File Title
1 Facebook exits anti-privacy alliance it formed with Comcast and Google
2 Kubrick and Clarke reunited as mountains on Pluto's moon Charon
3 FTC tightens reins around Uber following 2016 breach
4 The new Windows admin interface is now out as "Windows Admin Center"
5 Crazy racing mash-up: Gamer vs. driver in real cars, but with video-game views
6 Federal officials boot Tesla from crash investigation
7 Ajit Pai refuses Democrats' request to revoke Sinclair broadcast licenses
8 Is curing patients a sustainable business model? Goldman Sachs analysts ask
9 NASA may fly crew into deep space sooner, but there's a price
10 Backpage CEO pleads guilty to conspiracy, money laundering
11 Scott Pruitt has "at least four" official email addresses, senators say
12 A physical constant's value shouldn't depend on how you measure it
13 Formula 1's streaming service goes live with the Spanish GP in May
14 redesign includes self-destructing emails
15 A different kind of regret: Trying White Castle's new Impossible Slider
16 Google works out a fascinating, slightly scary way for AI to isolate voices in a crowd
17 Google shows off Android P's gesture navigation, quickly deletes image
18 Privacy is not for sale, Telegram founder says after being banned in Russia
19 Apple memo warning employees about leaking gets leaked
20 Cop won't be charged in "swatting" death of Kansas man
21 YouTube demonetized my tuba videos (also, I make tuba videos)
22 We've found the cells norovirus targets--we just don't know what they do
23 Are external GPUs for Macs viable in macOS 10.13.4? We tested to find out
24 Google refuses to fix Waze so it won't route people on 32%-grade road
25 Nintendo's new multi-screen patent isn't just crazy--it might already hide in Switch
26 Perry seems in favor of emergency order to bail out coal, nuclear plants
27 The billion-dollar question: How does the Clipper mission get to Europa?
28 The Apple Watch may support third-party watch faces in the future
29 Sophisticated APT surveillance malware comes to Google Play
30 Sony's flagship smartphone pairs a 4K display with a design from 2013
31 Wireless version of the classic Koss Porta Pro headphones could be on the way [Updated]
32 AT&T and cable lobby are terrified of a California net neutrality bill
33 Not too fond of Facebook: A dating app removes its linked-profile requirement
34 Russian hackers mass-exploit routers in homes, govs, and infrastructure
35 Microsoft's bid to secure the Internet of Things: Custom Linux, custom chips, Azure
36 T-Mobile deceived customers with "false ring tones" on failed phone calls
37 It's official: SpaceX will build its monster rocket in California
38 Intel, Microsoft to use GPU to scan memory for malware
39 Apple may debut its own news subscription service within the next year
40 People who paid Tesla $3,000 for full self-driving might be out of luck
41 New Boosted Boards have more affordable shortboard and better batteries
42 Ajit Pai's ex-broadband advisor arrested on charge of forging fiber contracts
43 IRS E-File system crashes on Tax Day [Updated]
44 It's anyone's guess when the next major Windows 10 update will be out
45 The FCC loses a fierce consumer advocate as Mignon Clyburn resigns
46 First XDR typhoid is on the verge of being untreatable, spreading globally
47 Acceptance of climate science can reach saturation
48 In effort to shut down Telegram, Russia blocks Amazon, Google network addresses
49 Former Microsoft designer leaks likely future of Windows and Xbox "avatars"
50 San Francisco to scooter startups: Your customers are terrible
51 Westworld producers are set to adapt a William Gibson novel for Amazon
52 Homeopath "treated" 4-yr-old boy's behavior problems with saliva from rabid dog
53 How a cracked fan blade (probably) ended a decade of no US air travel fatalities
54 Despite alien theories and novel mutations, the real Ata puzzle may be ethical
55 The Nissan Rogue is a huge sales success, but is it any good? A review
56 Russia appears to have surrendered to SpaceX in the global launch market
