File Title
1 One step closer to using nanoporous graphene in smart filters and sensors
2 Using nanotechnology to improve efficiency in petroleum extraction
3 Structured light and nanomaterials open new ways to tailor light at the nanoscale
4 Graphene changes elastic properties depending on applied force
5 Peptide induces chirality evolution in a single gold nanoparticle
6 Study paves way for healthier and more robust eggs
7 Polymer-graphene nanocarpets to electrify smart fabrics
8 Team creates new tool to speed up the design of wearable tech
9 BESSY II sheds light on how the internal compass is constructed in magnetotactic bacteria
10 Similar charges are attracted to each other
11 The raw power of human motion
12 Scientists unlock path to use cell's own nanoparticles as disease biomarkers
13 Decreasing the magnetism of metallic core particles with a metal-organic framework shell
14 Sensing interactions between molecules
15 Oxidative unzipping of multiwall carbon nanotubes to graphene nanoribbons
16 Nanoparticles for lung cancer pass next test
17 Researchers engineer new pathways for self-assembled nanostructures
18 Tiny nanomachine successfully completes test drive
19 Characterising the structure of self-assembling organic molecules on the surface of nanoparticles
20 The March for Science is back--and here's what to expect
21 Sweet potato migrated to Polynesia thousands of years before people did
22 Dive-bombing hummingbirds add a twist to impress mates
23 East Asia braces for surge in deadly tick-borne virus
24 Attacks in UK and Syria highlight growing need for chemical-forensics expertise
25 Spain's biggest-ever science petition decries 'abandonment' of research
26 Rare human outbreak of monkey malaria detected in Malaysia
27 EU's top court says logging in Poland's ancient forest was illegal
28 Medicine's secret ingredient--it's in the timing
29 How San Francisco's next big quake could play out
30 'Warm transplants' save livers and lives
31 How to blow up a star
32 Great Barrier Reef saw huge losses from 2016 heatwave
33 Second March for Science, flesh-eating virus and protein fraud
34 African scientists call for more control of their continent's genomic data
35 Grassland plants show surprising appetite for carbon dioxide
36 Cutting-edge microscope spies on living cells inside the body
37 Clear signs of global warming will hit poorer countries first
38 Flu virus finally sequenced in its native form
39 Mars probe poised to solve red planet's methane mystery
40 Scientists' early grant success fuels further funding
41 Rent increase hits Europe's drug regulator before Brexit move
42 US government considers charging for popular Earth-observing data
43 Is 'friendly fire' in the brain provoking Alzheimer's disease?
44 200 Million Eggs Recalled: How Does Salmonella Get into Eggs, Anyway?
