File Title
1 Green tea molecule could prevent heart attacks
2 Next-generation sequencing sheds light on rotavirus in Indonesia
3 Gut-inhabiting enterobacter increases subcutaneous fat mass
4 Prototype nuclear battery packs 10 times more power
5 SUTD developed highly stretchable hydrogels for high resolution multimaterial 3D printing
6 Nanoplastics accumulate in marine organisms and may pose harm to aquatic food chains
7 The right squeeze for quantum computing
8 Got an appetite that won't subside? You've got hungry peptides
9 Study suggests scientists can use microbial measurements to gauge river flow
10 Cell-like nanorobots clear bacteria and toxins from blood
11 Most surgical residents want personal financial education offered during medical training
12 Study estimates increased death rate in Puerto Rico in months after Hurricane Maria
13 For American Indian youth, risk is higher for alcohol, drug use, say CSU researchers
14 Scientists rethink co-evolution of marine life, oxygenated oceans
15 Infection rates after colonoscopy, endoscopy at US specialty centers are far higher than expected
16 Conflicting guidance on opioid prescribing can jeopardize pain mgmt for patients with cancer
17 Climate change increasing risks of lightning-ignited fires, study finds
18 Less is more when it comes to predicting molecules' conductivity
19 Cool weather can amplify attacks of tree-killing bark beetle
20 Heavier astronauts have higher risk of post-flight eye changes
21 Antifungal drug eliminates sleeping bowel cancer cells in mice
22 The brain is able to anticipate painful movements following injury
23 UMD-led study shows how Earth slows the solar wind to a gentle breeze
24 Inefficient fat metabolism a possible cause of overweight
25 Flexible organic electronics mimic biological mechanosensory nerves
26 Atherosclerosis: Stopped on time
27 Organoid profiling identifies treatments for pancreatic cancer
28 Drugs that suppress immune system may protect against Parkinson's
29 Study finds two ancient populations that diverged later 'reconverged' in the Americas
30 Neuroscientists discover roles of gene linked to Alzheimer's
31 The making of a human population uncovered through ancient Icelandic genomes
32 Penn-developed approach could limit toxicity of CAR T therapy in acute myeloid leukemia
33 Single protein on-off switch controls learning flexibility and acquisition of new memories
34 Researchers use blood serum markers to develop lupus risk index
35 More important for heart patients to be active than thin
36 Bacteria ensure square meal for bloodsucking ticks
37 The genome guardian turns to the dark side: Opportunity for drug discovery against cancer?
38 Synthetic 'tissues' build themselves
39 Social ties could preserve memory, slow brain aging
40 Scientists boost crop production by 47 percent by speeding up photorespiration
41 How might baking soda boost cancer therapy?
42 Research reveals how the same foods create markedly different environmental impacts
43 Scientists reveal the secrets behind Pluto's dunes
44 Research shows biosecurity reduces invasions of plant pathogens over a national border
45 Study examines concerns of living kidney donors
46 First peoples: Study finds two ancient ancestries 'reconverged' with settling of South America
47 This is your brain detecting patterns
48 Genes found only in humans influence brain size
49 Scientists use RFID chips to track biological samples
50 Meet NOTCH2NL, the human-specific genes that may have given us our big brains
51 Abnormal lipid metabolism in fat cells predicts future weight gain and diabetes in women
52 How did human brains get so large?
53 Dormant cytomegalovirus resides in eyes of healthy mice long after infection
54 Study gauges impact of dengue virus on Ethiopia
55 Stronger biosecurity measures slow the spread of plant pathogens despite trade increases
56 UA study links sleep loss with nighttime snacking, junk food cravings, obesity, diabetes
57 How just drops of viper venom pack a deadly punch
58 Weight changes associated with reduced bone strength
59 Polymer researchers discover path to sustainable and biodegradable polyesters
60 Yale study tracks Title IX use across US colleges and universities
61 Study reveals brain activity patterns underlying fluent speech
62 Novel microscopy technique developed to analyze cellular focal adhesion dynamics
63 Finances are a major motivating factor in patient avoidance of diagnostic testing
64 Breakthrough in controlling DNA-based robots
65 New perspectives on African migration
66 When doctors assume, patients lose
67 Mobile app for autism screening yields useful data
68 Despite fewer looking for work, gains continue for Americans with disabilities
69 Atomically thin nanowires convert heat to electricity more efficiently
70 Research brief: New approach boosts effort to scale up biodiversity monitoring
71 Reconstructing longest American water level, instrumented flood record, in Boston Harbor
72 New technology for enzyme design
73 When push comes to shove: Airway cells propel liver cancer spread to lungs
74 Zn-InsP6 complex can enhance excretion of radioactive strontium from the body
75 New surgery for groin pain found to be more effective than physiotherapy
76 Study explores how emotions in facial expressions are understood
77 'Multiomics' and the newborn mouse heart
78 How to achieve a peaceful coexistence between wolves and humans
79 Researchers: A power failure in your fat cells could short-circuit your health
80 Study offers new hope for the fight against genetically determined obesity
81 Irradiating chest lymph nodes in patients with early stage breast cancer improves survival without increasing side effects
82 Structure of protein pair provides blueprint for future drugs
83 Black patients show stronger response to hormone therapy for prostate cancer
84 Analysis: Survival benefit for African-Americans with advanced prostate cancer
85 New study finds pitcher injuries increase as pitch count rises
86 UAV aircrafts provide new insights into the formation of the smallest particles in Arctic
87 Cautious prawns win battle for food
88 Direct visualization of dynamic structures of protein disaggregation molecular machines
89 Psychiatric disorders shouldn't disqualify youth with severe obesity from weight loss surgery
90 Phase I trial finds experimental drug safe in treating chronic lymphocytic leukemia
91 Scientists develop material that could regenerate dental enamel
92 One in every 5 deaths in young adults is opioid-related in the United States: Study
93 Timing resuscitation compressions using the song 'La Macarena' or using a smartphone app improve compression quality
94 Pilot study examines the effects of virtual reality on reducing anxiety and improving pregnancy rate of women having fertility treatment
95 Study shows nail treatments do not affect readings of patients' oxygen levels, despite widespread concern
96 In nearly zero energy buildings special attention must be paid to window design
97 Most hospitals now require workers to get flu shots--except those that treat veterans
98 Wait for it: Serotonin and confidence at the root of patience in new study
99 Walking faster could make you live longer: research
100 New machine learning approach could accelerate bioengineering
101 Immunocompromised patients with sepsis may face higher mortality at hospitals treating small numbers
102 Stem cell-based phase I trial to repair spinal cord injuries produces encouraging results
103 AI for nanoparticles
104 Earliest European evidence of lead pollution uncovered in the Balkans
105 Dieting associated with risky behaviors in teenage girls
106 Link between bacteria metabolism and communication could pave way for new drugs
107 Long-term IMPACT data find improved survival when targeted therapies matched to tumor-specific gene mutations
108 Earth's first giant predators produced killer babies
109 Increase in lifestyle-related cancers over past decade spotlights need for prevention
110 Blood test shows potential for early detection of lung cancer
111 Study of acute myeloid leukemia patients shows protein inhibitor drug safe and effective with durable remissions