File Title
1 Antibody blocks inflammation, protects mice from hardened arteries and liver disease
2 Immunization with beneficial bacteria makes brain more stress resilient, study shows
3 Lab-grown neurons improve breathing in mice after spinal cord injury
4 Team is first to identify the perinexus in the human heart; potential implications for atrial fibrillation
5 Scientists see inner workings of enzyme telomerase, which plays key roles in aging, cancer
6 Most clinical trial participants find benefits of sharing personal data outweigh risks
7 What does the future hold for the children of the Zika virus outbreak in Brazil?
8 Scientists create 'genetic atlas' of proteins in human blood
9 Drug combination offers more effective care for patients suffering miscarriage
10 Stem-cell niche for 10 billion colon cells a day
11 New neural model reveals how the brain adapts to new information
12 Human drug addiction behaviors tied to specific impairments in six brain networks
13 Excess zinc in muscles contributes to wasting syndrome in cancer
14 Education linked to higher risk of short-sightedness
15 A better way to trace neuronal pathways--Moving forward by moving backward more effectively
16 As mystery deepens over the cause of Alzheimer's, researchers seek new answers
17 Link found between neurotransmitter imbalance, brain connectivity in those with autism
18 Killing bacteria by silencing genes may be alternative to antibiotics
19 What doctors wear really does matter, study finds
20 Scientists work to dissolve the NETs that worsen TBI damage
21 New lab technology could reveal treatments for muscle-wasting disease
22 Family blood mystery solved
23 How much empathy do you feel when powerful people suffer?
24 Real-time, web-based tool to revolutionise drug-resistant TB treatment
25 Researchers take a step closer to developing a DNA test for liver cancer
26 Researchers repair acute spinal cord injury in monkeys
27 Researchers create first artificial human prion
28 Diabetes results from a breakdown of epigenetic control
29 Bacterial conversations in cystic fibrosis
30 Microbiome differences between urban and rural populations start soon after birth
31 Poor sleep linked to lower cognitive functioning in people with diabetes and prediabetes
32 Study suggests new combination treatment against relapsed head and neck cancer
33 Older breast cancer patients in England less likely to survive
34 Teenage girls are more impacted by sleepiness than teen boys are
35 A deeper understanding of AFib could lower risk
36 Black, Hispanic people may be more likely to have a second hemorrhagic stroke than whites
37 Preterm newborns sleep better in NICU while hearing their mother's voice
38 Emergency physicians debunk 'dry drowning' myths, highlight drowning risk in older swimmers
39 International 'A' team debuts brain cancer atlas
40 Recorded calls beat Facebook ads in getting residents to request free smoke alarm
41 Bioengineers identify safer way to make rugby tackles
42 Q&A: What's the best way to boost your fiber intake?
43 FDA: opioid antidote naloxone recalled
44 More teens than ever would try marijuana
45 USPSTF advises PCPs to screen adults for unhealthy alcohol use
46 Go vegan to jumpstart weight loss
47 No agreement yet between US, China on ZTE: Trump aide
48 Bonjour, Alexa: Amazon digital assistant heads to France
49 Flying car startup backed by Google founder offers test flights
50 British cyber expert accused of lying to FBI about malware
51 Desert bighorn sheep are crossing Interstate 40 in California
52 Human encouragement might influence how dogs solve problems
53 It's about time: Immediate rewards boost workplace motivation
54 Researchers assess how the quality of red sea urchin roe--uni--influences fishermen's behavior
55 Social media images of culture can predict economic trends in cities
56 Targeting strategy may open door to better cancer drug delivery
57 Stunting cell 'antennae' could make cancer drugs work again
58 Neurons ripple while brains rest to lock in memories
59 Research reveals how Tau aggregates can contribute to cell death in Alzheimer's disease
60 Dogs can be a potential risk for future influenza pandemic
61 Biomaterial particles educate immune system to accept transplanted islets
62 Researchers engineer human bone marrow tissue
63 Newly identified genetic markers classify previously undetermined glioblastoma tumors
64 Study shows the impact of the 2008 financial crisis on healthcare varied between countries
65 I saw that. Brain mechanisms create confidence about things seen
66 Experimental drug restores some bladder function after spinal cord injury, study finds
67 Coffee helps teams work together, study suggests
68 Research identifies gut gas linked to diarrhea
69 Rigorous study finds widely used treatment for infection fails young cancer patients
70 Distracted people can be 'smell blind'
71 Decades of type 1 diabetes linked to mild drop in cognition
72 Late Pleistocene human mandibles from the Niah Caves may hint at ancient diets
73 Researchers report the earliest fossil footprints
74 How to crowdsource your decision-making (or not)
75 Evidence of TB-like infection found in 245-million-year-old marine reptile
76 Scans reveal newsprint, second painting under Picasso
77 Research illuminates inaccuracies in radiocarbon dating
78 Data 'hashing' improves estimate of the number of victims in databases
79 Red tide fossils point to Jurassic sea flood
80 Pacific rats trace 2,000 years of human impact on island ecosystems
81 On the origins of agriculture, researchers uncover new clues
82 Hats on for Easter Island statues
83 Scientists map the earliest Icelandic genome
84 Stable isotopes suggest earliest tetrapods were euryhaline creatures
85 Researchers document another cost of 2016 election: Shorter Thanksgiving visits
86 First peoples: Study finds two ancient ancestries 'reconverged' with settling of South America
87 Ancient tooth shows Mesolithic ancestors were fish and plant eaters (Update)
88 In ancient boulders, new clues about the story of human migration to the Americas
89 The mother of all lizards found in Italian Alps
90 Italy's oldest olive oil discovered in peculiar pot
91 Once lost archaeology revealed by satellite images and aerial photography
92 Prehistoric teeth dating back 2 million years reveal details on ancient Africa's climate
93 The logic of modesty--why it pays to be humble
94 Dino-bird dandruff research head and shoulders above rest
95 It's about time: Immediate rewards boost workplace motivation
96 Airlines and passengers save billions through crew planning
97 Why won't scientific evidence change the minds of Loch Ness monster true believers?
98 Risk assessment tools may increase incarcerations rates
99 Hot weather lowers students' ability to learn, study finds
100 Immigrant and disadvantaged children benefit most from early childcare
101 A new indicator of human development at subnational level
102 Who should be on the $10 and $20 bills? How race, gender, and politics shape public opinion
103 Disaster recovery requires rebuilding livelihoods
104 Religiosity plays a role in educational success of immigrant children
105 Injuries and loss of life boost religious faith after disasters
106 The misleading evidence that fooled scientists for decades
107 Tax hurts investment in medical device research and development
108 When did humans first learn to count?
109 Arizona work law found to affect US-Mexico migration
110 Using envy as a marketing tool can backfire