File Title
1 Experience of black doctoral students underscores need for diversity in STEM
2 Scientists learn how to avoid a roadblock when reprogramming cells
3 Biomarker panel can guide treatment of brain cancer
4 Study finds humans and others exposed to prenatal stress have high stress levels after birth
5 Cancer risk rises as patients wait for diagnostic testing
6 Berkeley engineers build smallest volume, most efficient wireless nerve stimulator
7 A cosmic gorilla effect could blind the detection of aliens
8 Melting of Arctic mountain glaciers unprecedented in the past 400 years
9 Tiny distortions in universe's oldest light reveal strands in cosmic web
10 Scientists uncover details of viral infections that drive environmental, human health
11 New sodium-ion electrolyte may find use in solid-state batteries
12 Researchers inaugurate a new era of precision antimatter studies
13 Blood test may predict future risk of cardiovascular events
14 New study reveals that the center of the world's marine biodiversity is in danger
15 Thin engineered material perfectly redirects and reflects sound
16 Perovskite technology is scalable, but questions remain about the best methods
17 Professor Amitay receives Air Force grant to study flow separation on wing surfaces
18 Mini toolkit for measurements: New NIST chip hints at quantum sensors of the future
19 Marriage reduces depression in couples earning less than $60,000 per year, study finds
20 Scientists record brain activity of free-flying bats
21 Disparities in coastal stream restoration in central California
22 Patients with high-risk clinical features are at high risk for acute aortic dissection
23 Lack of vegetable choices in infant and toddler food is widespread
24 Impact of Medicare annual wellness visit on detection of cognitive impairment is minimal
25 Study says charisma trumped narcissism for voters in 2016 US presidential election
26 Contrast-enhanced subharmonic imaging detects prostate cancers not identified by MRI
27 Research suggests alternative treatment for beta blocker intolerant heart attack patients
28 Fathers missing in childhood obesity interventions, study finds
29 Optimized perception in the twilight zone
30 Life expectancy significantly worse in deprived areas
31 Sex and race disparities in cardiovascular health could be reduced
32 Hepatitis C: A novel point-of-care assay
33 Researchers propose a blockchain data network to boost manufacturing
34 New study shows invasive Chinese privet can be well controlled with lower concentrations of herbicide
35 Bugs, microbes and death can inform the living
36 Birds migrate away from diseases
37 Competing in a global innovation economy: The current state of R&D in Canada
38 How cheetahs outsmart lions and hyenas
39 Robust and inexpensive catalysts for hydrogen production
40 DNA testing can rapidly solve Legionnaires' disease outbreaks
41 Digital penicillin production
42 Weight loss is an important predictor of cancer
43 Cheaper, less toxic and recyclable light absorbers for hydrogen production
44 School-based yoga can help children better manage stress and anxiety
45 When enemies come to help
46 Scientists discover a link between superconductivity and the periodic table
47 From Vascular Medicine: Focus on vascular imaging and diagnostics
48 New class of drugs could help tackle treatment-resistant cancers
49 A tool based on the use of carbon nanoparticles enables detection of antidepressants in urine samples
50 Deciphering the 'mosaic' of the brain
51 Higher risk of infectious disease with both high and low cholesterol
52 How intestinal bacteria can affect your blood sugar and lipid levels
53 Polarization has strong impact on electrons, study shows
54 Early 'chemobrain' intervention needed for breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy
55 Using 'smart' algorithm to save energy bills--rain or shine
56 Social manufacturing to meet the need of picky and innovative 'prosumers'
57 Scientists develop haptic interface with 7 degrees of freedom
58 Looking into the past to find the solution for managing future demand
59 Machine learning offers new way of designing chiral crystals
60 Outback radio telescope listens in on interstellar visitor
61 Mount Sinai-led task force identifies ways US health care systems can learn from the world
62 Study: Women most at risk for heart failure weeks after giving birth
63 Newly discovered biomarkers could be key to predicting severity of brain tumor recurrence
64 New drug combo improves survival of women with rare uterine cancer
65 Cohesive neighborhoods, less spanking result in fewer child welfare visits
66 Study identifies new molecular target for treating deadly lung disease IPF
67 Genetic screening tool identifies how the flu infiltrates cells
68 Later school start times really do improve sleep time
69 Diamond-based circuits can take the heat for advanced applications
70 UTSA researchers explore little-known, deadly fungal infections
71 Gene jumpstarts regeneration of damaged nerve cells
72 Study highlights the health and economic benefits of a US salt reduction strategy
73 UEA research paints underwater pictures with sound
74 Hotter, longer, more frequent--marine heatwaves on the rise
75 Warning signs: New US health study reveals 'dangerous disparities' among states
76 Paralyzed patient feels sensation again
77 Tiny injectable sensor could provide unobtrusive, long-term alcohol monitoring
78 Alzheimer's disease redefined: New research framework defines Alzheimer's by brain changes, not symptoms
79 New biological research framework for Alzheimer's seeks to spur discovery
80 New method lets doctors quickly assess severity of brain injuries
81 Wide differences exist between states in impact of disease
82 Malnutrition, anemia among Rohingya children in Bangladesh refugee camp
83 Large-scale replication study challenges key evidence for the pro-active reading brain
84 Large-scale study links PCOS to mental health disorders
85 New Glasgow Coma Scale-pupils score and multifactor probability outcome charts
86 Concussion increases the risk of prolonged headache woes
87 Risk stages defined for children with chronic kidney disease
88 Gene that makes humans eat more sugar can also lower body fat
89 Does physical activity influence the health of future offspring?
90 US FDA sodium reformulation targets projected to save lives and costs
91 Enzyme LSD1 found to regulate muscle fiber type differentiation
92 How life generates new forms
93 3-D printed active metamaterials for sound and vibration control
94 It's not your fitness tracker--it's you
95 One-fifth of carbon entering coastal waters of eastern North America is buried
96 From property damage to lost production: How natural disasters impact economics
97 Research reveals new aspects of superconductivity and correlated phenomena
98 The changing chemistry of the Amazonian atmosphere
99 Research brief: Vaccines to treat opioid abuse and prevent fatal overdoses
100 Swamp microbe has pollution-munching power
101 EPA's IRIS program has made substantial progress, says new report
102 Thin, flexible polymers record 'conversations' deeper in the brain with less injury-risk
103 Some can combat dementia by enlisting still-healthy parts of the brain
104 Digital addiction increases loneliness, anxiety and depression
105 Scientists find excess mitochondrial iron, Huntington's disease link
106 Reconstruction of major North Atlantic circulation system shows weakening
107 Personalized tumor vaccine shows promise in pilot trial
108 New methodology helps study of promising targeted drug delivery scaffold
109 'Everything-repellent' coating could kidproof phones, homes
110 Road salt pollutes drinking water wells in suburban New York state