File Title
1 Why Can't We Remember Our Dreams?
2 A Giant Blue Whale Just Turned Up in the Red Sea
3 This 'Hawk Mummy' Was Actually Human
4 Researchers Crack the Code of 'Flying Doughnuts'
5 There Are Two Kinds of Water in Every Glass, Thanks to Quantum Physics
6 Reference: What is Augmented Reality?
7 Reference: Cauliflower: Health Benefits & Nutrition Facts
8 The Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week
9 Waterslides Can Literally Be a Pain in the Butt
10 What Caused Helen Keller to Be Deaf and Blind? An Expert Has this Theory
11 What Would Happen if You Were to Drink Five 5-Hour Energy Drinks at Once?
12 This Week's Strangest Science News
13 Can Machines Be Creative? Meet 9 AI 'Artists'
14 4,000-Year-Old Jar Contains Italy's Oldest Olive Oil
15 Aliens Are Real, but Humans Will Probably Kill Them All, New Paper Says
16 Did Malala Get Crushed by a Tesla? No, but Her Response to SpaceX's Elon Musk Is Perfect
17 2 Skeletons Decked Out in Bling Found Inside Sarcophagus in Ancient Roman City
18 These 5 Social Media Habits Are Linked with Depression
19 How Would the 'Mona Lisa' Look to an Eagle, a Cat and a Butterfly?
20 Why Is California Distributing Fentanyl Test Strips?
21 Reference: Mystery of the Coral Castle Explained
22 A Major Physics Experiment Just Detected a Particle that Shouldn't Exist
23 A Blood Test Can Detect 10 Cancers. But Is It Ready for Prime Time?
24 Here's What Could Happen if You Don't Properly Remove Mascara
25 How Long Do Tardigrades Live?
26 Dark Matter May Have an Electric Charge
27 Blood in Your Veins Is Not Blue--Here's Why It's Always Red
28 How Do DNA Ancestry Tests Really Work?
29 How Jesus Died: Rare Evidence of Roman Crucifixion Found
30 The Secret Backstory Behind Kazakhstan's Rocket Launch Site
31 Scientists Figured Out How to Make Ceramics that Bend and Mush Instead of Shattering
32 The Higgs Boson Has a New Friend
33 Lava and Ash from Fuego Volcano Kills 62 in Guatemala
34 Earth's Magnetic Field is a Ruthless, Solar-Wind-Shredding Machine
35 Rotting Fish Art Explodes, Causes Fire in London Gallery
36 Google Will End Its 'Evil' Partnership with the US Military, but Not Until 2019
37 World's Largest Atom Smasher Could Help Explain Where Mass Comes From
38 Many Women with Breast Cancer Don't Need Chemotherapy
39 A Teen's Muscle Soreness Turned Out to Be this Life-Threatening Condition
40 The Science Behind Hawaii's Surprising 2018 Volcanic Eruption
41 Moldy Bread? Nope, It's a Photo of the Sahara Desert Taken from Space
42 'Sunbathing' Helps Fish Turn Up the Heat
43 These Migraine Treatments Work. So Why Do Most Patients Skip Them?
44 Pilot Whale Dies After Eating More than 80 Plastic Bags
45 The Amount of Gray Matter in Your Brain May Predict if You'll Stick to Your Diet
46 Dinosaur Sells for Over $2 Million at Auction. Why Paleontologists Are Dismayed
47 Scientists Find Dozens of Hidden Earthquakes Buried Under Antarctica's Ice
48 How Did Easter Island Statues Get Their Massive 'Hats?'
49 Forced court appearances make cops more tired, generate more citizen complaints
50 TAILORx trial finds most women with early breast cancer do not benefit from chemotherapy
51 Why do some sleep-deprived people experience worse cognitive functioning than others?
52 A filthy first--the 6 common types of disgust that protect us from disease revealed
53 Is exercise associated with lower risk of death for adult survivors of childhood cancer?
54 Landmark study finds more breast cancer patients can safely forgo chemotherapy
55 Erdafitinib shows promise in urothelial cancer patients with specific mutations
56 Economic models significantly underestimate climate change risks
57 Study reveals hypnosedation as an effective alternative to general anesthesia for various surgeries
58 Study shows taking aspirin before or after coronary
59 A sense of disgust in bonobos?
60 ASCO18: Trial shows how PET scans help tailor therapy for esophageal cancer
61 ASCO18: Updated Phase 1 results of crizotinib against MET-amplified lung cancer
62 ASCO: ALEX trial results show alectinib further outpacing crizotinib in ALK+ NSCLC
63 Density gradient ultracentrifugation for colloidal nanostructures separation and investigation
64 Massive AI Twitter probe draws heat map of entrepreneurial personality
65 Biomaterial particles educate immune system to accept transplanted islets
66 Scientists find pre-earthquake activity in central Alaska
67 New algorithm enhances ptychographic image reconstruction
68 I saw that--brain mechanisms create confidence about things seen
69 Light exposure during sleep may increase insulin resistance
70 Medicaid expansion produces significant health benefits, study finds
71 Engineered cotton uses weed-suppression chemical as nutrient
72 Trauma from parents' youth linked to poorer health, asthma in their own children
73 When it comes to school recess, a quality playground experience matters
74 Experimental drug restores some bladder function after spinal cord injury, study finds
75 Alien apocalypse: Can any civilization make it through climate change?
76 Study suggests Earth could have supported continental crust, life earlier than thought
77 Inflammatory signals in heart muscle cells linked to atrial fibrillation
78 Gap in substance abuse data could have long-term implications, study finds
79 Training the next generation of One Health professionals
80 Researchers find new way to estimate magma beneath Yellowstone supervolcano
81 New cardiac pump device more effective, less costly than standard pump
82 Physicists use terahertz flashes to uncover state of matter hidden by superconductivity
83 Study finds 2.6 percent mortality rate among children hospitalized for stroke
84 Researchers study aquatic beetles native only to central Wyoming
85 Childhood cancer: The four survival strategies of tumor cells
86 NCI-MATCH precision medicine clinical trial releases new findings
87 New study finds plant protein, fiber, nuts lower cholesterol, improve blood pressure
88 Increased follow-up does not benefit colorectal cancer patients
89 ChemMaps lets researchers navigate the chemical universe
90 Try togetherness: Study promotes cooperative weed management to curb herbicide resistance
91 Did extreme fluctuations in oxygen, not a gradual rise, spark the Cambrian explosion?
92 An abusive boss today might mean a better boss tomorrow
93 How does alcohol influence the development of Alzheimer's disease?
94 Direct coupling of the Higgs boson to the top quark observed
95 Proxies who watch advanced care planning video more likely to withhold feeding tubes
96 Rutgers-led research could lead to more efficient electronics
97 Findings could lead to treatment of hepatitis B
98 Regular exercise may be more beneficial for men than post-menopausal women
99 This monkey can plan out their foraging routes just like a human
100 Non-pharmacologic approaches improve outcomes for infants with neonatal abstinence syndrome
101 Spooky quantum particle pairs fly like weird curveballs
102 Wireless system can power devices inside the body
103 Does negative political advertising actually work?
104 Study: Exercise mitigates genetic effects of obesity later in life
105 More frequent screening after prostate cancer treatment not linked to improved survival
106 New algorithm fuses quality and quantity in satellite imagery
107 English translation of IQWiG's updated General Methods now available
108 Globular clusters 4 billion years younger than previously thought
109 Preschool and school-age irritability predict reward-related brain function
110 Novel PET imaging noninvasively pinpoints colitis inflammation