File Title
1 An artificial mole as an early warning system
2 Experts weigh risks of epilepsy drug in pregnancy, as EU considers safety recommendations
3 Artificial pancreas is a safe and effective treatment for type 1 diabetes
4 Improved method of delivering anti-cancer drugs
5 Global warming is transforming the Great Barrier Reef
6 Delivering cancer treatment on a nanodisc helps eliminate tumors
7 World-first research into injury rates among people released from prison
8 Brain scans may help diagnose neurological, psychiatric disorders
9 Black hole and stellar winds form giant butterfly, shut down star formation in galaxy
10 For young adults with blood cancer, pediatric centers may improve survival
11 Overcoming bias about music takes work
12 Study shows men and women tear ACL the same way in non-contact injury
13 Is risk of suicide attempt among soldiers associated with time before, during or after deployments?
14 Root exudates affect soil stability, water repellency
15 Association of cannabis with cognitive functioning in young people
16 Is marital status associated with early detection of localized melanoma?
17 Mayo Clinic study finds no evidence that anesthesia in young children lowers intelligence
18 Characterizing 'keyhole' is first step to fighting obesity at cellular level
19 Leptin's neural circuit identified
20 Early skin cancer more accurately diagnosed by dermatologist than other providers
21 Dogs could be more similar to humans than we thought
22 En route to the optical nuclear clock
23 Preliminary study suggests drug may help babies with spinal muscular atrophy
24 A single concussion may increase risk of Parkinson's disease
25 Study reveals new Antarctic process contributing to sea level rise and climate change
26 Three solutions to maximize the clinical benefit and affordability of targeted cancer drugs
27 New study improves 'crowd wisdom' estimates
28 Study finds malaria parasites prevalent in North American fawns
29 Active young adults with Type 1 diabetes have muscle complications: Study
30 Gene therapy for blood disorder ends need for transfusions
31 SwRI's Martian moons model indicates formation following large impact
32 Top HIV cure research team refutes major recent results on how to identify HIV persistence
33 People waste nearly a pound of food daily
34 Approximately one pound of food per person wasted daily in US from 2007-2014
35 Some kitchen cabinets can emit potentially harmful compounds
36 The 'radical' ways sunlight builds bigger molecules in the atmosphere
37 Researchers find the brain processes sight and sound in same manner
38 New ancestor of modern sea turtles found in Alabama
39 Active young adults with Type 1 diabetes have muscle complications: Study
40 New research shows Transcendental Meditation empowers disadvantaged Ugandan mothers
41 Personalized letter improves pregnancy weight for women with gestational diabetes
42 How to improve habitat conservation for migrating cranes
43 Active young adults with Type 1 diabetes have muscle complications
44 Successive solid transformations induced electron transfer and switchable functions
45 Research reveals stronger people have healthier brains
46 Rare earth magnet recycling is a grind--this new process takes a simpler approach
47 Remote-control shoots laser at nano-gold to turn on cancer-killing immune cells
48 New strategies for hospitals during mass casualty incidents
49 Male contraceptive compound stops sperm without affecting hormones
50 Clear as mud: Desiccation cracks help reveal the shape of water on Mars
51 Want to be seen as cool? Just say, 'cheese!'
52 Scientists identify 170 potential lung cancer drug targets using unique cellular library
53 Integrating optical components into existing chip designs
54 Vitamin D deficiency linked to greater risk of diabetes
55 Scientists re-create brain neurons to study obesity and personalize treatment
56 Variants in non-coding DNA contribute to inherited autism risk
57 NASA GPM data used to evaluate Hawaii's flooding rainfall
58 Hydrogenation of levulinic acid over carbon supported small ruthenium nanoparticles
59 Novel antioxidant makes old blood vessels seem young again
60 3-D human 'mini-brains' shed new light on genetic underpinnings of major mental illness
61 UCalgary researchers develop a new method to discover drugs to treat epilepsy
62 A novel way of creating gold nanoparticles in water
63 Algorithm tool works to silence online chatroom sex predators
64 Study provides video evidence of parental infanticide in a grassland bird species
65 Homemade microscope reveals how a cancer-causing virus clings to our DNA
66 Study: Certain PTSD therapies prove effective long after patients stop treatment
67 For nuclear weapons reduction, a way to verify without revealing
68 Researchers achieve HD video streaming at 10,000 times lower power
69 Spider silk key to new bone-fixing composite
70 Atoms may hum a tune from grand cosmic symphony
71 Smartphone app successfully promotes child car seat safety
72 Unprecedented wave of large-mammal extinctions linked to ancient humans
73 British pilots score high on burnout scale--but still perform well
74 Young victims of cyberbullying twice as likely to attempt suicide and self-harm
75 More students report carrying guns in Chicago than New York or Los Angeles
76 Chip-based blood test for multiple myeloma could make bone biopsies a relic of the past
77 Energy conversion: Optical 'overtones' for solar cells
78 UPV/EHU researchers account for the complex symptoms of Angelman syndrome
79 Study: Judges as susceptible to gender bias as laypeople--and sometimes more so
80 Landmark study links tumor evolution to prostate cancer severity
81 Drug combination targeting HSP90 and BRAF is safe and effective in advanced melanoma
82 A complete cell atlas and lineage tree of the immortal flatworm
83 Two Hubble views of the same stellar nursery
84 Hubble celebrates 28th anniversary with a trip through the Lagoon Nebula
85 GLUT5 fluorescent probe fingerprints cancer cells
86 'Rip Van Winkle' plants hide underground for up to 20 years
87 In the surcharge blame game, companies tend to finish last
88 How does the brain learn categorization for sounds? The same way it does for images
89 Pregnant moms and their offspring should limit added sugars in their diets to protect childhood cognition
90 Small changes in rainforests cause big damage to fish ecosystems
91 'Peace agreements have always only succeeded with genuine trust'
92 Blowfly uses saliva to keep cool
93 Does concussion recovery and symptom severity differ between men and women?
94 Study may explain why some triple-negative breast cancers are resistant to chemotherapy
95 Feather replacement or parental care? Migratory birds desert their offspring to molt
96 Age affects how we predict and respond to stress at home
97 Why traffic accidents with cyclists are becoming increasingly more common
98 Far-red fluorescent silk can kill harmful bacteria as biomedical and environmental remedy
99 Putting proteins in their proper place
100 Porous salts for fuel cells
101 Electrochemical tuning of single layer materials relies on defects
102 Medical doctors remain trapped in their substance-use disorders
103 Study predicts 2018 flu vaccine will have 20 percent efficacy
104 Decision-making predicts future drug addiction in recreational users
105 Study calls for industry legislation to build a better future in developing countries
106 Weight-loss surgery improves lives and saves money
107 Study shows rapid rise in mass school shootings in the US
108 Bedside art therapy decreases pain and anxiety in patients with cancer
109 Study examines sperm production in men with testicular cancer
110 DOR protein deficiency favors the development of obesity