File Title
1 Simple post-surgery step reduces bladder cancer recurrence
2 New biomarker identified for early diagnosis of lung cancer
3 Age, marital status, BMI and sleep associated with risk for dementia
4 New study provides insight into blood signatures of inflammation
5 Uterine cancer survivors are more likely to have cardiovascular problems
6 Patients and families who experience delirium report more distress than those who do not
7 Fringe benefits: Side effects of an immunosuppressant lead to treatment for hair loss
8 Our vulnerable nervous system: What affects its protective sheaths?
9 Fringe benefits: Drug side effects could treat human hair loss
10 Malaria parasite accumulates undetected in bone marrow
11 Scientists train spider to jump on demand to discover secrets of animal movement
12 Cellular reprogramming approach promotes muscle regeneration in injured mice
13 Watch how a T cell passes HIV sexually to a new host
14 York U researcher identifies 15 new species of stealthy cuckoo bees
15 Synchronizing cochlear signals stimulates brain to 'hear' in stereo
16 Tissue-engineered human pancreatic cells successfully treat diabetic mice
17 Amplification of key cellular organizer may initiate cancer, study suggests
18 A new approach to patient safety proactively addresses common health care system successes
19 New shrew species discovered on 'sky island' in Philippines
20 Impaired brain pathways may cause attention problems after stroke
21 Can chimpanzee vocalizations reveal the origins of human language?
22 What does a 'normal' voice sound like?
23 Decoding tornadoes' infrasound waves
24 Gene disruption signals cerebral palsy and autism link
25 Chinese scientists generate a high-quality wheat A genome sequence
26 Kenyan cave sheds new light on dawn of modern man
27 TGen develops quality-control test for detecting cancer in blood
28 UTA study finds art therapy helps veterans cope with trauma
29 New research shows how Indo-European languages spread across Asia
30 Lesbian, bisexual women may be more likely to develop diabetes due to stress
31 Gene study spots clues to heart risk for statin patients
32 Neuroinflammation seen in spinal cord, nerve roots of patients with chronic sciatica
33 NASA spacecraft finds new type of magnetic explosion
34 Progress in posttraumatic stress disorder--Increased understanding points to new approaches for PTSD prevention and treatment
35 Religious left mobilized in solidarity for Women's March on Chicago, study finds
36 Operating on brain gliomas by detecting the 'glow'
37 Idle talk or fierce competition? Research finds women use gossip as a weapon in rivalries
38 University of Michigan professor, graduate work together to empower Sudanese women
39 Step aside Superman, steel is no competition for this new material
40 For stroke victims, brain magnetic stimulation leads to improved walking speed
41 Facebook app offers opportunity to help unpaid Alzheimer's caregivers via friendsourcing
42 NASA spacecraft discovers new magnetic process in turbulent space
43 Atmospheric seasons could signal alien life
44 Genetic counseling and testing proposed for patients with the brain tumor medulloblastoma
45 'Top-ranked' reviewers aren't the top influencers when it comes to online sales
46 The joy of neurons: A simplified 'cookbook' for engineering brain cells to study disease
47 Revealing the mysteries of superconductors: Ames Lab's new scope takes a closer look
48 The slipperiness of ice explained
49 Microwaved plastic increases lithium-sulfur battery lifespan
50 For food-aid recipients, information is power
51 Beavers do dam good work cleaning water, research reveals
52 New gene therapy sparks healthy heart beats
53 Study may help explain racial disparities in prostate cancer
54 Climate geoengineering research should include developing countries
55 Study reveals challenges of menstrual hygiene management in emergencies
56 A detective story of wildfires and wine
57 Mass vaccinations will not prevent Ebolavirus outbreaks, new research shows
58 Red Sea fungus yields leads for new epilepsy drugs
59 How to use limited bandwidth more efficiently? Think like a cave-dwelling fish
60 Breakdown of brain's visual networks linked to mental illness
61 Climate change may even threaten one of the world's most resilient lizards
62 'Peace has only recently become the prime objective of politics'
63 Battery-free 'smart' toys move closer to commercial reality (video)
64 Words matter: Stigmatizing language in medical records may affect the care a patient receives
65 An AI oncologist to help cancer patients worldwide
66 For how long will the USA remain the Nobel Prize leader?
67 Nutmeg's hidden power: Helping the liver
68 Leafcutter ants' success due to more than crop selection
69 How even one automated, connected vehicle can improve safety and save energy in traffic
70 Penn experts call for safeguards if Medicaid work requirement policies prevail
71 UTSA researcher identifies barriers impacting PrEP use among Latino gay and bisexual men
72 Getting health data sharing off the ground
73 Adversity early in life linked with more physical pain in adulthood
74 New study demonstrates toll of anxiety on bone health
75 Penn engineer make drug microparticles a thousand times faster than ever before
76 Stress helps unlearn fear
77 500-year-old Leaning Tower of Pisa mystery unveiled by engineers
78 Mixed forests: Ecologically and economically superior
79 Shiga toxin-producing E. coli in food
80 The Big Bell Test: Participatory science puts quantum physics to the test
81 Microbes are savvy investors when contributing to the common good
82 People with OCD process emotions differently than their unaffected siblings
83 Occupational exposures linked with increased risk of COPD
84 Brood parasitism in fish
85 Fish in schools can take it easy
86 Hostility towards minorities can be contagious
87 Breeding benefits when love bites wombats on the butt
88 Visualization of molecular soccer balls
89 New research reveals how energy dissipates outside Earth's magnetic field
90 Axial reports findings of elevated 4-EPS in children with ASD
91 X-ray laser opens new view on Alzheimer's proteins
92 The weak side of the proton
93 Unlocking cancer's secrets using the 'social networks' of cells
94 Major enhancement to in vitro testing of human liver-stage malaria
95 Lab-on-a-chip device mimics eye damage due to intense light
96 New CAR T case study shows promise in acute myeloid leukemia
97 New tool predicts deadly form of rare cancer
98 New polymer manufacturing process saves 10 orders of magnitude of energy
99 Powerful hurricanes strengthen faster now than 30 years ago
100 Heart failure: The Alzheimer's disease of the heart?
101 Computer-designed customized regenerative heart valves
102 Basing everyday decisions on risk of pain or loss linked to increased anxiety
103 Human MAIT cells sense the metabolic state of enteric bacteria
104 Tiny fossils unlock clues to Earth's climate half a billion years ago
105 Depression linked to memory problems and brain aging
106 Vaginal estradiol tablets outperform moisturizers when treating vulvovaginal problems
107 Spinal fluid could be used to predict the progression of multiple sclerosis, study finds
108 White shark researchers tap data from electronic tags to gain insights into survival rates
109 In-person training proves most effective method to educate laypeople in bleeding control
110 Should the number of GP's patient consultations be capped?