File Title
1 UA surgeons developing new tool to detect urine blockage
2 Minimizing exposure to common hormone-disrupting chemicals may reduce obesity rates
3 Could intermittent fasting diets increase diabetes risk?
4 Finasteride does not increase risk of prostate cancer death, SWOG results show
5 Neuron guidance factor found to play a key role in immune cell function
6 Japanese student discovers new crustacean species in deep sea hydrothermal vent
7 Technique shows promise for reconstruction of airway following surgery
8 Infection blood test of limited value in reducing antibiotic use
9 Nanoparticles derived from tea leaves destroy lung cancer cells: Quantum dots have great potential
10 Improving heart health could prevent frailty in old age
11 Exercise to stay young: 4-5 days a week to slow down your heart's aging
12 Brain stimulation may reduce food cravings as obesity treatment
13 Larger waistlines are linked to higher risk of vitamin D deficiency
14 Research sheds light on a novel disease mechanism in chronic smokers
15 CPAP may reduce resting heart rate in prediabetic patients
16 In utero exposure to carbon monoxide increases infants' risk of poor lung function
17 Inpatient opioid use and insufficient weaning pre-discharge may increase outpatient opioid prescriptions
18 Multidisciplinary lung health clinic helps low-income patients
19 Ozone exposure at birth increases risk of asthma development
20 SUTD researchers develop reprocessable thermosets for sustainable 3D printing
21 How bacteria behave differently in humans compared to the lab
22 Schizophrenics' blood has more genetic material from microbes
23 Mayo study identifies new potential treatment option for triple negative breast cancer
24 New PSU study shows higher formaldehyde risk in e-cigarettes than previously thought
25 Sleep better, parent better: Study shows link between maternal sleep and permissive parenting
26 UCI researchers discover novel mode of neurotransmitter-based communication
27 The vessel not taken: Understanding disproportionate blood flow
28 New data changes the way scientists explain how cancer tumors develop
29 A better way to control crystal vibrations
30 What can snakes teach us about engineering friction?
31 Deep space radiation treatment reboots brain's immune system
32 The chestnut gall wasp--The threat of an invasive species with clonal reproduction
33 Birds from different species recognize each other and cooperate
34 Another potential mechanism links androgen deprivation therapy to cardiovascular mortality
35 Soft machines
36 Patients with high lipoprotein(a) levels may benefit from taking PCSK9 inhibitors
37 New NIST roadmap charts path to reduced fire hazards from materials
38 Flexible, highly efficient multimodal energy harvesting
39 Montana State laser technology could help Yellowstone battle invasive trout
40 How animals holler
41 Eating at night, sleeping by day swiftly alters key blood proteins
42 Are humans causing cancer in wild animals?
43 Perceived trustworthiness helps women entrepreneurs with crowdfunding backers
44 Clues found to early lung transplant failure
45 Women with pregnancy-related diabetes may be at risk for chronic kidney disease
46 Lightning in the eyewall of a hurricane beamed antimatter toward the ground
47 Smog laid bare: Precise analysis of the composition of particulate matter
48 Hurricanes: Stronger, slower, wetter in the future?
49 Ice cream funds research showing new strategy against thyroid cancer
50 Hurricanes: A bit stronger, a bit slower, and a lot wetter in a warmer climate
51 One year's losses for child sexual abuse in US top $9 billion, new study suggests
52 Vascular risk interacts with amyloid levels to increase age-related cognitive decline
53 Graphene paves the way to faster high-speed optical communications
54 How to ethically conduct clinical research during public health emergencies
55 Cell types underlying schizophrenia identified
56 Extrasolar asteroid has been orbiting the sun for 4.5 billion years
57 Immune cells hold promise in slowing down ALS
58 Rice U. researchers enhance boron nitride nanotubes for next-gen composites
59 High-nicotine dependent smokers 'less likely' to quit after lung cancer screening
60 Autism is not linked to eating fish in pregnacy
61 Profiling the genome hundreds of variations at a time
62 Scientists find link between increases in local temperature and antibiotic resistance
63 Reading the minds of pilots on the fly
64 New form of local anesthetic does not reduce opioid use or complications after knee surgery
65 NIH-funded researchers identify target for chikungunya treatment
66 Why are the elderly increasingly more inclined to live alone?
67 Study finds snap-lock mechanism in bacterial riboswitch
68 New hope for women with fistula injuries
69 International anesthesia standards updated with WHO in global effort to improve surgical care
70 Advanced biofuels can be produced extremely efficiently, confirms industrial demonstration
71 World's biggest fisheries supported by seagrass meadows
72 Leading UK scientist reveals likely cause of childhood leukaemia
73 Children understand plant-animal interdependence by the age of eight
74 Innovative risk score tool effectively predicts future risk of hospitalization for COPD patients
75 Genome structure of dinosaurs discovered by bird-turtle comparisons
76 An unexpected chemosensor pathway for innate fear behavior against predator odor
77 Hotter bodies fight infections and tumors better--researchers show how
78 Framework diversity of carbon nitrides offers rich platform for single atom catalysis
79 To establish a timescale for more than 10 million years ago
80 Novel bioactive steroid biosynthetic pathway in symbiotic fungi
81 Studying insight
82 New technique reveals 3D shape of nanostructure's polariton interaction
83 Self-healing material a breakthrough for bio-inspired robotics
84 Many Americans say infectious and emerging diseases in other countries will threaten the US
85 Research suggests sweet potatoes didn't originate in the Americas as previously thought
86 Preventing murder by addressing domestic violence
87 New study reveals prevalence of anti-gay verbal and physical bullying in Florida schools
88 UNM scientists find widespread ocean anoxia as cause for past mass extinction
89 Observing cellular activity, one molecule at a time
90 Quantum effects observed in photosynthesis
91 Chemists synthesize millions of proteins not found in nature
92 Don't wait for a unicorn: Investing in low-carbon tech now will save money
93 Deadly malaria's evolution revealed
94 Major fossil study sheds new light on emergence of early animal life 540 million years ago
95 Scientists have deciphered the chemical reaction mechanism critical for cleaner combustion
96 Turning entanglement upside down
97 Discovery for grouping atoms invokes Pasteur
98 Mice regrow brain tissue after stroke with bioengineered gel
99 Bladder cancer model could pave the way for better drug efficacy studies
100 Eczema drug effective against severe asthma
101 Helping preterm infants grow bigger kidneys would prevent kidney disease later in life
102 Age-related racial disparity in suicide rates among US youth
103 Age-related racial disparities in suicide rates among youth ages 5 to 17 years
104 Insufficient sleep, even without extended wakefulness, leads to performance impairments
105 Pregnancy drug DES might have triggered ADHD in the grandchildren of women who used it
106 Feel the burn: Biochemical pathway that spurs beige fat cells to burn energy is discovered
107 US poison control centers receive 29 calls per day about children exposed to ADHD medications
108 A single-injection vaccine for the polio virus
109 Daily egg consumption may reduce cardiovascular disease
110 Link between IBD and Parkinson's might allow doctors to slow down condition