File Title
1 Forest health on one coast can affect forests on the other coast
2 Researchers may have figured out toxic, lime green lizard blood
3 Climate change has left many mammals in Europe unable to relocate
4 Intelligence is correlated with fewer neural connections, not more, study finds
5 Probiotics help bees fight colony collapse disorder
6 Study confirms link between gamma rays, lightning strikes
7 Quantum drum can vibrate and stand still at the same time
8 NASA engineers teach Mars rover Curiosity to drill again
9 Astronomers produce detailed maps of star-forming region in Orion A
10 TESS snaps image of the stars as it swings by the moon en route to its final orbit
11 Astronomers locate solar system's first interstellar expat in Jupiter's orbit
12 Turtles, birds help scientists estimate structure of dinosaur's genome
13 New ESA image reveals massive stellar nursery
14 Global warming linked with rising antibiotic resistance
15 NOAA reports rising concentration of ozone-eating CFCs
16 SpaceX launches, releases NASA's GRACE-FO satellites
17 Giant invasive flatworms found in France, French territories
18 Bolivia's Madidi National Park is most biodiverse in the world
19 Study shows sophistication of ancient mound builders on Louisiana coast
20 Astronomers find six dark galaxy candidates--galaxies with few stars
21 Pterodactyls didn't fly like bats, new research shows
22 Men take shortcuts, women stick to the routes they know, study finds
23 Chimpanzee call variants offer insights into roots of language diversification
24 Rosetta illuminates origins of sunrise jets on comet 67P
25 Curiosity drills Mars rock sample for first time in two years
26 Scientists propose new laser-driven particle acceleration mechanism
27 Young mongooses inherit the habits of their role model, not their parents
28 Improperly recycled refrigerators not enough to explain rise in ozone-eating gas
29 Jet stream 'traffic jams' can trigger strange weather patterns
30 Iridescence confuses bumblebees
31 Climate change is robbing rice of its nutrition
32 Continental growth spurt spurred Earth's first snow, study suggests
33 APEX offers up-close view of black hole's event horizon
34 Google celebrates chemist S.P.L. Sorensen with Doodle
35 Pluto may be giant comet made up of comets, study says
36 Global warming, global trade means floods in China will likely harm U.S. economy
37 Archaeologists find man crushed while fleeing Pompeii
38 Fruit flies refuse to lay their eggs in lion poop
39 Study reveals key mechanism in formation of spider silk
40 NASA satellites aid study of relativistic particles
41 Computer model shows black hole consuming star
42 New technique shows what microbes eat
43 Life rebounded quickly at crash site of dino-killing asteroid
44 Drug combo after mini-stroke could prevent major stroke months later
45 Medicare launches diabetes prevention program
46 Clinical trial to offer free 3D-printed prosthetic arms to children
47 Being poor may boost risk of dementia
48 New pig virus could pose threat to people
49 Shotless rabies test could save lives, CDC says
50 Lower dose of CBD oil eases epilepsy seizures, study says
51 Nonprofit drug companies may cut rising generic prices, hospitals say
52 AHA: Eating fish twice a week can reduce heart disease risk
53 Men may see larger benefit from cancer immunotherapy
54 FDA approves first non-opioid withdrawal treatment
55 Scanning technique can help determine timing of stroke
56 Pools, hot tubs can harbor dangerous germs
57 Severity of E. coli-linked diarrhea may depend on blood type
58 Hookahs hook many young adults on tobacco
59 FDA approves drug aimed at preventing migraines
60 Heart attack risk may rise when temperatures fall: Study
61 New melanoma staging guidelines to improve consistency, accuracy of diagnoses
62 Some women regret freezing eggs for later pregnancy
63 Start exercising to cut heart failure risk
64 'Low-alcohol' booze labels may backfire, study finds
65 Chiropractic care effective, safe in easing lower back pain: Study
66 Male depression may hurt couple's chance of conception
67 New life-saving cancer treatment tied to vision loss
68 Screening may miss autism signs in girls, study says
69 Lifelong exercise can slow aging of heart, blood vessels
70 Belly fat linked to lower levels of vitamin D
71 Study: Calls to poison centers in child ADHD drug cases up 64 percent
72 Banned pregnancy drug linked to ADHD generations later
73 Berries and grapes may keep you breathin' easy
74 Race may play role in kids' suicide risk
75 Vendors recommending pot for morning sickness, survey shows
76 ER doctors: Most hospitals aren't ready for a mass tragedy
77 Drug approved for liver disease patients undergoing medical procedures
78 Cancer deaths in U.S. decline again, but prostate cancer death rate creeping up
79 A pill to protect you from the sun may not work, FDA Says
80 Yoga may be right move against urinary incontinence
81 Hawaii eruptions cause health concerns
82 Childhood trauma may affect sperm as adult
83 Toxins in BBQ fumes can be absorbed through the skin, study shows
84 FDA: Group of teething products may pose health danger to babies
85 Religious refusal laws may have mental health effect on LGBT people
86 One-third of adults may need blood pressure drugs under new guidelines
87 More fish in the diet could boost sex lives and fertility
88 Mediterranean diet most popular on U.S. coasts
89 Study: Cash more effective than e-cigarettes at getting smokers to quit
90 Antidepressants may lead to weight gain, British study says
91 Heavier women may have higher risk for cancer, study says
92 10-year study shows obesity increases risk for 12 cancers
93 Severe eczema linked to increased risk for heart attack, stroke
94 A germ-filled capsule might help spot gastro ills
95 Low-fat diet tied to better breast cancer survival
96 CPAP machines may help your sex life
97 Researchers identify treatment for new form of vertigo
98 Study: Leave tablets, smartphones out of bedroom for better sleep
99 NIH study suggests opioid therapy not effective against chronic pain
100 Coal miners face growing wave of black lung disease
101 Insecticide-treated clothes effective against disease-carrying ticks
102 Study finds many concussion patients don't follow-up
103 Science still isn't clear if yawns really are contagious
104 FDA approves new drug to treat rare disease PKU
105 Obesity may offer protection when severe infection strikes
106 Healthier diet may reduce risk for hearing loss in women
107 No link between HPV vaccine, autoimmune diseases, study says
108 Thyroid cancer survivors at increased risk for heart disease
109 New drug may treat difficult lung, pancreatic cancer tumors
110 Drug cut migraine days in half for participants in clinical trial