File Title
1 Change to drug packaging could save lives of toddlers: Study
2 Experimental treatment is 'Achilles heel' for aggressive prostate tumors
3 Low levels of hormone linked to autism in boys, scientists say
4 Study: Exercise, cold exposure boost metabolism hormone
5 Earlier mammograms may mean less need for agressive treatments
6 Survey: Seniors say sex still matters despite woes of aging
7 AI outperforms experts at detecting leading cause of childhood blindness
8 Fast-food consumption can increase difficulty getting pregnant, study says
9 Loss of receptor cells can prompt strong itching from a light touch: Study
10 Saturated fat should be maximum 10 percent of diet, WHO says
11 Study: Excessive social media use could harm female self-esteem
12 Study suggests 'persistent reliance on opioids across all racial/ethnic groups'
13 FDA approves drug combination for aggressive thyroid cancer
14 Sleep-deprived kids at risk of obesity
15 'Smart dresser' might help dementia patients clothe themselves
16 Eggs don't increase cardiovascular risk for people with diabetes: Study
17 FDA requiring restaurants to post calorie counts
18 Psychological interventions can help treat chronic pain in seniors
19 After epilepsy, CBD efficacy unproven for most medical uses
20 Researchers develop cheap chip that detects illicit drugs
21 Antipsychotics may increase gestational diabetes risk during pregnancy
22 Generic drugs don't always push prices down
23 Many teens switch from hi-cal sodas to hi-cal sports drinks
24 Even mild concussion tied to greater dementia risk later
25 Programs to monitor opioid drug use may drive some to heroin: Study
26 Biomarker may help diagnose lung cancer earlier
27 Study: Dementia risks include marital status, BMI, sleep
28 Study: Uterine cancer survivors have greater risk of cardiovascular problems
29 Non-opioid painkillers underused following back surgery
30 Study: Drinking more water doesn't slow kidney disease
31 Prostate screening an individual decision for men over 55, panel says
32 A bone drug may be used to treat baldness
33 New device cleared for gastrointestinal bleeding
34 Money worries have more Americans anxious, survey finds
35 Air pollution, cold may post threat to women's heart health: Study
36 Type 1 diabetic mice treated with engineered human pancreatic cells
37 Anxiety levels linked to increased bone fractures in older women
38 Gene therapy prevents heart arrhythmia in test with mice
39 Video games a mixed blessing for autistic children, survey says
40 PTSD may raise odds for irregular heartbeat
41 Infants know real 'baby talk' when they hear it
42 Teen sexting often tied to past sexual abuse
43 Hardest part of work for autistic adults is getting a job, survey says
44 CDC: Nearly 150 sickened by E. coli-tainted lettuce
45 Study suggests surgery for spinal compression fracture ineffective
46 Multigene test increasingly used to assess breast cancer risk
47 Depression may have negative effect on memory
48 Women's pelvic floor surgery not always long-term fix
49 Cancer doctors want more research on medical marijuana
50 After-school programs a blessing for kids with ADHD
51 Add heart check to annual ob-gyn visit, experts say
52 Social engagement, good health key to making life with dementia bearable: Study
53 Alcohol, tobacco bigger health risk than illegal drugs
54 A healthy diet can improve hearing in women, research shows
55 Depression rates among youth in U.S. higher than ever
56 U.S. seniors dying from falls at a higher rate
57 Hair products used by black women may affect hormones
58 Breaks from osteoporosis drugs linked to greater risk of fractures
59 Antibiotics tied to higher kidney stone risk
60 Appalachian states expand clean-needle programs amid opioid crisis
61 More U.S. parents smoking pot around kids as leglization spreads
62 Parents OK with violence in PG-13 movies if it's 'justified'
63 Study: Payouts, perks linked to doctor's opioid prescription levels
64 Practicality beats bling for women seeking lifelong mate, study says
65 Doctors should avoid use of IV-delivered opioids, researchers say
66 Use of MS drug expanded to include children
67 Dirty air in pregnancy may raise kid's blood pressure risk
68 Study: Yogurt might lessen chronic inflammation
69 U.S. stillbirths, newborn deaths down 11.5% in study
70 Study links rheumatoid arthritis, Huntington's disease
71 Mathematical method could automatize, enhance breast cancer diagnosis
72 'Superbug' surfaces at poultry farm in China
73 Leading cause of female infertility linked to hormone exposure in womb
74 FDA approves biosimilar drug for anemia treatment
75 Survey: Companies not doing enough to combat sexual harassment
76 Millions try e-cigarettes, but many stop
77 Colon polyp type may be key to cancer risk
78 Fewer antibiotics, more ADHD drugs prescribed for kids
79 Study: Body clock disruption linked to mood disorders
80 Study: Drug to treat bleeding may reduce stroke deaths
81 AI detects stroke, dementia from brain scans
82 Wide variation found in heart-related death rate at VA hospitals: Study
83 Attempted suicide in kids, teens doubled in last decade: Study
84 SpaceX Dragon successfully splashes down in Pacific Ocean
85 Mars-bound CubeSats send first signals from space
86 Captive carnivores follow the same mating schedule as their wild relatives
87 The sun will become a planetary nebula after it dies, astronomers predict
88 It's never cloudy on this newly discovered exoplanet
89 Large predators are showing up in surprising places
90 Researchers train spider to jump on command
91 Astronomers find young planet in distant binary star system
92 New CRISPR platform to make gene-editing more precise
93 Fertile and long-living: Termite queen defies limits of biology
94 Spring brings phytoplankton blooms to North Sea
95 East African cave yields evidence of innovations beginning 67,000 years ago
96 Hostility toward minorities can spread like a contagious disease
97 Scientists devise new model for origins of Darwin's finches
98 Farming techniques, not fungus, explain success of leafcutter ants
99 New model to help producers meet global emission reduction targets
100 Female wombats indicate fertility by biting males
101 Highway noise alters monarch butterfly's stress response, could affect migration
102 Musk sets goal for two flights in 24 hours with same Falcon 9 rocket
103 Astronomers find X-ray pulsar in record-fast orbit
104 78-foot wave off New Zealand largest ever in Southern Hemisphere
105 SpaceX's Block 5 launches, lands safely, delivers satellite into orbit
106 Jurassic fossil tail provides missing link in ancient crocodile family tree
107 Sensitive ice stream has been draining Greenland glaciers for 45,000 years
108 Scientists use mini tractor beam to build tissue out of artificial cells
109 Plumes of ocean spray are emanating from Jupiter's moon Europa
110 Trait tied to autism may explain emergence of realistic art