File Title
1 NIH researchers crack mystery behind rare bone disorder
2 Scientists discover a role for 'junk' DNA
3 Biologically inspired membrane purges coal-fired smoke of greenhouse gases
4 How to catch a fish genome with big data
5 Study reveals declining Central American frog species are bouncing back
6 Discovery could let doctors customize brain's immune response to diseases
7 Vascular problems associated with symptoms of menopause and quality of life measures
8 Ludwig researchers devise and test pioneering personalized ovarian cancer vaccine
9 Airway disease in racehorses more prevalent than previously thought, U of G study finds
10 RB1 gene mutations underlie clinical resistance to CDK 4/6 inhibitor breast cancer therapy
11 Viagra has the potential to be used as a treatment for rare cancers
12 The brain combats dementia by shifting resources
13 Repeat spawning comes with tradeoffs for trout
14 The 100th meridian, where the Great Plains begin, may be shifting
15 Old proteins tell tales of historical artifacts and the people who touched them
16 Cactus roots inspire creation of water-retaining material
17 Synthesizing a deadly mushroom toxin
18 Prototype of most advanced quantum memory presented by two Kazan universities
19 Research gives new understanding of 17th century Scottish natural history
20 Synchrotron science could give soybeans a boost
21 Surprising discovery: Sweet tooth gene connected with less body fat
22 MIPT delivers world's first biosensor chips based on copper and graphene oxide
23 Swansea scientists discover greener way of making plastics
24 Most primitive kangaroo ancestor rediscovered after 30 years in obscurity
25 New gadgets help reveal the collective behavior of wild animals
26 The dinosaur menu, as revealed by calcium
27 Hormone imbalance causes treatment-resistant hypertension
28 Extensive seagrass meadows discovered in Indian Ocean through satellite tracking of green turtles
29 The thermodynamics of computing
30 North-exposed ice cliffs accelerate glacier melt
31 Wildlife haven of Sulawesi much younger than first thought, according to new research
32 Droughts mean fewer flowers for bees
33 Darker emoji skin tones promote diversity, Twitter study shows
34 Inequalities in dental health are most evident in young children
35 Sensing interactions between molecules
36 Unusual climate during Roman times plunged Eurasia into hunger and disease
37 Double hit on melanoma unlocks barrier to immunotherapy
38 Biodiversity: All the colors of the rainbow
39 Scientists use carbon nanotube technology to develop robust water desalination membranes
40 Alcoholic liver disease replaces hepatitis C infection as the leading cause of liver transplantation in patients without hepatocellular carcinoma in the USA
41 Tree rings provide vital information for improved climate predictions
42 Student class engagement soars when they use personal data to learn
43 Nasal mist vaccine suppresses peanut allergy in mice
44 US public companies have increasingly shorter lifespans, IU research says
45 Scientists to build the avian tree of life
46 Medscape's annual physician compensation report finds modest increase in physician pay
47 New glaucoma treatment could ease symptoms while you sleep
48 The emotions we feel may shape what we see
49 Energy injustice? Cost, availability of energy-efficient lightbulbs vary with poverty levels
50 Novel drug shows promise against acute myeloid leukemia
51 Brain activity can predict success of depression treatment
52 Novel mosquito net provides children with greater protection against malaria
53 New technology could wean the battery world off cobalt
54 Fossil study sheds light on ancient butterfly wing colors
55 Having one eye better than the other may explain ants' left bias
56 There's a better way to screen for cervical cancer
57 SPHERE reveals fascinating zoo of discs around young stars
58 Can you really be obese yet healthy?
59 NIST's new quantum method generates really random numbers
60 Severity of menopause symptoms could help predict heart disease
61 Study reveals every bowel tumor and bowel cancer cell have unique genetic fingerprints
62 Want computers to see better in the real world? Train them in a virtual reality
63 The secret life of teeth: Evo-devo models of tooth development
64 Newly discovered salty subglacial lakes could help search for life in solar system
65 Snowfall patterns may provide clues to Greenland Ice Sheet
66 Large disparities in impact of cardiovascular disease persist between states
67 Does age at menopause affect memory?
68 Do Democratic and Republican doctors treat patients differently at the end of life?
69 Stronger evidence for a weaker Atlantic overturning
70 Faba fix for corn's nitrogen need
71 Higher cigarette prices would save millions of people from extreme poverty and poor health
72 Nature-based solutions can prevent $50 billion in Gulf Coast flood damages
73 Genetic variant might be a better marker for heart disease
74 Mississippi River diversions will produce new land, but slowly, Tulane study says
75 The neural circuitry of parental behavior
76 Scientists discover first subglacial lakes in Canadian Arctic
77 Specific bacteria in the small intestine are crucial for fat absorption
78 Atlantic Ocean circulation at weakest point in more than 1,500 years
79 Higher cigarette prices would help millions avoid poor health and extreme poverty
80 Babies make the link between vocal and facial emotion
81 Plants 'hedge their bets' in germination: The route to better crop yields
82 Mental disorders among leading causes of illness in children worldwide
83 Hive-bound worker bees lose sense of taste thanks to insecticides and weed killers
84 Baby fish led astray by high CO2 in oceans
85 Smithsonian scientists and collaborators demonstrate new driver of extinction
86 Massachusetts General-led study may show how chronic early-life stress raises PTSD vulnerability
87 NCI study revises molecular classification for most common type of lymphoma
88 Wildfire smoke associated with more ER visits for heart, stroke ailments among seniors
89 Mutant ferrets offer clues to human brain size
90 Pepper plant sops up personal care product antibiotic
91 New method prioritizes species for conservation in the face of uncertainty
92 Humans may have occupied Indonesian site Leang Burung 2 earlier than previously thought
93 Study explores new strategy to develop a malaria vaccine
94 Simultaneous chemo and immunotherapy may be better for some with metastatic bladder cancer
95 An immunological memory in the brain
96 200-million-year-old insect color revealed by fossil scales
97 Study: Vaccine suppresses peanut allergies in mice
98 Tiny Bubbles
99 Like Human Societies, Whales Value Culture and Family Ties
100 Rare Pair of Elephant Twins Thrill Conservationists in Tanzania
101 Spoilage Alert: Researchers Develop Transparent Patch to Detect Dangerous Food Threats Before You Open the Package
102 Accelerating Scientific Discovery Through Code Optimization on Many-Core Processors
103 Scientists Records Brain Activity of Free-flying Bats
104 Computer-Simulated Soybeans
105 Evaluating Equipment Designed to Prevent Radiological and Nuclear Incidents for Use in Early Post-Incident Emergency Response
106 A Heavyweight Solution for Lighter-Weight Combat Vehicles
107 Argonne's Next Top Model
108 Texting System Helps Fisherman Avoid Sturgeon
109 Characterizing 'Keyhole' Is First Step to Fighting Obesity at Cellular Level
110 Hello, Mr. President--About the Environment...