File Title
1 Study shows star-shaped bread popular with children and could encourage more healthy eating
2 By 2035 over 4 million adults will be morbidly obese across England, Wales, and Scotland
3 NYU professor replicates famous marshmallow test, makes new observations
4 SwRI scientists introduce cosmochemical model for Pluto formation
5 Doctors fail to flag concussion patients for critical follow-up
6 Majority of premature infants still exposed to early antibiotics
7 Do patients with TBI receive follow-up care after ED discharge?
8 Turning up the heat on thermoelectrics
9 Most concussion patients fall under the radar after ER visit
10 New method for finding disease-susceptibility genes
11 UNIST introduces novel method to grow elastic diamonds
12 New study investigates dolphin liberation in Korea
13 New research finds tall and older Amazonian forests more resistant to droughts
14 China floods to hit US economy: Climate effects through trade chains
15 Virus genes from city pond rescue bacteria
16 Limiting global warming could avoid millions of dengue fever cases
17 Most popular vitamin and mineral supplements provide no health benefit, study finds
18 Cell chat: Attacking disease by learning the language of cells
19 Rise and fall of the Great Barrier Reef
20 Deciphering the language of cells using observation chambers
21 NIST study shows face recognition experts perform better with AI as partner
22 Genome's dark matter offers clues to major challenge in prostate cancer
23 Sex hormone levels may affect heart disease risk in post-menopausal women
24 Homeless populations at high risk to develop cardiovascular disease
25 Most vitamin, mineral supplements not shown to lower heart disease risk
26 The logic of modesty--why it pays to be humble
27 Genes, environment and schizophrenia: new study finds the placenta is the missing link
28 Study identifies processes in the gut that drive fat build-up around the waist
29 Mongooses remember and reward helpful friends
30 Novel method to fabricate nanoribbons from speeding nano droplets
31 No link between HPV vaccination and risk of autoimmune disorders: Study in CMAJ
32 Paramedic-run health sessions in low-income apartments reduced number of 911 calls, improved health
33 The stick insects that survive being eaten by birds
34 Dolphin 'happiness' measured by scientists in France
35 Hawaii volcano: How many people do volcanoes kill?
36 Alan Bean, moon-walking astronaut and artist, dies aged 86
37 Inequality in India can be seen from outer space
38 England could have new national parks in Gove review
39 'Wolf-like' creature shot near Montana ranch puzzles experts
40 Virgin boss Sir Richard Branson readies himself for space
41 Dinosaur dandruff reveals first evidence of skin shedding
42 Giant canyons discovered in Antarctica
43 How ancestors of living birds survived asteroid strike
44 Car dealer tactics stall electric car sales
45 Brexit: UK wants 1 billion pounds back from EU if it is excluded from Galileo
46 Loch Ness Monster: DNA tests may offer new clue
47 Moon walking: Ex-NASA astronauts describe lunar experience
48 Plastic pollution: Images of a global problem
49 Seeds of hope: The gardens springing up in refugee camps
50 Who is to blame for 'self-driving car' deaths?
51 Turning carbon dioxide into rock--forever
52 Fortnite sued for 'copying' rival game PUBG
53 Star Citizen video game launches $27,000 players' pack
54 Facebook to be banned in Papua New Guinea for a month
55 Airprox board says police drone and jet had 'near-miss'
56 Ex-EDL leader Tommy Robinson jailed at Leeds court
57 Twitter 'bans women against trans ideology,' say feminists
58 YouTube stars' fury over algorithm tests
59 Tomorrow's cities: Google's Toronto city built 'from the internet up'
60 YouTube deletes half of 'violent' music videos
61 Tech Tent: Can facial recognition fit with a fair society?
62 Dixons Carphone to close 92 stores as profits slide
63 Busking goes cashless with 'a world first' for London
64 US news sites unavailable in EU over GDPR
65 Dota 2: UK major tournament to 'inspire' fans
66 I wish mum's phone was never invented
67 Why are so many firms so bad at handling social media?
68 GDPR emails are increasingly desperate and everyone's responding with memes
69 The strawberry-picking robots doing a job humans won't
70 Tech Tent: Can facial recognition fit with a fair society?
71 Amazon Alexa heard and sent private chat
72 Free schools boost for England's worst-performing areas
73 Bank of Mum and Dad 'feels the pinch'
74 First colleges to teach new vocational T-levels named
75 League tables changes 'toxic' for poor white schools
76 University of Southern California president quits in gynaecology scandal
77 Poor broadband forces girl to do homework in lay-by
78 Stabbed GCSE student refused exemption by exam board
79 Brightlingsea parents consider removing children from school
80 Ofsted admits some 'outstanding schools aren't that good'
81 Free school transport lost for 20,000 rural pupils
82 Disabled boy sues theme park over lack of suitable toilet
83 'Relax A-level grades for some medical students'
84 Does the UN mean anything to the young?
85 Five charts that tell the story of diversity in UK universities
86 Vaccine for cancer that killed Tessa Jowell 'remarkably promising'
87 One in 25 children aged 10 or 11 'severely obese'
88 Woman killed herself after ovaries removed without consent
89 Daughter 'would go to prison' over father's Dignitas death
90 Hunt 'determined' to eliminate doctors' gender pay gap
91 One million French smokers quit in a year amid anti-smoking measures
92 YouTube stars 'might encourage kids to eat more calories'
93 Boots owner denies overcharging NHS for cancer mouthwash
94 Breast screen error 'could have been spotted earlier'
95 Cancer patient feels 'privileged to be alive' after NHS trial treatment
96 Smoking ban plan for playgrounds and hospital grounds
97 Iran mushroom poisoning: More than 800 sick from deadly fungi
98 Are we eating at the wrong time for our body clocks?
99 'I took 57 painkillers a day to get high'
100 Why DR Congo is confident it will halt Ebola
101 The Ground War
102 Are sweeteners healthier than sugar?
103 Flexible, Highly Efficient Multimodal Energy Harvesting
104 CFN User Spotlight: Laura Fabris Develops Nanoparticle-Based Tags to Detect Cancer and Viruses at the Single-Cell Level
105 ESF Lists Top 10 New Species for 2018
106 FAU Awarded $1.25 Million by U.S. Navy for Research in Support of Unmanned Marine Vehicle Platforms
107 Team Cracks Code on Cheap Carbon Nanotubes Made from Toxic Air