File Title
1 Humira does not improve aortic vascular inflammation in psoriasis patients
2 Ammunition with risks and side effects
3 Can a quantum drum vibrate and stand still at the same time?
4 Variations in placental microbiota appear related to premature birth
5 Ultrasound guidelines identify children who should be biopsied for thyroid cancer
6 Antithrombotic therapy in patients with atrial fibrillation before, after stroke
7 Clinical trial supports chiropractic care as component of care for low back pain
8 Drug used to treat daytime sleepiness does not appear to improve driving in those with sleep apnea
9 Women sometimes feel regret after electing to freeze their eggs
10 Cardiomyopathy mutation reduces heart's ability to vary pumping force, study reveals
11 Researchers operate lab-grown heart cells by remote control
12 Deep space radiation treatment reboots brain's immune system
13 Eczema drug effective against severe asthma
14 Reading the minds of pilots on the fly
15 Pregnancy drug DES might have triggered ADHD in the grandchildren of women who used it
16 Mice regrow brain tissue after stroke with bioengineered gel
17 Receptor proteins that respond to nicotine may help fat cells burn energy
18 Age-related racial disparity in suicide rates among US youth
19 Women with pregnancy-related diabetes may be at risk for chronic kidney disease
20 Researchers identify genetic variants that may predict glaucoma risk
21 Scientists reveal likely cause of childhood leukaemia
22 How to ethically conduct clinical research during public health emergencies
23 Vascular risk interacts with amyloid levels to increase age-related cognitive decline
24 Atomic-level study reveals why rare disorder causes sudden paralysis
25 Immune cells hold promise in slowing down ALS
26 Mediterranean diet may blunt air pollution's ill health effects
27 Neuron guidance factor found to play a key role in immune cell function
28 Hotter bodies fight infections and tumours better--researchers show how
29 Autism is not linked to eating fish in pregnacy
30 Screening may miss signs of autism, especially in girls: study
31 Exercise to stay young: 4-5 days a week to slow down your heart's aging
32 Ice cream funds research showing new strategy against thyroid cancer
33 Warning labels on alcohol containers highly deficient, new research shows
34 Casting light on better bowels
35 Schizophrenia more prevalent away from green spaces
36 Bladder cancer model could pave the way for better drug efficacy studies
37 Improving heart health could prevent frailty in old age
38 One in 10 parents say their child has gotten sick from spoiled or contaminated food
39 In breakthrough, surgeon builds windpipes from arteries
40 Anxious women may want to keep an eye on their bone health
41 Breath test breakthrough for early diagnosis of oesophageal and gastric cancer
42 Patients with high lipoprotein(a) levels may benefit from taking PCSK9 inhibitors
43 Another potential mechanism links androgen deprivation therapy to cardiovascular mortality
44 Nurse dead in Congo as Ebola vaccination campaign starts
45 Fetal MRI can reliably spot holoprosencephaly as early as 18 gestational weeks
46 One year's losses for child sexual abuse in US top $9 billion, new study suggests
47 New form of local anesthetic does not reduce opioid use or complications after knee surgery
48 High-nicotine dependent smokers 'less likely' to quit after lung cancer screening
49 Breath test shows promise for diagnosis of esophagogastric CA
50 Adding chiropractic to usual care beneficial for low back pain
51 Most teens, young women satisfied with IUD insertion
52 Estonia to map DNA of over 10% of population
53 Various clinical disturbances precede MS diagnosis
54 Two novel immune-response clusters identified to RSV
55 AUA: Many have unused opioids after urologic procedures
56 Molecular basis for varied presentations of ETEC explored
57 New hope for women with fistula injuries
58 Major fossil study sheds new light on emergence of early animal life 540 million years ago
59 Research suggests sweet potatoes didn't originate in the Americas as previously thought
60 Genome structure of dinosaurs discovered by bird-turtle comparisons
61 Hitler definitely died in 1945 according to new study of his teeth
62 NBA stars on losing teams follow fewer teammates on social media
63 How cognitive psychology and cultural sociology can benefit each other
64 Want to help your child succeed in school? Add language to the math, reading mix
65 Scientists analyze first ancient human DNA from Southeast Asia
66 Feeding habits of ancient elephant relatives uncovered from grass fragments stuck in their teeth
67 Study of prepublication disclosure shows some do and some don't
68 Archaeologists uncover earliest evidence for equid bit wear in the ancient Near East
69 A shipwreck and an 800-year-old 'made in China' label reveal lost history
70 Happiness makes hit songs: study
71 How does a one-ton dino hatch its eggs? Carefully
72 Researchers uncover genomic info linking extinct giant ground sloth to modern species
73 The evolution of language? There's an app for that
74 Where hominid brains are concerned, size doesn't matter
75 Nouns slow down our speech
76 How our ancestors with autistic traits led a revolution in Ice Age art
77 Jurassic fossil tail tells of missing link in crocodile family tree
78 The evolution of conflict resolution
79 DNA study reveals previously unknown diversity of leprosy strains in Medieval Europe
80 Stone Age hepatitis B virus decoded
81 Disenfranchisement study impacts new voting rights laws
82 Led a privileged working life? Then you're likely to have a pretty good third age
83 People voyaged to Australia by boat more than 50,000 years ago
84 Yellow Prince guitar sells for $225,000 in New York
85 Growing wealth gap between families with children and seniors
86 Rare bottles of whisky fetch record $1 million each at Hong Kong auction
87 Did Cambridge Analytica sway the election?
88 Why teams perform better with divergent perspectives
89 Consumers quickly learn what environmentally friendly looks like
90 How humans repress prejudices
91 'Undermatched' students less likely to graduate on time compared to peers
92 Germany returns grave-plundered artifacts to Alaska
93 Women are less likely to be replaced by robots and might even benefit from automation
94 Playing games to address conservation conflicts
95 Research reveals digital impact on journalists
96 Ancient human remains unearthed by archaeologist
97 Soho's 'unique' sexual character should be preserved, say researchers
98 Research shows how 'navigational hazards' in metro maps confuse travellers
99 Birds from different species recognize each other and cooperate
100 Humans may influence cancer in many other species on the planet
101 How animals holler
102 Profiling the genome hundreds of variations at a time
103 Study finds snap-lock mechanism in bacterial riboswitch
104 Study shows Plasmodium falciparum emerged earlier than thought and gives clues to how deadly parasites arise
105 Giant Chinese salamander is at least five distinct species, all heading toward extinction
106 Managed hunting can help maintain animal populations
107 Research offers new insights into malaria parasite
108 Giraffes surprise biologists yet again
109 Wisdom of the protists; electron flow tricks for controlling cancer
110 Insect gene allows reproductive organs to cope with harmful bacteria