File Title
1 Rules about technology use can undermine academic achievement
2 Researchers develop new happiness index
3 Improved ape genome assemblies provide new insights into human evolution
4 Scientists discover bees understand the concept of zero
5 Researchers find evolutionary 'tipping point' linked to climate change
6 In a hole in a tunicate there lived a hobbit: New shrimp species named after Bilbo Baggins
7 Study identifies cellular 'death code'
8 Structural protein found essential to X chromosome inactivation
9 Study of sleeping fur seals provides insight into the function of REM sleep
10 In male dolphin alliances, 'everybody knows your name'
11 Aircraft microbiome much like that of homes and offices, study finds
12 Copycat sea slugs vary in toxicity and taste
13 Newly discovered regulation process explains plant development
14 Keeping plants nourished--the workings of a photosynthesis backup system
15 Deadly behavior-modifying weapon identified in insect-world chemical arms race
16 Patenting marine genetic resources: Who owns ocean biodiversity?
17 Study on economics of fishing on the high seas
18 Sex and social experience affect ultrasonic vocalizations in mice
19 Camouflaged plants use the same tricks as animals
20 Male vervet monkeys use punishment and coercion to de-escalate costly intergroup fights
21 Genetic study offers highest resolution yet of rat populations in the New World
22 Scientists study how wood is formed and how that process can help develop materials for the future
23 Avoiding catastrophe: Yeast study reveals clues to maintaining genome size
24 Researchers glimpse elusive stem cell in the early embryo
25 Ocean warming, 'junk-food' prey cause of massive seabird die-off, study finds
26 Species found to lose fear of predators after 13 generations of protective isolation
27 Learning good habits is secret to seabird foraging success
28 Heat-trapping carbon dioxide levels in air hit another high
29 Amazon to livestream Premier League in online shakeup
30 US household wealth tops $100 trillion for first time
31 Consumer food choices can help reduce greenhouse emissions contributing to climate change
32 Feds: Tesla accelerated, didn't brake ahead of fatal crash
33 Sleuthing leads to new findings about peculiar ocean fish
34 Australian lizard scares away predators with ultra-violet tongue
35 Scientists are using DNA to study ocean life and reveal the hidden diversity of zooplankton
36 Killing sharks, wolves and other top predators won't solve conflicts
37 Australian fished populations drop by a third over ten years, study finds
38 Biologists discover gene responsible for unique appearance of butterflies' dorsal wings
39 Fighting back against the Australian blowfly
40 Post-emergent herbicide timing key in corn production
41 Nature's traffic engineers have come up with many simple but effective solutions
42 How germs thrive on school desks
43 When do invasive species pose a threat?
44 Fungicide impairs silk production, according to study
45 Rare lynx found in Spain after being released in Portugal
46 Pheromone power--Bringing 'SexyPlant' back to defy crop pests
47 Dolphins deliberately killed for use as bait in global fisheries
48 How much is wildlife tourism affecting the animals it targets?
49 Scientists, animal activists: Don't cull Romanian brown bear
50 Desert bighorn sheep are crossing Interstate 40 in California
51 A nanotech sensor that turns molecular fingerprints into bar codes
52 How to suck carbon dioxide from the sky for fuels and more
53 Searching the sea, and bacterial battles, for new antibiotics
54 Machine learning model predicts phenomenon key to understanding material properties
55 Simpler model gets to the point with proteins
56 Scientists reveal structure of amino acid transporter involved in cancer
57 Sticky situation: New process turns wood scraps into tape
58 Fungi-produced pigment shows promise as semiconductor material
59 Research on spider glue resolves sticky problem
60 From sea urchin skeleton to solar cell
61 Self-sustaining loop of chemical reactions could revolutionize drug production
62 Chemical-feasting bacteria remove likely carcinogen from contaminated water
63 New technology for enzyme design
64 Fix for synchrotron research flaw could improve results
65 X-ray laser scientists develop a new way to watch bacteria attack antibiotics
66 Scientists develop material that could regenerate dental enamel
67 Lego-like chemical building blocks self-assemble into catalyst for hydrogen fuel cells
68 Engineers design new solid polymer electrolyte, paving way for safer, smaller batteries and fuel cells
69 Scientists use RFID chips to track biological samples
70 Soaking up the water and the sweat--a new super desiccant
71 Less is more when it comes to predicting molecules' conductivity
72 Scientists break down tuberculosis structure
73 Lone water molecules turn out to be directors of supramolecular chemistry
74 New compound effective against drug-resistant pathogens, could lead to new antibiotics
75 Putting excess carbon dioxide to good use
76 Essential oils to fight bacterial infections
77 Biodegradable crop protection products without risks or side effects
78 Large-scale and sustainable 3-D printing with the most ubiquitous natural material
79 A common electronic language for magnetic resonance
80 Does nanoconfinement affect the interaction between two materials placed in contact?
81 Inexpensive detector is like 'Velcro' for cancer cells
82 Sensor detects whiff of bad breath
83 World's most efficient production of succinate from carbon dioxide
84 Exploring greener approaches to nitrogen fixation
85 Precise deuteration using heavy water
86 Neutron tomography: Insights into the interior of teeth, root balls, batteries, and fuel cells
87 Waste not, want not: a home-grown plan to turn plastic and tyres into fuel
88 A new material capable of the adsorption of organic pollutants in water
89 Modern porous material resembles XIV Century Alhambra mosaic
90 New mechanisms discovered to separate air molecules
91 Unconventional solution process for 2-D heterostructure
92 ChemMaps lets researchers navigate the chemical universe
93 Facebook admits privacy settings 'bug' affecting 14 million users
94 Amazon unveils nearly hands-free streaming TV device
95 Novel transmitter uses ultrafast 'frequency hopping' and data encryption to protect signals from being intercepted
96 Forgotten corner of Europe brought back to life thanks to artificial intelligence
97 New sensors open door to wearable medical diagnostic device
98 Flying car startup backed by Google founder offers test flights
99 Sodium-based batteries could make your smartphone cheaper and cleaner
100 Nozzle-rich firefighter is a robot, resembles dragon
101 Japan 'drone-brella' promises hands-free sun cover
102 Team uses biomimicry of bats to help drones navigate in the dark, dust or smoke
103 Facebook music feature allows lip-sync of songs
104 Inkblot tests with AI: OMG, street stabbing? No, flower and flute
105 Researchers use artificial intelligence to identify, count, describe wild animals
106 Your reaction to pics of Leonardo DiCaprio, animals could unlock your next smartphone
107 Pharmaceutical material shows promise for better grid-scale batteries
108 Algorithm provides networks with the most current information available while avoiding data congestion
109 Apple touts privacy features of new operating systems
110 Apple dangling more goodies, while adding tech diet options (Update)