File Title
1 EU biofuel regulation is not sustainable long-term
2 Body knows best: A natural healing mechanism for inflammatory bowel disease
3 Song from the distant past, a new fossil pheasant from China preserves a super-elongated windpipe
4 Screening for colorectal cancer in under-55-year-olds with family history: Benefit unclear
5 Huddling for survival: monkeys with more social partners can winter
6 Promising news from biomedicine: DNA origami more resilient than previously understood
7 Scientists use a photonic quantum simulator to make virtual movies of molecules vibrating
8 Here is what it looks like, when a massive black hole devours a star
9 Ants provide clues to why biodiversity is higher in the tropics
10 Swabbing cesarean-born babies with vaginal fluids potentially unsafe and unnecessary
11 Igniting the rheumatoid arthritis flame through a cellular cascade
12 NUS scientists discover a new way to control blood pressure
13 One-step, 3D printing for multimaterial projects developed by WSU researchers
14 Supercomputers provide new window into the life and death of a neutron
15 Welfare backlash tied to white fear of declining status
16 Radish cover crop traps nitrogen; mystery follows
17 Nuclear scientists calculate value of key property that drives neutron decay
18 Getting conservationists and fishers on the same page
19 CLL patient treated at Penn goes into remission thanks to single CAR T cell
20 Surgical technique improves sensation, control of prosthetic limb
21 Promise of faster, more accessible schizophrenia diagnosis, Rutgers study shows
22 Recycled electrical products lead to hazardous chemicals appearing in everyday items
23 Metabolically 'healthy' obesity still linked to higher risk of cardiovascular disease
24 American Cancer Society updates colorectal cancer screening guideline
25 Insufficient vitamin D linked to miscarriage among women with prior pregnancy loss
26 Life recovered rapidly at impact site of dino-killing asteroid
27 'Hidden' driver discovered that helps prime the anti-tumor immune response
28 Insomnia is a likely long-term side effect of stroke
29 Goodbye 'stress granules': Study expands possibilities for treating neurological diseases
30 How to build a brain: discovery answers evolutionary mystery
31 Global warming hits poorest hardest, new research shows
32 A crowded neighborhood
33 Ban e-cig flavors and misleading adverts to protect youth, says global respiratory group
34 Paradoxically, environmental noise helps preserve the coherence of a quantum system
35 Some blood stem cells are better than others
36 New cooking training significantly decreases sodium levels in Chinese take-out meals
37 Teaching chores to an AI
38 New tool improves fishing efficiency and sustainability
39 Oil and gas wastewater on the road could mean health and environment woes
40 Supercomputers give scientists key insight into the lifetime of neutrons
41 BIDMC Researchers determine exercise dose linked to improved cognition in older adults
42 Adults with high blood pressure face higher healthcare costs
43 Mouse study links triclosan, a common antimicrobial, to colonic inflammation
44 Poll: Half of older adults don't use health provider's secure patient communication site
45 SNU researchers developed electronic skins that wirelessly activate fully soft robots
46 Cometh the cyborg: improved integration of living muscles into robots
47 Research finds pain expectation is pain reality for children
48 Researchers find leukemia and lymphoma drug may benefit glioblastoma patients
49 How much exercise is needed to help improve thinking skills?
50 In ancient boulders, new clues about the story of human migration to the Americas
51 No more sweet tooth? Scientists switch off pleasure from food in brains of mice
52 New journal series provides insights on European medication-related guidelines
53 New study finds parasites affect flight ability of wild seabirds
54 Societies may help promote female representation within academic science
55 Whiskered auklets lack wanderlust, are homebodies instead
56 Creating an automated high-throughput flow cytometry system
57 Researchers create new programmed shape-morphing scaffolds enabling facile 3D endothelialization
58 Researchers uncover cell types of the human breast epithelium
59 Federal home visiting program can be improved to better meet needs of families
60 Bigger human brain prioritizes thinking hub--at a cost
61 Handgun purchaser licensing laws linked to fewer firearm homicides in large, urban areas
62 For anxiety, a single intervention is not enough
63 Combining experts and automation in 3D printing
64 Drowsy worms offer new insights into the neuroscience of sleep
65 Hydropower in Cambodia could threaten food security of region
66 A new understanding of how glucose makes you fat
67 New guidelines recommend earlier colorectal cancer screening
68 Symptoms worsen around menses for people with borderline personality disorder
69 Discovery reveals how cells try to control levels of key HIV protein
70 Applying ecological principles to gut health
71 Screening resident physicians entering training misses many at risk for sleep impairment
72 An artificial nerve system gives prosthetic devices and robots a sense of touch
73 Firing up a new alloy
74 New study estimates the carbon footprints of 13,000 cities
75 Lego-like chemical building blocks self-assemble into catalyst for hydrogen fuel cells
76 SF State study finds US Forest Service lands underused by minorities
77 Memory depends on protein 'off-switch,' researchers find
78 Labor exploitation is endemic in global tea and cocoa industries, international study finds
79 From face recognition to phase recognition
80 Psychologists: Women are not to blame for the wage gap
81 Meet three new genes that may have influenced human brain size
82 'Why not take a risk' attitude widespread among patients and providers, GW study finds
83 New findings link estrogen and T cell immune response to autoimmune inflammation
84 Paving the way for safer, smaller batteries and fuel cells
85 News flash about hot flashes: They can last longer than you think
86 Perception that antibiotics are harmless is widespread
87 The link between handgrip strength and healthy lungs in older women
88 The genes from Icelanda's first settlers reveal the origin of their population in detail
89 Lipid molecules can be used for cancer growth
90 Cosmic collision lights up the darkness
91 The secret to longevity is in the microbiome and the gut
92 Mothers with high emotional, cognitive control help their children behave
93 For patients with prostate cancer, dysfunction due to treatment side effects results in increased emotional distress--and vice versa
94 Ocean-migrating trout adapt to freshwater environment in 120 years
95 Beyond BRCA: Links between breast, second primary cancer and inherited mutations
96 One in four intensive care patients return to hospital, study shows
97 AI researchers design 'privacy filter' for your photos
98 Micro-CT scans show 2,100-year-old 'hawk' mummy a stillborn baby
99 Mother knows best--how plants help offspring by passing on seasonal clues
100 Hospital superbug uses tiny sticky fingers to infect medical tools and devices
101 Kiel physicists achieve hitherto most accurate description of highly excited electrons
102 Number of wild mountain gorillas exceeds 1,000
103 Cocaine use alters gene expression in brain reward circuits
104 Aerial robot that can morph in flight
105 Understanding immune system interplay to improve organ transplant success
106 Soaking up the water and the sweat--a new super desiccant
107 Probe into farm animals could help treat drug-resistant bacteria
108 Dolphin algorithm could lead to better medical ultrasounds
109 Why do older male birds father more illegitimate children?
110 Ancient tooth shows Mesolithic ancestors were fish and plant eaters