File Title
1 FBI tells router users to reboot now to kill malware infecting 500k devices
2 Russian unit, GRU officer linked to 2014 shoot-down of airliner over Ukraine
3 Dinosaur-killing impact + volcanoes kept the Earth hot for 100,000 years
4 The Millennium Falcon is OK, but these pop culture ships make Ars hearts race
5 Doctor slammed by med board for selling $5 homeopathic sound waves for Ebola
6 DropMix review: Unleash your inner DJ
7 From Win32 to Cocoa: A Windows user's would-be conversion to Mac OS X
8 From Win32 to Cocoa: A Windows user's would-be conversion to Mac OS, part II
9 Alan Bean, the fourth human to walk on the Moon, has died
10 HP's ZBook x2: It's powerful, it's specialized, and it's very expensive
11 Plants repeatedly got rid of their ability to obtain their own nitrogen
12 In Hawaii, lava continues its creep onto grounds of geothermal power plant
13 How to review your life's Amazon buying history--and what we learned from our own
14 Op-ed: Game companies need to cut the crap--loot boxes are obviously gambling
15 Self-driving technology is going to change a lot more than cars
16 Ars Asks: Are your company's IT policies flexible, or nonsensical?
17 China just invited the world to its space station
18 Autonomous trucks will haul your stuff before you ride in a self-driving car
19 A trip to the ER with your phone may mean injury lawyer ads for weeks
20 FCC Republican asks Amazon and eBay to boost crackdown on pirate TV boxes
21 iOS 11.4 debuts today with AirPlay 2 multi-room audio support for HomePod
22 Puerto Rico hurricane death toll likely "more than 70 times" official estimate
23 Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection is arcade nostalgia done right
24 The Expanse has officially been saved
25 Yahoo hacker whose work compromised 500M accounts sentenced to 5 years
26 Sonic and ultrasonic attacks damage hard drives and crash OSes
27 HP Omen 15 laptop gets Nvidia Max-Q graphics, sleeker design with slim bezels
28 Decades of aerial photos reveal how an ancient desert city got its water
29 Cloud-based quantum computer takes on deuteron and wins
30 Half of Windows 10 PCs already upgraded to the April 2018 update
31 Google's Project Fi gets new phones from LG and Motorola
32 Life returned to crater of Cretaceous asteroid in the blink of an eye
33 Trump hits campaign trail to endorse key foe of net neutrality rules
34 Process takes CO2 from the air, converts it to carbon nanotubes
35 Senators probe driverless car testing amid lax Trump oversight
36 Qualcomm launches a new chip specifically for standalone AR and VR devices
37 Hacker gets Super NES games running on unmodified NES
38 Man who rescued Star Trek: TNG bridge set now faces child porn charges
39 SS7 routing-protocol breach of US cellular carrier exposed customer data
40 San Francisco to Uber, Lyft: If your drivers aren't employees, prove it
41 Intel at last announces Optane memory: DDR4 that never forgets
42 Google Pixel 3 will reportedly be built by Foxconn, have a massive notch
43 T-shirt maker sinks rival with dubious trademark of 150-year-old nautical icon
44 NASCAR's high-tech world: Leave any preconceptions behind for this deep-dive
45 Tesla Model S tops insurance chart, Autopilot in the news again
46 Dark matter halos may leave twinkling wake in galaxies
47 Telegram CEO: Apple has "prevented" app updates globally since April
48 Trump wants a total ban on German luxury car imports
49 One man is auctioning off 40 years of gaming history today
50 Xiaomi clones the iPhone X for $420, adds in-display fingerprint reader
51 Sprint says merger with "fiercest rival" will "create robust competition"
52 More A-10s to get new wings, as Air Force officially launches ATTACK
53 Microsoft killing off the Groove Music apps for iOS and Android
54 Frozen Pluto has wind-blown dunes made of methane sand
55 AT&T wants to settle with FTC to avoid unlimited data throttling lawsuit
