File Title
1 Early-life seizures prematurely wake up brain networks tied to autism
2 Caseload volume in gynecologic surgery important consideration for women
3 Researchers predict materials to stabilize record-high capacity lithium-ion battery
4 First 3D-printed human corneas
5 UMN study demonstrates link between social stress and shortened lifespan in mice
6 Penn-led trial shows AZEDRA can be effective, safe for treatment of rare neuroendocrine tumors
7 Columbia engineers invent a noninvasive technique to correct vision
8 A photosynthetic engine for artificial cells
9 NIH researchers identify how eye loss occurs in blind cavefish
10 Fruit flies fear lion feces
11 New drugs could also be deployed against lung and pancreatic cancers
12 Hormesis and paradoxical effects in plants upon exposure to formaldehyde are common phenomena
13 A new analysis system is able to identify pollutants from cosmetics in seawater
14 Nokia had to weed out a culture of fear to embrace a future without smartphones
15 Surrey develops hepatitis C model that could help improve treatment
16 Combination pack battles cancer
17 Construction delays make new nuclear power plants costlier than ever
18 Invisible barrier on ocean surface can reduce carbon uptake
19 Tree species vital to restoring disturbed tropical forests
20 Recreational football an absolute winner for 55- to 70-year-olds with prediabetes
21 Olfactory receptor as therapeutic target in bladder cancer
22 Scientists discover key mechanism behind the formation of spider silk
23 How to code a functional molecular machine?
24 Infant mortality rates higher in areas with more Christian fundamentalists, study finds
25 Brain scientists identify 'cross talk' between neurons that control touch in mice
26 Social pursuits linked with increased life satisfaction
27 Sex hormone levels alter heart disease risk in older women
28 Understanding the origin of Alzheimer's, looking for a cure
29 New tool for female reproductive genetics
30 Blackcurrant dye could make hair coloring safer, more sustainable
31 Scientists show how brain circuit generates anxiety
32 How blackcurrants could help end bad (for the planet) hair days
33 Stronger alcohol policies help reduce alcohol-related crash deaths in US
34 Report identifies characteristics of microorganisms most likely to cause a global pandemic
35 We could reverse aging by removing wrinkles inside our cells, study suggests
36 Water is not the same as water
37 Could we work together with our bacteria to stop infection?
38 It takes a village
39 Study finds big savings in removing dams over repairs
40 Oxytocin, vasopressin flatten social hierarchy and synchronize behaviors
41 Better, faster, stronger: Building batteries that don't go boom
42 Single injection alleviates chemotherapy pain for months in mice
43 Genomic medicine may one day revolutionize cardiovascular care
44 High protein diet associated with small increased heart failure risk in middle-aged men
45 VTCRI scientists identify novel cellular mechanism that can lead to cancer metastasis
46 Male thyroid cancer survivors face 50 percent higher risk of heart disease than women
47 Impaired energy production may explain why brain is susceptible to age-related diseases
48 Assessment of biomarkers of subconcussive head trauma
49 Blame the mother's gene: Discovery for a blinding canine eye disease
50 UTSA researchers create framework to stop cyber attacks on internet-connected cars
51 Virtual brain could aid surgical planning
52 E. coli infection induces delirium in aging rats
53 Climate change forced zombie ant fungi to adapt
54 Researchers magnify the brain in motion with every heartbeat
55 Old Maori village discovered by Otago archaeologists
56 OSU, NOAA researchers document widespread methane seeps off Oregon coast
57 Oil and gas wastewater as dust suppressant less than ideal
58 Price competition for generic drugs linked to increase in manufacturing-related recalls
59 New research predicts likelihood that one will believe conspiracy theories
60 Cellular recycling process is key to longer, healthier life
61 With supercomputing power, scientists solve a next-generation physics problem
62 Surgical technique improves sensation, control of prosthetic limb
63 Study: Disease-causing stomach bug attacks energy generation in host cells
64 Iron-sulfur cluster research offers new avenues of investigating disease
65 Scientists use photonic chip to make virtual movies of molecular motion
66 Free tax services in pediatrics clinics yield high returns
67 Details that look sharp to people may be blurry to their pets
68 Two-pronged antibodies draw immune killers directly to cancer cells
69 Even a shark's electrical 'sixth sense' may be tuned to attack
70 The smallest biggest theropod dinosaur
71 From Haifa to Tokyo: Medical detectives team up on selenoprotein1/EPT1
72 Queen Mary research forecasting the evolution of cancer
73 Pigs digest fiber efficiently even at high inclusion rates, study finds
74 Workplace dress codes present barriers to people living with disabilities
75 As colorectal cancer rises in young people, new guidelines recommend screening start at 45
76 Researchers devise new way to discern what microbes eat
77 Magic in metal could help put excess carbon dioxide to good use
78 Having an abortion does not lead to depression
79 Self-driving cars must reduce traffic fatalities by at least 75 percent to stay on the roads
80 Public transit agencies should not have to disclose safety planning records in court, similar to laws for state highway agencies and passenger railroads, says new report
81 New study shows evidence that health information exchanges improve care, reduce costs
82 New review highlights benefits of plant-based diets for heart health
83 New compound effective against drug-resistant pathogens, could lead to new antibiotics
84 Flexible and dynamic transport solution for future 5G communications developed
85 Heat is driving off clouds that dampen California wildfires
86 Seismometer readings could offer debris flow early warning
87 Mixing science and politics
88 Sugarcane pest produces foam to protect itself from heat
89 Building nanomaterials for next-generation computing
90 Sniffing out real truffles
91 Breaking good--Key discovery made for battling opioid epidemic
92 Using telemedicine to bring genetic counseling to community cancer care
93 Italy's oldest olive oil discovered in peculiar pot
94 Older men with higher levels of sex hormones could be less religious
95 Alternative inflation rate may offer more accurate economic guidance
96 Prevalence of eating disorders taken from largest sample in the United States
97 Hormone therapy may lead to improved cognitive function
98 High protein diet slightly increases heart failure risk in middle-aged men
99 Microscopic universe provides insight into life and death of a neutron
100 Kicking the car(bon) habit better for air pollution than technology revolution
101 Campylobacter--the germ on chicken eggs
102 After 40 years in limbo: Styrene is probably carcinogenic
103 A novel data-driven method to personalize cancer treatment
104 New guidance on treating diabetes in elderly and frail adults
105 The xB3 platform efficiently delivers antibodies across the BBB at therapeutic doses
106 Law firms do not encourage men to take parental leaves
107 Growth of Greenlandic children is no longer stunted
108 Lone water molecules turn out to be directors of supramolecular chemistry
109 Sensory-based food education encourages children to eat vegetables, berries and fruit
110 New moms' voices get lower after pregnancy, shows a University of Sussex study