File Title
1 Researchers Develop a Fuel Cell that Uses Lignin
2 Quantum Chaos May Be the Key to Quantum Computers
3 ESA Image of the Week--The Heart of the Milky Way
4 Scientists Consider Europa a Likely Place to Look for Life
5 Does Europa Have the Ingredients to Support Life?
6 Amazing Solar Dynamics Observatory Image of Our Sun
7 CubeSaturday, Captures First Global Picture of Small Frozen Particles Inside Clouds
8 Chemists Develop New Way to Create Lithium Metal Electrodes for Batteries
9 Magneto-Gravitational Trap Provides Precise Measurement of Neutron Lifetime
10 Scientists Demonstrate How Primordial Life on Earth Replicated
11 First Image Captured by One of NASA's Mars Cube One CubeSats
12 Two New Missions Will Go Closer to Our Sun than Ever Before
13 New Map Provides Unprecedented Detail of the Orion A Molecular Cloud
14 Hepatitis B Was Circulating in Europe 7,000 Years Ago
15 Astronomers Discovered Unusual Laser Emission in Ant Nebula
16 Scientists Uncover Important Genomic Info on Extinct Ground Sloth
17 Quantum Entanglement Between Two Ultra-Cold Atomic Clouds
18 NASA's GRACE Mission Reveals Major Shifts in Global Freshwater
19 Astronomers Reveal Evidence of Stars Forming Just 250 Million Years After Big Bang
20 KPS-1b: First Transiting Exoplanet Discovered Using Amateur Data
21 ANU Archaeologist Unearths Ancient Human Remains
22 Antibacterial Substance in Toothpaste Helps Combat Cystic Fibrosis
23 Hubble Telescope Reveals the Local Universe in Ultraviolet
24 K2 Mission Discovers a New Kind of Supernova
25 NASA's Curiosity Rover Will Test Percussive Drilling on Mars
26 MIT Engineers Develop Autonomous Glider that Can Fly and Sail
27 NASA's TESS Planet Hunter Snaps Initial Test Image
28 Nanoparticle Shows Promise for Treating Breast Cancer
29 Juno Spacecraft Captures Extraordinary View of Jupiter
30 Engineers Create 3D-Printed Smart Gel that Walks Underwater, Moves Objects
31 Scientists Make First Observations of Phasons
32 Hubble Image of the Week--Between Local and Laniakea
33 PROSPECT Ready to Search for a Previously Unobserved Particle
34 MIT Engineers Reveal the Intricacies of a Splashing Droplet
35 Astronomers Discover Asteroid Captured from Another Star System
36 Scientists Identify Cell Types Underlying Schizophrenia
37 Research Shows Advanced Biofuels Can Be Produced Extremely Efficiently
38 NASA's GRACE-FO Spacecraft Ready to Launch
39 Neuroscientists Identify the First Potential Treatment for Cosmic Radiation
40 Tunable Diamond Strings Improve Quantum Memory
41 Mechanical Forces Can Contribute to Gene Expression During Development
42 Signal's "disappearing messages" live on in macOS notifications
43 In the lab with Xbox's new Adaptive Controller, which may change gaming forever
44 Gynecologist Dr. Drai can use name, even if Dr. Dre doesn't like it, judge says
45 $25K "diabetic alert dogs" were untrained, un-housebroken puppies, lawsuit says
46 How one man's death led to the extinction of a butterfly population
47 Net neutrality to die on June 11, as Ajit Pai blasts "special interests"
48 Packets over a LAN are all it takes to trigger serious Rowhammer bit flips
49 Multiple studies show no improvement in distracted driving
50 Democrats demand answers on AT&T's $600,000 payment to Trump's lawyer
51 Hurricane Harvey was fueled by record heat in the Gulf of Mexico
52 Here are the Russian-made Facebook ads that tried to shake American politics
53 A functional pinball machine made entirely from Lego bricks
54 Malicious Chrome extensions infect 100,000-plus users, again
55 Report: Bitcoin money laundering suspect spared from prison poison plot
56 AI trained to navigate develops brain-like location tracking
57 Remediating Fukushima--"When everything goes to hell, you go back to basics"
