-Alder reaction
72 Researchers present new strategy for extending ductility in a single-phase alloy
73 Finding the right balance for catalysts in the hydrogen evolution reaction
74 Electrospun sodium titanate speeds up the purification of nuclear waste water
75 New combined treatment shows promise in hepatocellular carcinoma
76 Newly discovered Xenomorph wasp has alien-like lifecycle
77 New regulator of neuron formation identified
78 Key protein providing defense against 'jumping genes' identified
79 Rethinking existing method opens new doors for cancer diagnostics
80 Oxide sintering by air pressure control
81 Solar activities can affect the East Asian winter monsoon at the multidecadal time scale
82 Australian shrub contains new class of organic compound
83 New study shows lower prevalence of type 2 diabetes among those who consume walnuts
84 Can older, frail patients benefit from 'prehabilitation' before heart surgery?
85 Immunotherapy drug for skin disease could boost hormone treatment for prostate cancer
86 New 'promiscuous' enzyme helps turn plant waste into sustainable products
87 Yosemite granite 'tells a different story' about Earth's geologic history
88 Nature: Tricky feat with stand-up molecule
89 War, lack of democracy and urbanisation contribute to double burden of malnutrition in adolescents in developing countries
90 Bioanalysis publishes special focus issue on 'Biomarker Assay Validation'
91 City-level action is the right way to tackle emissions, study shows
92 Providing care based on need not ability to pay is the NHS's greatest achievement
93 Recorded penicillin allergy linked to increased risk of 'superbug' infections
94 Rethinking the orangutan
95 'Ring around bathtub' at giant volcano field shows movement of subterranean magma
96 Change in brain cells linked to opiate addiction, narcolepsy
97 What does fitness in midlife mean for depression, cardiovascular disease later in life?
98 Don't let depression keep you from exercising
99 New nerve gas detector built with legos and a smartphone
100 Personalized 'deep learning' equips robots for autism therapy
101 Break it down: Understanding the formation of chemical byproducts during water treatment
102 Patients believed allergic to penicillin have increased risks of MRSA and C. difficile
103 70K opioid-related deaths likely went unreported due to incomplete death certificates
104 What makes dogs man's best friend?
105 Map of Javan leopard distribution provides guidance for conservation efforts
106 Freedom from fear: dopamine's role in unlearning fearful associations
107 Recreating the chameleon: material mimics color changes of living organisms
108 First malaria-human contact mapped with Nobel Prize-winning technology
109 Men with aggressive prostate cancer may get new powerful drug option
110 Study: Men with migraine may have higher estrogen levels