File Title
1 Computer redesigns enzyme
2 Avoiding the car for travel could significantly lower risk of illness and death
3 Synchrotron radiations shed light on formation mechanism of aromatic polyimide precursor
4 Compound in citrus oil could reduce dry mouth in head, neck cancer patients
5 Fewer men are being screened, diagnosed, and treated for prostate cancer
6 One in 10 parents say their child has gotten sick from spoiled or contaminated food
7 First interstellar immigrant discovered in the solar system
8 Researchers identify genetic variants that may predict glaucoma risk
9 Personalizing therapeutic brain stimulation
10 Vocal neurons encode evolution of frog calls
11 Receptor proteins that respond to nicotine may help fat cells burn energy
12 Giant Chinese salamander is at least five distinct species, all heading toward extinction
13 Physicians report feeling moral distress over hospital policies that force inadequate care [plus other topics]
14 Far from special: Humanity's tiny DNA differences are 'average' in animal kingdom
15 Palliative care may reduce suicide risk in veterans with advanced lung cancer
16 Pregnant smokers may reduce harm done to baby's lungs by taking vitamin C
17 Mediterranean diet may blunt air pollution's ill health effects
18 Flavonoids may slow lung function decline due to aging
19 Research reveals concerning childbirth trends
20 Recombinant E. Coli as a biofactory for the biosynthesis of diverse nanomaterials
21 SWOG sails into ASCO 2018 on a raft of research results
22 Researchers identify spike in severe black lung disease among former US coal miners
23 NIST puts the optical microscope under the microscope to achieve atomic accuracy
24 Training compassion 'muscle' may boost brain's resilience to others' suffering
25 Study demonstrates new treatment for severe asthma
26 Research reveals how order first appears in liquid crystals
27 Study: Guns in Chicago just '2.5 handshakes' away
28 Posttraumatic stress affects academics
29 UM researcher: Big data, networks identify cell signaling pathways in lung cancer
30 Digging into new ethical issues around stem cells
31 Using 3D X-rays to measure particle movement inside lithium ion batteries
32 Early physical therapy benefits low-back pain patients
33 Malaria-causing parasite manipulates liver cells to survive
34 Science in the palm of your hand: How citizen science transforms passive learners
35 Fluid dynamics may play key role in evolution of cooperation
36 New brain development disorder identified by scientists
37 Decoding digital ownership: Why your e-book might not feel like 'yours'
38 Pigs that digest their nutrients could reduce pork industry's carbon footprint
39 New tech may make prosthetic hands easier for patients to use
40 Fruit flies: 'Living test tubes' to rapidly screen potential disease-causing human gene
41 Tianjin University makes breakthrough in synthetic genome rearrangement
42 Magnesium magnificent for plasmonic applications
43 Downward-facing mouse: stretching reduces tumor growth in mouse model of breast cancer
44 Two-and-a-half-year expedition ends in world's most biodiverse protected area
45 Hepatitis C infections resulting from medical treatment occur despite clear guidelines
46 Technique doubles conversion of CO2 to plastic component
47 Gauging language proficiency through eye movement
48 People with ASD risk being manipulated because they can't tell when they're being lied to
49 Nuclear physicists leap into quantum computing with first simulations of atomic nucleus
50 Memory molecule limits plasticity by calibrating calcium
51 Self-consistency influences how we make decisions
52 Determining effective methods of irrigation as water becomes increasingly scarce
53 BU: Religious refusal laws harm sexual minority mental health
54 Virtual visits for follow-up hypertension care have outcomes similar to office visits
55 ECDC and EMCDDA make the case for active case finding of communicable diseases in prison
56 Excess nutrients, coupled with climate change, damage the most highly resilient corals
57 Cultivating cannabis
58 Helping dental retainers and aligners fight off bacteria
59 Abdominal fat secretes novel adipokine promoting insulin resistance and inflammation
60 Preserving a painter's legacy with nanomaterials
61 Hot cars can hit deadly temperatures in as little as one hour
62 Rapamycin lotion reduces facial tumors caused by tuberous sclerosis, UTHealth reports
63 Researchers build most comprehensive tree of life for malaria parasites
64 How local communities can transition to sustainable energy systems
65 Changes to specific MicroRNA involved in development of Lou Gehrig's disease
66 Why an upcoming appointment makes us less productive
67 Painless real-time proteomics may one day speed up cancer surgery
68 Military-civilian partnerships aim to help meet military medical readiness needs
69 Social media posts may signal whether a protest will become violent
70 Orphaned elephants change where they live, in response to poaching and the need for food
71 First chip-scale broadband optical system that can sense molecules in the mid-IR
72 Social media usage linked to underage drinking
73 Perceived socioeconomic status can affect how old we feel
74 Complementing conventional antibiotics
75 People with family history of alcoholism release more dopamine in expectation of alcohol
76 Study examining a novel index of coronary artery stenosis presented at EuroPCR
77 Cheeseburger or salad? How music volume impacts your decision
78 Penn researchers identify source of molecule linked to nasal polyps, asthma attacks
79 Research highlights the influence social media marketing has on children's food intake
80 Understanding light-induced electrical current in atomically thin nanomaterials
81 Genetic diversity helps protect against disease
82 Fatty liver disease research set to benefit from stem cell advance
83 Chimpanzee calls differ according to context
84 Making massive leaps in electronics at nano-scale
85 Improved financial regulation deters misconduct, study finds
86 American 'prepping' culture influenced by media and government fears
87 Surgery involving ultrasound energy found to treat high blood pressure
88 Are pain tolerance levels similar among groups of friends?
89 Why we fail to understand our smartphone use
90 Leopoldina-Experts call for stricter approval procedures for plant protection products
91 Tuberculosis: Pharmacists develop new substance to counteract antimicrobial resistance
92 Men take shortcuts, while women follow well-known routes
93 Beyond the limits of conventional electronics: stable organic molecular nanowires
94 Study examines bone health in children with leukemia
95 Controlled nano-assembly
96 Depression speeds up brain aging, find psychologists
97 Appending triphenyltriazine to 1,10-phenanthroline
98 Valves for tiny particles
99 New papers highlight economic benefits of European-Eurasian economic ties
100 Strain directs spin waves
101 New advances in understanding and treating intellectual disorder
102 Earth's climate to increase by 4 degrees by 2084
103 Atomic-scale manufacturing now a reality
104 UQ Zika detection breakthough a potential lifesaver
105 Floridians could face far more frequent, intense heatwaves
106 How a cell knows when to divide
107 Space-like gravity weakens biochemical signals in muscle formation
108 International Tree Nut Council study links tree nuts and improved type 2 diabetes health
109 A first look at the earliest decisions that shape a human embryo
110 Machine listening for earthquakes