File Title
1 Thwaites Glacier: Biggest ever Antarctic field campaign
2 Health warnings after toxic caterpillar outbreak in London
3 Sentinel tracks ships' dirty emissions from orbit
4 Ethics debate as pig brains kept alive without a body
5 EU member states support near-total neonicotinoids ban
6 Wildlife photo competition disqualifies 'stuffed anteater' image
7 Space agencies aim to deliver rocks from Mars to Earth
8 'Guns, germs and trees' determine gorilla's fate
9 Seventh EU Sentinel goes into orbit
10 Companies sign up to pledge to cut plastic pollution
11 Gaia telescope's 'book of the heavens' takes shape
12 'Ground-breaking' galaxy collision detected
13 Closing gender gap in physics 'will take generations'
14 Meteorite diamonds 'came from lost planet'
15 The tragic lives of India's mistreated captive elephants
16 The Amazon's solar-powered river bus
17 Salisbury attack: Scientist Vladimir Uglev 'helped create Novichok'
18 Plastic recycling: Why are 99.75% of coffee cups not recycled?
19 Europe's Mars rover takes shape
20 Giant plastic 'berg blocks Indonesian river
21 Plankton named after BBC Blue Planet series
22 Legal row over who owns domain
23 Logan Paul ends daily YouTube vlog series
24 China shuts down Player Unknown cheat code gang
25 Facebook 'downvote' button in new test
26 Fortnite: 13-year-old is game's youngest professional player
27 Fake five-star reviews being bought and sold online
28 Tesla driver banned for M1 autopilot seat-switch
29 How to handle the flood of GDPR privacy updates
30 T-Mobile agrees $26 billion mega-merger with Sprint
31 Tech Tent: the technology of pleasure
32 Deadline to amend UK surveillance laws
33 Body cameras deter attacks and abuse at Welsh hospitals
34 Are our online lives about to become 'private' again?
35 'It's a hacker's paradise out there'
36 Porn: All you need to know about the UK's porn block for under 18s
37 How knowing your genetic code could lengthen your life
38 Reality Check: Who controls your data?
39 Reality Check: Was Facebook data's value 'literally nothing'?
40 Facebook to vet UK political ads for May 2019 local elections
41 Primary school's Friday lunchtime closure plan scrapped
42 John Stuart Mill: Doodles offer insight into philosopher's thought
43 Buckingham University aims to be UK's 'first drug-free campus'
44 Learning to speak Shakespeare like the actors do
45 Teacher banned for watching porn at Roman Fields School
46 Home truths on the High Street for Bank of England boss
47 'Landmark' childcare funding deal agreed
48 Drugs 'used by two in five students'
49 Sheffield universities probe 'racism' reports
50 Elbow's Guy Garvey to be songwriting professor
51 Changing the world, one dinner at a time
52 Can you really revise while chatting online?
53 Why shouldn't I be autistic and a student?
54 France's protesters revive ghosts of 1968 revolt
55 We put today's school pupils through an old tech challenge
56 'I want to be the first in my family at university'
57 'My teacher saved me from suicide'
58 'It's not just women who sometimes regret parenthood'
59 'The NHS treatment that caused my cancer'
60 Alfie Evans: Is 'guerrilla warfare' a sign of things to come?
61 'Hiding at the back of the gym crying'
62 Ruaridh Brown: Father saves baby son's life with CPR
63 Five things you might be surprised affect weight
64 Health bosses criticise visa rules for doctors
65 Leaky roofs, pest control 'risking NHS patient safety'--Labour
66 New Wales Down's syndrome test 'to cut miscarriage risk'
67 Dementia risk linked to some medicines
68 Primary school mental health counselling may help economy, study says
69 Fake cancer causes belief 'rife,' research suggests
70 London Marathon: Broken leg runner Jo Denton thanks heroes
71 'World's worst' super-gonorrhoea man cured
72 Living with a child with Down's syndrome
73 Can we trust BMI to measure obesity?
74 BMI and obesity: Where are you on the UK fat scale?
75 From heart attacks to broken nails: Behind the scenes of your 999 calls
76 The NHS needs more money--but how much?
77 NHS reform: How many patients will benefit?
78 Alfie Evans: When are parents denied the final say?
79 High court ruling exhorts Pakistan to curb air pollution levels
80 Are proposed EPA rules a move toward transparency or an attack on science?
81 Path to progress
82 US counties get mixed grades in 'State of the Air' pollution report
83 Engineers reconstruct the Mighty Mississippi to predict effects of erosion
84 Insect farms emerge as an alternate source of protein
85 Automakers embrace robots that assist, not replace, human workers
86 New app aims to keep the poor out of pre-trial jail
87 Chinese automakers' influence grows in electric vehicle industry
88 In new move, Facebook publishes guidelines on inappropriate content
89 Dainty machines? Collaborative robots help humans in Japanese factories
90 Voice assistants can't understand Pittsburghese
91 Researchers develop autonomous vehicles to help the blind
92 How Kepler opened our eyes to the vastness of our galactic neighborhood
93 Does Marijuana Make You Forget to Remember?
94 Stunning Cosmic Map Shows the Location of 1.7 Billion Stars
95 Are Preterm Babies Trying to Escape Mom's 'Hostile' Womb?
96 Incredible Fossilized Footprints Suggest that Early Humans Stalked Giant Sloths
97 Oklahoma Suffers Its 2,724th Earthquake Since 2010
98 Hey, Congress: Scientists Are Coming for Your Seats
99 These Things Don't Cause Cancer, but People Think They Do
100 Watch Scientists Blast a Fake Asteroid into a Fake Earth
101 What the Folds of Your Brain Could Tell You About Schizophrenia Risk
102 What's Behind the Recent Rise in Autism in the US?
103 The Origin Story of Rosetta Comet Is Weird, and Ends with a Rubber Ducky
104 Swiss Scientists Perform Massive Test of 80-Year-Old, 'Spooky' Quantum Paradox
105 This 3,000-Year-Old Horse Got a Human-Style Burial
106 Reference: Facts About Silicon
107 Reference: Who Were the Barbarians?
108 Reference: What Is Stevia?