File Title
1 EEG signals accurately predict autism as early as 3 months of age
2 Forty-four genomic variants linked to major depression
3 Prosthetic arms can provide controlled sensory feedback
4 U.S. autism rate up 15 percent over two-year period
5 Old data, new tricks: Fresh results from NASA's Galileo spacecraft 20 years on
6 New catalyst turns ammonia into an innovative clean fuel
7 Bright future for solar cell technology
8 Stellar thief is the surviving companion to a supernova
9 Ample warning of supervolcano eruptions likely, experts say
10 Horses remember facial expressions of people they've seen before
11 Navigating with the sixth sense: Desert ants sense Earth's magnetic field
12 The Matryoshka effect: Underwater phenomenon
13 World-first synthesis of globalization effects on people and planet
14 Food industry should reduce food product portion sizes, experts urge
15 T cell biomarker predicts which CLL patients will respond to CAR T cell therapy
16 How smaller hospitals can effectively reduce antibiotic overuse
17 Keep calm and carry on: Scientists make first serotonin measurements in humans
18 Brains of young people with severe behavioral problems are 'wired differently'
19 Diagnostic imaging computers outperform human counterparts
20 Personal care products contribute to a pollution 'rush hour'
21 Lonely and non-empathetic people more likely to make unethical shopping decisions
22 Daily photography improves wellbeing
23 Workplace flexibility bias not just a mother's problem
24 Effects of night-time light on internal body clock
25 Going beyond 'human error'
26 Proximity to books and adult support enhance children's learning opportunities
27 Geometry is key to T-cell triggering
28 Double-bridged peptides bind any disease target
29 Bacteria's appetite may be key to cleaning up antibiotic contamination
30 Editing brain activity with holography
31 Calcium-based MRI sensor enables more sensitive brain imaging
32 Butterfly wings inspire light-manipulating surface for medical implants
33 Therapeutic RNA corrects splicing defect that causes familial dysautonomia
34 Horses get the flu, too
35 Using mathematical modeling and evolutionary principles important in treatment decisions
36 Researcher discovers mechanisms and epigenetic markers with implications for diseases ranging from cancers to infertility
37 New models could uncover important answers for Alzheimer's researchers
38 Pill for breast cancer diagnosis may outperform mammograms
39 Labeling and detecting RNA modifications
40 Potential for more precise diagnosis and treatment of TBI
41 Scientists create nanomaterials that reconfigure in response to biochemical signals
42 Comprehensive estimate of 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill
43 An AI for deciphering what animals do all day
44 Effects of munitions in the seas only partially known
45 New technology for measuring brain blood flow with light
46 A powerful laser breakthrough
47 Artificial intelligence helps soldiers learn many times faster in combat
48 New way of producing intense radiation could offer less harmful alternative to X-rays
49 Beltway to divert diesel trucks in Sao Paulo improved public health
50 Mercury's thin, dense crust
51 How to assess new solar technologies
52 Vultures reveal critical Old World flyways
53 UNICEF 'muted' on tobacco control for children
54 Brown widow male spiders prefer sex with older females likely to eat them afterwards
55 Warming future means more fire, fewer trees in western biodiversity hotspot
56 If pigs could fly: How can forests regenerate without birds?
57 Ancient quids reveal clues about genetic ancestry of early Great Basin inhabitants
58 Scientists project a drier Amazon and wetter Indonesia in the future
59 Catching mantle plumes by their magma tails
60 Scientists calculate radiation dose in bone from victim of Hiroshima bombing
61 Growing 'dead zone' confirmed by underwater robots in the Gulf of Oman
62 Why cereal crops are so drought-tolerant
63 Researchers map the potential spread of yellow fever virus to cities around the world
64 The digital transformation of news media and the rise of online disinformation
65 More than 9 in 10 elementary school teachers feel highly stressed
66 How success breeds success in the sciences
67 The role of health in climate lawsuits
68 Be wary of cosmetic surgeons' online reviews
69 Rugosity and concentricity: In urban planning, look to edges, not just the core
70 Respect Indigenous ancestors: Scholars urge community engagement before research
71 Hearing aids linked to fewer hospital and ER visits by older adults
72 New metric defines areas of highest prostate cancer burden
73 Curiosity is key to early childhood success in math and reading
74 Hidden costs of skin cancer caused by workplace sun exposure revealed
75 Napping can help tired teens' performance in school
76 Students' social relationships in the last year of secondary education
77 Retirement transition increases sitting during free time
78 Exposure to domestic violence costs US government $55 billion each year
79 Feelings of ethical superiority can lead to workplace ostracism, social undermining
80 Newspaper op-eds change minds
81 Stagediving with biomolecules improves optical microscopy
82 Water-repellent surfaces can efficiently boil water, keep electronics cool
83 Doubt cast on new theories of star formation
84 A Yellowstone guide to life on Mars
85 Projectile cannon experiments show how asteroids can deliver water
86 Ultrahigh-pressure laser experiments shed light on super-Earth cores
87 New computational model enables personalized simulation of exercise's metabolic effects
88 Energy conversion: Speeding up material discovery
89 Very few pages devoted to climate change in introductory science textbooks
90 High wildfire severity risk seen in young plantation forests
91 Freshwater ecosystems filter pollutants before they reach oceans
92 Understanding deadly citrus disease
93 Identifying the use of tinder fungi among neolithic communities at la Draga
94 Evidence for persistent forest reliance by indigenous peoples in historical Sri Lanka
95 We still don't know how strange celibate animals evolve
96 Study explores link between curiosity and school achievement
97 Glowing contact lens could prevent a leading cause of blindness
98 Let it go: Mental breaks after work improve sleep
99 Drinking baking soda could be an inexpensive, safe way to combat autoimmune disease
100 Dark chocolate consumption reduces stress and inflammation
101 Novel antioxidant makes old blood vessels seem young again
102 Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox observed in many-particle system for the first time
103 Einstein's 'spooky action' goes massive
104 3-D print electronics and cells printed directly on skin
105 Found: A new form of DNA in our cells
106 'Mono' virus linked to seven serious diseases
107 Did last ice age affect breastfeeding in Native Americans?
108 Why a robot can't yet outjump a flea
109 Transparent eel-like soft robot can swim silently underwater
110 Whale shark logs longest-recorded trans-Pacific migration