58 Here's what Elon Musk's tunnel in LA looks like [Updated]
59 AT&T says hiring Trump lawyer was "big mistake," forces top lobbyist out
60 Genghis Khan's Mongol horde probably had rampant Hepatitis B
61 Stem cell clinics that blinded women and used smallpox vaccine go to war with feds
62 Tracing how horse domestication turned the Eurasian Steppe into a highway
63 Formula 1 finally launched its livestream--and it was a total mess
64 Here's what's going on with Hawaii's erupting volcano
65 Microsoft can't fix "flickergate" Surface Pro 4s with software, so it's replacing them
66 After "crazy hard" development, SpaceX's Block 5 rocket has taken flight
67 Check out this surreal chat with Theranos investor who says he's "thrilled"
68 How a "location API" allows cops to figure out where we all are in real time
69 Cryptocurrency has been great for GPU makers--that might change soon
70 Tesla's "primary technical contact" with the feds just left for Waymo
71 Inbox zero and the search for the perfect email client
72 Plan to make fuel from weapons-grade plutonium oxides dead on arrival
73 In February, no fossil fuel-based generation was added to US grid
74 Critical PGP and S/MIME bugs can reveal encrypted emails--uninstall now [Updated]
75 Jails are replacing visits with video calls--inmates and families hate it
76 How long can a neutron survive outside an atom?
77 New HP all-in-one houses Alexa, provides power with wireless charging base
78 Android P Preview 2 hands-on--New recent apps, awful gesture nav, and more!
79 Decade-old Efail flaws can leak plaintext of PGP- and S/MIME-encrypted emails
80 Trump vows to reopen smartphone giant ZTE to save Chinese jobs
81 Yes, Europa really is sending plumes of water into space
82 A year ago, the NES Classic flew off the shelves--now it's coming back
83 Defying Republicans, Senate Democrats schedule vote to save net neutrality
84 Lenovo hypes up an all-screen (no, really) flagship smartphone
85 Homo naledi's brain: Like ours, but smaller
86 Like stealing candy from a baby, arrested teen says of his phishing efforts
87 Cliff Bleszinski's Boss Key Productions shuts down after three years
88 GPU-equipped Ryzen Pros give AMD what it needs to conquer the corporate desktop
89 Smart Compose and offline mode have arrived in Gmail
90 Supreme Court declines to hear "podcasting patent" case, handing win to EFF
91 Germany's Typhoon problem: Only four fighters can be made combat ready
92 Uber ends mandatory arbitration in sexual assault, harassment cases
93 Hurricane season begins in two weeks, but hype season is in full swing
94 A dozen Google employees quit over military drone project
95 John Carmack recalls "frustrating" arguments with Apple's Steve Jobs
96 Surface Hub 2 coming in 2019, looks amazing
97 Forget carbon fiber--we can now make carbon nanotube fibers
98 Comcast charges $90 install fee at homes that already have Comcast installed
99 Here's why people are eating an ingredient in face creams--and why they shouldn't
100 Man who claims he created bitcoin committed perjury, lawsuit says
101 Greenland ice cores track Roman lead pollution in year-by-year detail
102 Microsoft blocks Windows April 10, 2018 update to some Intel SSDs
103 Ex-CIA employee ID'd but not charged in Vault 7 leak of hacking tools
104 Porsche's Panamera 4 E-Hybrid Sport Turismo is a heck of a hybrid
105 Amazon Prime members to get new discounts at Whole Foods
106 Google Chrome no longer breaks Web games, but the fix won't last
107 Report: Microsoft is going to try to make a cheap Surface tablet...again
108 Hands-on with the OnePlus 6: An all-glass, notched smartphone for $529
109 Trump eliminates national cyber-coordinator job, gives Bolton keys to the cybers
110 Researchers claim to have transferred a memory between two sea slugs