File Title
1 World's most efficient production of succinate from carbon dioxide
2 A typical communication pattern of people with Alzheimer's disease
3 Disaster recovery requires rebuilding livelihoods
4 Increased electrical activity in eye may relieve short-term dry eye pain
5 What would help or hinder patient participation in mitochondrial disease clinical trials?
6 Flexible solar cells: Will they someday power your devices?
7 Breeding better Brazilian rice
8 Patenting marine genetic resources: Who owns ocean biodiversity?
9 A better way to trace neuronal pathways
10 How the brain performs flexible computations
11 A new method for solving a series of global optimization problems developed
12 Exposure to smoking before and after birth linked to hearing impairment in toddlers
13 Urinary markers predict bone problems after hip replacement
14 Different outdoor professions carry different risks for skin cancer
15 Optimal sleep linked to lower risks for dementia and early death
16 'Lipofilling' technique found safe for reconstruction after breast cancer surgery
17 Do arthritis treatments provide mental health benefits?
18 New report suggests three main groups of caffeine sensitivity
19 When did animals leave their first footprint on Earth?
20 Simpler model gets to the point with proteins
21 Mangos help promote gut health
22 Tumultuous galaxy mergers better at switching on black holes
23 Link found between neurotransmitter imbalance, brain connectivity in those with autism
24 Single molecular insulator pushes boundaries of current state of the art
25 Majority of Americans believe it is essential that the US remain a global leader in space
26 Excess zinc in muscles contributes to wasting syndrome in cancer
27 Pollution hits the fungi that nourish European trees
28 Drug combination offers more effective care for patients suffering miscarriage
29 Zika's negative effects, as seen in human newborns, persist in adults, mouse study shows
30 Study examines sickness absence from work among abstainers, low-risk drinkers and at-risk drinkers
31 Education linked to higher risk of short-sightedness
32 Opioid use may affect treatment for alcohol dependence
33 A deeper understanding of AFib could lower risk
34 Scientists create 'genetic atlas' of proteins in human blood
35 Study on economics of fishing on the high seas
36 Neighborhoods can help buffer impacts from childhood poverty
37 Most clinical trial participants find benefits of sharing personal data outweigh risks
38 Black, Hispanic people may be more likely to have a second hemorrhagic stroke than whites
39 Stroke survivors could gain the most from new blood pressure guidelines
40 What does the future hold for the children of the Zika virus outbreak in Brazil?
41 Sex and social experience affect ultrasonic vocalizations in mice
42 Late Pleistocene human mandibles from the Niah Caves may hint at ancient diets
43 Avoiding catastrophe: Yeast study reveals clues to maintaining genome size
44 Human drug addiction behaviors tied to specific impairments in 6 brain networks
45 For disappearing Bicknell's thrushes, statistical models are lifesavers
46 For flickers, looks can be deceiving
47 Lead-free, efficient perovskite for photovoltaic cells
48 Nutritional quality of fish and squid reduced by warm water events
49 Secrets of fish population changes revealed
50 Monkeys eat fats and carbs to keep warm
51 Honeybees prioritize well-fed larvae for emergency queen-rearing
52 Minerology on Mars points to a cold and icy ancient climate
53 Sustained use of opioids before spine surgery increases risk of continued use after surgery
54 International agreement that human-relevant research is needed to enhance drug discovery
55 UMSOM researchers find that silent carriers of malaria are unlikely to develop the disease
56 Mars rover finds ancient organic compounds that match meteoritic samples
57 Systemic racism needs more examination related to health, says UofL researcher
58 Is there an end to the periodic table? MSU professor explores its limits
59 Unnecessarily difficult: Physical activity resources for adults are loaded with jargon
60 USC scientists discover schizophrenia gene roles in brain development
61 Are you really into me?
62 Hurricanes are slowing down, and that's bad news
63 Consumer food choices can help reduce greenhouse emissions contributing to climate change
64 Football training in school greatly improves girls' fitness and health
65 Novel transmitter protects wireless devices from hackers
66 Teen pregnancy and birth rates at an all time low in Minn., UMN Medical School report shows
67 Letters of recommendation for women more likely to raise doubts
68 Widespread uranium contamination found in India's groundwater
69 Customized resistance exercise a factor for success with fibromyalgia
70 Study develops a model enhancing particle beam efficiency
71 Maps made of nerve cells
72 Tiny paragliding beetle that lived with dinosaurs discovered in amber, named 'Jason'
73 Scientists ID source of damaging inflammation after heart attack
74 Visual worlds in mirror and glass
75 Virtual brain gives insights into memory deficits in depression
76 Scientists find ordered magnetic patterns in disordered magnetic material
77 Study: Populations of widely spread tree species respond differently to climate change
78 Scientists go deep to quantify perovskite properties
79 Gene editing just got easier
80 Ukrainian villages still suffering legacy of Chernobyl more than 30 years on
81 A 'super' receptor that helps kill HIV infected cells
82 Consumers beware: High user 'star ratings' don't mean a mobile medical app works
83 Unexpected new dynamics for large DNA molecules in liquid suspension
84 'Monstrous' new Russian saber-tooth fossils clarify early evolution of mammal lineage
85 High food insecurity found in a sample of adults on probation in Rhode Island
86 Oldest bubonic plague genome decoded
87 New hope from the 'seven year switch' in Type 1 diabetes
88 Close encounters of the fishy kind
89 Food allergies connected to children with autism spectrum disorder
90 Association of food allergy, other allergies with autism spectrum disorder
91 Reducing opioids not associated with lower patient satisfaction scores
92 The burglary microbiome project
93 Move over, 'Laurel or Yanny': Study looks at why we hear talking as singing after many repetitions
94 ARS scientists are working to ensure safe waterways in Georgia
95 Bone apetit: How bacteria eat bone to sustain invasive infection
96 In desert trials, next-generation water harvester delivers fresh water from air
97 New system recovers fresh water from power plants
98 Oldest plague bacteria genome analyzed by Russian-German team
99 Weekly injections of PRO 140 in combination with optimized ART shows HIV-1 viral suppression
100 Bifidobacteria supplement colonizes gut of breastfed infants
101 Kitchen towels could contribute to the growth of potential pathogens that cause food poisoning
102 Colistin-resistant multidrug-resistant bacteria pervasive in rural Vietnam town
103 Antibiotic-resistant bacteria found in the US presents a triple threat
104 Loneliness is bad for the heart
105 Healthy lifestyle smartphone app slows artery aging
106 Childhood obesity: Insights on risk factors and prevention
107 The latest science on breastfeeding