45 Punk-Rock Turtle Has 'Green Hair,' Will Probably Die Alone
46 Organ Donations from Overdose Victims Save Thousands
47 April the Giraffe's Calf Celebrates His 1st Birthday with Cauliflower 'Cake'
48 Teenager Finds King Bluetooth's Lost Treasures, Including a Thor's Hammer
49 No One Knows How to Stop this 'Flesh-Eating' Disease in Australia
50 Ancient Egyptian Incantations Tell of Biblical Human Sacrifice
51 Sharks Lay Eggs. Here's Some Creepy Footage of What that Looks like.
52 Scientists Spot the Shadow of a Strange Wind Blowing Past a Black Hole
53 The Amazing Tech in 'Black Panther' Is More Realistic than You Think
54 Lab 'Accident' Becomes Mutant Enzyme that Devours Plastic
55 Knife-Armed Man Leaves World's Coolest Skeleton
56 The Weird Pit of Magma Beneath Yellowstone Is Still a Mystery
57 Elon Musk Says 'Humans Are Underrated'
58 A New Lung Cancer Drug Is Shaking Up Treatment: How Does It Work?
59 Canada Pulls Diplomat Families from Cuba Over Mystery Illness
60 Mushroom Clouds Burst Through Neutron Stars, and NASA Can Watch It Happen
61 Hurricane Irma Turned the Everglades into a Tree 'Graveyard,' NASA Lasers Reveal
62 Polar Explorer Shackleton's Lost Ship Could Be Hidden Under Antarctic Ice
63 How Would We Know if Intelligent Life Existed on Earth Before Humans?
64 The Entire Island of Puerto Rico Just Lost Power Again--Here's Why
65 Star 'DNA' Survey Could Reunite the Sun with Its Long-Lost Siblings
66 Healthy Eaters May Waste the Most Food
67 What Do Blind People 'See' When They Take LSD?
68 There Is Evidence that a Planet in Our Solar System Was Destroyed
69 Hundreds of Purple Octopus Moms Are Super Weird, and They're Doomed
70 Why Did the Whites of this Man's Eyes Turn Blue?
71 'The Truth About Animals': Storks Flying to the Moon, and Other Wild Tales
72 Why this New Exoplanet-Hunting Telescope Blows Kepler Out of the Water
73 Reference: Quinoa: Health Benefits & Nutrition Facts
74 Why More Vitamin D May Not Always Be a Good Thing
75 Why Is a Train Filled with Human Poop Stuck Outside this Alabama Town?
76 Nazi Germany's Most High-Tech Submarine Found 73 Years After It Was Blown Up
77 Is Sparkling Water as Healthy as Regular Water?
78 Humans Probably Practiced Brain Surgery on this Cow 5,000 Years Ago
79 Exploding Ants Kill Foes, and Themselves, with a Blast of Toxic Goo
80 No, Having a Little Extra Fat Won't Make You Live Longer
81 Are Those Gravitational Waves? Nope, They're Just Thirsty Ravens
82 Why You Might Need a Vaccine to Go to the Kentucky Derby
83 'Alice in Wonderland' Dodo Was Murdered in Cold Blood
84 Exorcisms Enter 21st Century with Cellphone-Enabled Demon Busting
85 These 'Dirty' Thunderstorms Fill the Sky with as Much Smoke as a Volcanic Eruption
86 Quantum Radar Could Make Stealth Technology Obsolete
87 Iridescent Algae Glow with Their Very Own Opals
88 This Contorted Mystery Squid May Be the 'Most Bizarre' Ever Seen
89 A Single Concussion May Increase Parkinson's Risk
90 A Bunch of Rich Guys Want to Watch the Earth at All Times from Space
91 A Marijuana-Derived Drug Is on Track for FDA Approval
92 This Is Your Brain on Drugs (Really)
93 Dark Photons Probably Don't Exist, and if They Did, They'd Be Super Weird
94 Scientists Built a New Microscope to Watch Cells, and the Footage Is Breathtaking
95 UK Man with 'Worst Ever' Drug-Resistant Gonorrhea Is Now Cured
96 This Ice Is Nearly as Hot as the Sun. Scientists Have Now Made It on Earth.
97 CDC Says to Avoid All Romaine Lettuce Amid E. Coli Outbreak
98 Reference: Tooth Sensitivity: Causes, Remedies & Treatment
99 Reference: What Is CRISPR?
100 The Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week
101 Watch the Sky Fall Before the World 'Ends' on Monday
102 Famed Doctor Hans Asperger Helped with Nazi Child Euthanasia, Notes Reveal
103 This Woman's Kidney Fell into Her Pelvis Whenever She Stood Up: Here's Why
104 Here's How We Know the Big Bang Happened
105 Who Inherits the British Throne?
106 NASA Doesn't Know What Poked These Holes in the Arctic's Sea Ice
107 A Mysterious New Form of DNA Was Just Discovered in Human Cells
108 'Mind-Reading' Headset Lets You Control a Computer with Your Thoughts...Sort Of
109 Doctors Perform World's First Full Penis-and-Scrotum Transplant
110 Aliens on Super-Earth Planets Could Be Stuck There...Literally