56 Tesla's over-the-air brake upgrade was amazing--and also a bit worrying
57 EPA close to finish line on rolling back auto emissions standards
58 Chrome and Firefox leaks let sites steal visitors' Facebook names, profile pics
59 Rocket Report: SpaceShipTwo soars, BFR engine advances, a self-eating booster
60 Mars Express has revealed the Red Planet in stunning new ways
61 Drug access law Trump just signed will cripple FDA--senator is making sure of it
62 An evolutionary adaptation that doesn't directly rely on new mutations
63 As Uber and Tesla struggle with driverless cars, Waymo moves forward
64 DHS found evidence of cell phone spying near White House
65 10 new hybrid and electric Jeeps by 2022 in Fiat Chrysler's five-year plan
66 President Trump orders Energy Department to stop coal retirements [updated]
67 MacOS High Sierra 10.13.5 brings Messages in iCloud and security updates
68 Some F-35s gathering dust waiting for repair parts
69 ARM promises laptop-level performance in 2019
70 With possible summit approaching, North Korean espionage hacks continue
71 California's efforts to restrict Elon Musk's flamethrowers go down in flames
72 Google reportedly won't renew controversial drone imaging program
73 In California, utilities will spend $768 million on electric car infrastructure
74 Magnetic helium makes superfluid time crystal
75 Change like we've not seen in decades--high-end auto designers go electric
76 After dispute on freeway, Uber driver shot his passenger, who died soon after
77 Uncle Sam wants you to join the United States Digital Service
78 Could dark matter atoms explain a recent observation?
79 We're experimenting with Twitch content to catch up on zillions of video games
80 SpaceX flies its 11th rocket of the year [Updated]
81 Microsoft snaps up GitHub for $7.5 billion
82 Trump grants Democrats' request for a new FCC commissioner
83 GM settles with motorcyclist struck by Cruise self-driving car
84 Security Alert: NSA security education posters from the Cold War
85 iOS 12 to run on everything that runs iOS 11
86 Asus' insane gaming phone has 3 USB ports, clip-on cooling fan
87 How to protect yourself from megabreaches like the one that hit Ticketfly
88 With a simple and cheap rocket, Virgin Orbit aims for the extraordinary
89 WatchOS 5 debuts with health and fitness tweaks
90 VIMOS's Final Image--Interacting Galaxies NGC 5426 and NGC 5427
91 ETH Astronomers Identify Six 'Dark Galaxy' Candidates
92 How Genetic Diversity Helps Protect Against Disease
93 Scientists Detail How Coyotes Conquered the Continent
94 Space Storm Hunter Captures First Images and Data
95 ESF Scientists List Top 10 New Species for 2018
96 NASA Partnerships Key to Building a Sustainable Moon Presence
97 Astronomers Observe Unprecedented Detail in Pulsar PSR B1957+20
98 Chandra Reveals X-Ray Binary Stars at the Galactic Center
99 All Modern Birds Evolved from the Same Common Ancestor
100 New Findings Shed Light on the Progression of Atherosclerosis
101 Martian Rocks May Harbor Signs of Life from 4 Billion Years Ago
102 Chemistry Lab on ExoMars Rover Will Seek Evidence of Life on Mars
103 Hubble Telescope Views the Brightest Cluster Galaxy
104 Engineers Develop Soft Robot that Can Carry Its Own Power Supply
105 New Nanoparticles Cross the Blood-Brain Barrier and Shrink Glioblastoma Tumors
106 ExaHyPE--Simulation Code for New Generation of Supercomputers
107 Prehistoric Teeth Reveal Details on Ancient Africa's Climate
108 Biologists Reveal Key Mechanism Behind the Formation of Spider Silk
109 VLT Survey Captures Sharpest Image to Date of the Tarantula Nebula
110 What It Looks like When a Massive Black Hole Devours a Star
111 Scientists Synthesize New Compound Effective Against Drug-Resistant Pathogens
112 Nanoscientists Develop Blueprint for Next-Generation Computing
113 Ants Help Researchers Understand Why Biodiversity is Higher in Tropical Regions