File Title
1 US environment agency pushes to limit its use of non-public data
2 France's science minister says she's putting research at the centre of Macron's government
3 Giving at-risk children pre-emptive antibiotics reduces deaths
4 Billion-star map of Milky Way set to transform astronomy
5 Can the world kick its fossil-fuel addiction fast enough?
6 Singapore bets big on synthetic biology
7 Planet-hunter launch, epilepsy drug and NASA's next chief
8 Universe's first moments mimicked with ultracool atoms
9 Incredibly detailed embryo maps chart each cell's developmental fate
10 Mars quakes set to reveal tantalizing clues to planet's early years
11 Chinese physician released after 3 months in jail for criticizing a traditional medicine
12 South Korea's most-destructive quake probably triggered by geothermal plant
13 Physicists in Earth's remotest corners race to reproduce 'cosmic dawn' signal
14 Scientists hail European ban on bee-harming pesticides
15 Harassment and discrimination allegations roil a top US biomedical institute
16 Science in North Korea: how easing the nuclear stand-off might bolster research
17 Brazil's lawmakers renew push to weaken environmental rules
18 Scientists downsize bold plan to make human genome from scratch
19 Building embryos, the fear response in mice, and an ancient rhino
20 Astronomers spot helium on exoplanet for first time
21 North Korea's nuclear site, Mars rocks and CRISPR arguments
22 Colombia: after the violence
23 Report harassment or risk losing funding, says top UK science funder
24 Yellowstone's grizzlies under threat from controversial hunting proposal
25 100-billion euro budget proposed for Europe's next big research programme
26 Water filter inspired by Alan Turing passes first test
27 Particle physicists turn to AI to cope with CERN's collision deluge
28 Universe's coolest lab set to open up quantum world
29 Cancer-killing viruses show promise--and draw billion-dollar investment
30 How science will suffer as US pulls out of Iran nuclear deal
31 AI neuroscience, liquid crystals, and depression in academia
32 Deadly dust storms, insect diseases and Nature's new editor
33 Australian budget delivers for science facilities and medical research
34 AI recreates activity patterns that brain cells use in navigation
35 How to save the high seas
36 Radar reveals North Korea's nuclear test moved a mountain
37 Wikipedia's top-cited scholarly articles--revealed
38 Why it's hard to prove gender discrimination in science
39 Sacked Japanese biologist gets chance to retrain at Crick institute
40 When and Where Advanced Photovoltaics Are Economic to Install
41 Jupiter's Ganymede: A Moon like No Other
42 ESO Supernova Planetarium & Visitor Center Officially Opens
43 Yale Physicists Discover Signs of a Time Crystal
44 Geomorphic Evidence for Water on Ancient Mars
45 Toxic Volcanic Lake Microbes Could Hold Clues to Life on Mars
46 Researchers Uncover New Evidence of the Kingdom of David and Solomon
47 Organic Pigment Photocapacitors May Restore Sight to Blind People
48 Stephen Hawking's Final Theory About the Big Bang
49 Kilopower: A Gateway to Abundant Power for Space Exploration
50 Chandra Identifies Sun-Like Stars in Stellar Cluster NGC 6231
51 Amazing Chandra X-Ray Observatory Images from 2018
52 Study Shows Early HIV Treatment Helps Halt Brain Damage
53 Scientists Reveal the First Bird Beak, 3D Skull of Ichthyornis Dispar
54 New Research Shows Fasting Boosts Stem Cells' Regenerative Capacity
55 Hubble Detects Helium in the Atmosphere of Exoplanet WASP-107b
56 Astronomers Detect Massive Clusters of Galaxies in the Early Universe
57 NASA ScienceCasts: New Science and Images from Jupiter
58 GEDI Laser Instrument Moves Toward Launch to Space Station
59 Chemical Engineers Reveal How to Control Knots that Form in DNA Molecules
60 Unexpected Burst of Newborn Stars Puzzles Astronomers
61 View Some of the Best Images of Stars Ever Captured by the ESO
62 Turtle and Lizard Brains Shed Light on Human Brain Evolution
63 Hubble Image of the Week--Galaxy Cluster RXC J0032.1+1808
64 NASA's InSight Launches, Will Study the Heart of the Red Planet
65 Cryptographic System Could Enable Crowdsourced Genomics
66 Bacterium Thioglobus Perditus Gains Energy from Sulfur
67 Astronomers Discover a Cloud-Free 'Hot Saturn' Exoplanet, WASP-96b
68 Mars' Growth Stunted by Planetary Instability, Could Have Become Habitable
69 Astronomers Predict What Will Happen When Our Sun Dies
70 Cassini Image of Saturn's Rings with Mimas, Janus and Tethys
71 Scientists Discover Gene Function Linked to Familial ALS
72 Astronomers Discover Exiled Asteroid in Outer Reaches of Solar System
73 Physicists Discover Previously Undetected Energy in the Sun's Coronal Loops
74 Cave Site Reveals 78,000-Year-Old Record of Stone Age Innovation
75 Atmospheric Seasonal Changes Could Signal Alien Life on Exoplanets
76 How Energy Dissipates Outside Earth's Magnetic Field
77 New Approach Helps Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Explore
78 Exercise Stimulates the Heart to Make New Muscle Cells
79 New Method Uses Vitamin D to Treat Diabetes and Protect [beta] Cells
80 Scientists Discover New Magnetic Process in Turbulent Space
81 Physicists Devise New Diagnostic for Particle Accelerators
82 Scientists Discover Gigantic Solar Rossby Waves on the Sun
83 Helium Discovered in the Eroding Atmosphere of an Exoplanet
84 NICER Mission Discovers Ultracompact Orbit of an Accreting Millisecond Pulsar
85 Juno Image Captures Dynamic Nature of Jupiter's Northern Temperate Belt
86 CRISPR-Based Treatment Restores Retinal Function in Mice
87 Jurassic Fossil Links Ancient Crocodiles with Dolphin-Like Animals
88 Next-Gen. LISA Gravitational Wave Detector Will Complement LIGO
89 NASA Will Host Live Discussion about Europa Findings, Potential for Life
90 NASA is Sending a Helicopter to Mars on Next Red Planet Rover Mission
91 Coffee Consumption During Pregnancy Linked to Child Obesity
92 Hubble Telescope Image of the Week--a Spiral Disguised
93 New Research Shows Life Could Be Common Throughout the Multiverse
94 Variation of PM20D1 Gene Linked to Increased Risk of Developing Alzheimer's Disease
95 Researchers Develop a Fuel Cell that Uses Lignin
96 Hormones identified that act against diabetes, obesity in mice
97 NIH seeks to enroll 1 million for personalized healthcare research
98 Fentanyl leading cause of drug overdose deaths in U.S., study says
99 Study: Speed of heart attack treatment varies by state
100 Living near a farm could help prevent allergies
101 Ecstasy effective for some PTSD patients in small study
102 Blood type could increase death risk after severe injuries
103 Survey: Payments could curb teen urge to use phone while driving
104 Hospitals in U.S. experience shortage of critical opioid drugs, survey shows
105 Prosthetic retina using organic pigment may restore sight to blind people
106 Map of brain-to-spinal cord nerve connections offers new hope for repairs
107 Millennials, young people tan despite cancer risk: Study
108 Sauna use may lower stroke risk by 60 percent
109 Children of youngest, oldest moms at higher risk for developmental issues
110 New test for peanut allergy more accurate, safe than current tests