File Title
1 Built for speed: DNA nanomachines take a (rapid) step forward
2 Protecting confidentiality in genomic studies
3 Kidney cells from amniotic fluid obtained from cesarean section at delivery
4 New approach in the fight against antibiotic resistance
5 Better together: Merged microscope offers unprecedented look at biological processes
6 Global tourism carbon footprint quantified in world first
7 Vigorous exercise reduces tiredness in testicular cancer survivors
8 Leukemia protective role of Y chromosome gene discovered
9 Astronomers find exoplanet atmosphere free of clouds
10 Eggs not linked to cardiovascular risk, despite conflicting advice
11 Why people become more prone to distraction with age
12 Scientists make strong, super-tough carbon sheets at low temperature
13 For mothers with advanced cancer, parenting concerns affect emotional well-being
14 Could reading our circadian clocks according to DNA repair optimize chemotherapy?
15 Are psychological interventions associated with chronic pain outcomes?
16 Is dementia risk increased among veterans after mild TBI without loss of consciousness?
17 Preclinical M.D. Anderson study suggests ARID1a may be useful biomarker for immunotherapy
18 Dementia risk doubles following concussion, UCSF study shows
19 Very-low-carb diet shows promise in type 1 diabetes
20 Prescription drug monitoring programs may have negative unintended consequences
21 Proper burial of dead cells limits inflammation
22 Vulnerable communities may be adversely affected by the transition to cleaner energy
23 Researchers say issues of dementia and gun ownership need more discussion
24 Taking CRISPR from clipping scissors to word processor
25 Hypertensive patients may benefit from folic acid supplements
26 Breakthrough bioelectronic medicine discovery made by decoding immune system's neural signals
27 Parenting concerns create challenges for mothers with advanced cancer and dependent children
28 Generic options provide limited savings for expensive drugs
29 Police violence takes 'substantial' toll on youth and people of color
30 Many US Airbnb venues may be falling short on fire safety, finds snapshot survey
31 Brain cholesterol associated with increased risk of Alzheimer's disease
32 New study links strong pupillary light reflex in infancy to later autism diagnosis
33 Earth's orbital changes have influenced climate, life forms for at least 215 million years
34 New study finds climate change threatens Marine Protected Areas
35 Neuro filter sharpens visual processing
36 Simple treatment may minimize hearing loss triggered by loud noises
37 Could seismology equipment help to protect elephants from poachers?
38 Nuclear pore functions are essential for T cell survival
39 Flexible, wearable oral sodium sensor could help improve hypertension control
40 Thank brain for gratitude
41 A new molecular target identified in depression
42 Importing food damages domestic environment
43 Higher risks associated with vaginal birth after cesarean, although absolute risk small
44 Can 'local acoustic treatment' reduce speech distraction within open-plan offices?
45 By 2030, prostate and lung cancers expected to be most common cancers among HIV population [plus other topics]
46 Self-driving cars for country roads
47 Children hospitalized for injuries have increased mental health needs
48 Cells change tension to make tissue barriers easier to get through
49 Marine animals can hear us swim, kayak and scuba dive
50 Study: Use of some antipsychotics during pregnancy may raise risk of gestational diabetes
51 Study shows family psychiatric history increases risk of postpartum psychiatric episodes
52 Scientists observe stronger-than-binary correlations with entangled photonic qutrits
53 USTC develops all-optically controlled non-reciprocal multifunctional photonic devices
54 The far-reaching effects of ocean floors on the sea surface
55 Hunting dogs may benefit from antioxidant boost in diet
56 Stay safe, take the bus
57 Study looks at barriers to getting treatment for substance use disorders
58 Leopard meals: Females go for diversity
59 Blocking the molecular source of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
60 Texas A&M study links breast cancer to the body's internal clock
61 ONC201 kills breast cancer cells in vitro by targeting mitochondria
62 Metastasis enablers: Findings could unlock new ovarian cancer treatments
63 Inequality is normal: Dominance of the big trees
64 MRI 'glove' provides new look at hand anatomy
65 Migratory animals carry more parasites, says study
66 For women with history of pregnancy loss, walking may aid chance of becoming pregnant
67 New research: Some gut bacteria may protect against intestinal infection
68 Does HPV vaccination prevent the development of cervical cancer?
69 Theory for one type of superconductor solves puzzle in another
70 Why does the corona sizzle at 1 million degrees F? NJIT's Gregory Fleishman is unearthing clues
71 Invasive procedures should be reserved for a sub-group of acid reflux patients, study says
72 Equal subsidies 'surprisingly powerful,' in promoting use of gold-standard medications
73 At the forefront of developing new insights into peacebuilding
74 Overpopulation of free-roaming cats drives hunt for better contraceptive
75 Researchers use 'League of Legends' to gain insights into mental models
76 Researchers discover cellular messengers communicate with bacteria in the mouth
77 Drinking more water does not slow decline of kidney function for kidney disease patients
78 Scientists can measure population change through chemicals found in feces
79 Financial strain has major impact on patients' health care decisions
80 Regulation of the Hoxb gene cluster maintains blood-forming cells and inhibits leukemia
81 An innovation that opens horizons for greenhouse gases' remote monitoring
82 Despite mutations in Makona Ebola virus, disease consistent in mice, monkeys
83 Switching off insatiable hunger
84 The secret of a long life
85 A national conversation is essential to addressing challenging needs of an aging population
86 Agile Implementation: Reengineering dissemination of healthcare in the US
87 Tech bends light more efficiently, offers wider angles for light input
88 Cell phones at summer camp: Research explores the effects
89 Researchers use emojis to develop a modern face scale for product testing
90 Voltage loss in cable bacteria
91 New research unveils bird migration strategies
92 Many Airbnb venues lack basic safety protections, new study suggests
93 Influence of technology acquisition on organizational performance studied in Iran
94 Troubling stats for kids with intellectual disabilities
95 A new mechanism for neurodegeneration in a form of dementia
96 Type of maternal homework assistance affects child's persistence
97 Carbon satellite to serve as an important tool for politicians and climate change experts
98 Heartbeat out of sync
99 Machine learning flags emerging pathogens
100 Symptoms of osteoarthritis lessened with simple changes to the diet
101 Transitional methods for determining causes of death
102 Symmetry is essential for power network synchronization
103 Tracing the footprints of a tumor: Genomic 'scars' allow cancer profiling
104 Unexpected behavior of atom clouds challenges existing theories
105 Scientists dive into museum collections to reveal the invasion route of a small crustacean
106 Majority of the population trusts state structures in consumer health protection
107 Polarized light: A simple route to highly chiral materials
108 Prolonged exposure to air pollution leads to genetic changes in rat brains, study finds
109 Researchers improve textile composite manufacturing
110 Living in better neighborhood may protect health of kids in poverty