57 ZTE exports ban may mean no Google apps, a death sentence for its smartphones
58 Microsoft claims to make Chrome safer with new extension
59 Tens of thousands of Facebook accounts compromised in days by malware
60 Meteorite's diamonds tell of Earth's baby sister, which died young
61 China to ease foreign automaker rules--with preference for electric cars
62 Lovers of small iPhones might be rewarded with rumored next-gen SE 2
63 What the latest strike on Syria succeeded at (and what it didn't)
64 Bad news for AT&T and Comcast: Calif. Senate panel OKs net neutrality bill
65 Amazon and Best Buy team up to sell TVs, but it's a risky move for Best Buy
66 Massive bleaching event may be permanently changing the Great Barrier Reef
67 This isn't the first time a tech boom has interfered with democracy
68 OneNote desktop app end-of-lifed, replaced with Windows 10 UWP
69 Bitcoin heist suspect reportedly walked out of low-security prison, onto flight
70 2018 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid: Put simply, it's complicated
71 Owl Car Cam review: A data-connected dash cam for car lovers
72 Tesla slams Reveal News as "extremist" after expose on alleged factory improprieties
73 Motorola announces the 2018 Moto G6 and E5
74 LA councilman asks city attorney to "review possible legal action" against Waze
75 Velodyne invented modern lidar--it's about to face real competition
76 New Alexa Blueprints let users make custom skills without knowing any code
77 Better than reality: New emulation tech lags less than original consoles
78 Doctors tried to lower $148K cancer drug cost; makers triple price of pill
79 Google disables "domain fronting" capability used to evade censors
80 Mammals are smaller than they used to be, and it's our fault
81 ISPs should charge for fast lanes--just like TSA Precheck, GOP lawmaker says
82 After 15 months, NASA finally has an administrator [Updated]
83 Ryzen gains on Intel with second generation
84 Southwest Airlines protested airworthiness directive designed to prevent engine failures
85 PUBG's first-ever free weekend has begun on Xbox One (for XBL Gold members)
86 Tim Cook on merging macOS and iOS: "I don't think that's what users want"
87 Android Go review--Google's scattershot attempt at a low-end Android OS
88 Facebook removes 1.5 billion users from protection of EU privacy law
89 Netflix film examines why NASA shunned women astronauts in early days
90 Google gives up on Google Allo, hopes carriers will sort out RCS messaging
91 Tiny krill appear to mix up the ocean
92 Apple may still depend on Samsung for OLED iPhone screens as LG hits snags
93 Electrify America will deploy 2,000 350kW fast chargers by the end of 2019
94 Four publishers must change in-game loot boxes to avoid Dutch gambling laws
95 NYC blasts broadband competition shortage as it pursues suit against Verizon
96 Here are the types of marijuana best for stress and anxiety, according to users
97 When you go to a security conference, and its mobile app leaks your data
98 Drupalgeddon2 touches off arms race to mass-exploit powerful Web servers
99 Capcom reminds us why "games-as-a-service" suck, announces end of Puzzle Fighter
100 WikiLeaks, Russia, Trump Jr. named in new DNC hacking lawsuit
101 Super Troopers 2 review: Fans get what they paid for in this crowdfunded surprise
102 Review: Subaru Crosstrek finds sweet spot between value and drivability
103 White House reportedly exploring wartime rule to help coal, nuclear
104 Drool over Marvel Comics' rarest original art, costumes at new museum exhibit
105 AT&T, Verizon face DOJ investigation for allegedly trying to lock eSIMs
106 Experts say Tesla has repeated car industry mistakes from the 1980s
107 NASA's new planet finder is in space. Now what?
108 Valve acquires Firewatch developer Campo Santo
109 Backlash prompts Eventbrite to drop demand to crash events, record them
110 Apple offers free battery replacements for select MacBook Pro models
111 Job details disappear as report suggests upcoming Amazon-made home robot
112 Are we sure there wasn't a coal-burning species 55 million years ago?