File Title
1 Discovery of compounds that keep plants fresh
2 Low bending loss waveguide opens the avenue to downsizing of 3-D photonic integrated circuits
3 Wind-wave map of East China Sea comes out
4 Researchers develop more comprehensive acoustic scene analysis method
5 New clues to help restore fertility in women with disabling ovary disorder
6 Research ties persistence of 'white flight' to race, not socioeconomic factors
7 Substance that guides ant trail is produced by symbiotic bacteria
8 Seeking hidden responders
9 Study: Medicaid expansion has no negative effect on cardiovascular procedural outcomes
10 Intergenerational trauma evident in offspring caring for Holocaust survivor parents
11 Study: Almost 100 million adults have COPD in China
12 Food packaging could be negatively affecting nutrient absorption in your body
13 Survival strategy: How one enzyme helps bacteria recover from exposure to antibiotics
14 Scientists decry lack of science in 'forensic science'
15 Move over fake news: Hostile neighbors pose big threats to governance
16 An oil-eating bacterium that can help clean up pollution and spills
17 High efficiency solar power conversion allowed by a novel composite material
18 First dynamic spine brace--robotic spine exoskeleton--characterizes spine deformities
19 Doing the nano-shimmy
20 Developmental scars
21 Study sheds new light on how bilinguals process language
22 Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, unless you are an app developer
23 Research links anti-immigrant prejudice to mortality risk
24 Common genetic variant linked to AFib risk in Latinos
25 Binge-eating mice reveal obesity clues
26 The dark secrets of social media dark patterns
27 Removing the brakes on plant oil production
28 Urban growth leads to shorter, more intense wet seasons in Florida peninsula
29 Toxins produced by e-cigarettes vary by flavor
30 Solid research leads physicists to propose new state of matter
31 Ultra-powerful batteries made safer, more efficient
32 Hundreds of thousands of Kentucky residents could lose Medicaid under the work demonstration project
33 Lingering negative responses to stress linked with health a decade later
34 Those living near oil and gas facilities may be at higher risk of disease
35 New source of global nitrogen discovered: Earth's bedrock
36 Corn hybrids with high yields come with more variability
37 Advancing the science of smell--with a hint of musk
38 Controlling blood pressure even when older can prevent dementia in African-Americans
39 Brewing up Earth's earliest life
40 Studies show hookah also plays critical role in tobacco product landscape
41 Rats sniff out TB in children
42 Four in one: Chemical analysis technique gets major upgrade from Russian scientists
43 The absence of a single mitochondrial protein causes severe inflammation
44 Gender gap in academic medicine has negative impact, but there are simple solutions
45 The largest catalog ever published of very high energy gamma ray sources in the galaxy
46 Associating frailty to cardiovascular disease and mortality
47 20-year-old mystery of malaria vaccine target solved
48 Fatty liver under stress
49 A UC3M study analyzes the keys to fragmentation of metallic materials
50 Geoengineering risks losers as well as winners for climate and wildfire risks
51 Tiny nanomachine successfully completes test drive
52 Phononic SEIRA--enhancing light-molecule interactions via crystal lattice vibrations
53 KAIST discloses the formation of burning ice in oceanic clay rich sediment
54 Antiepileptic drugs increase risk of Alzheimer's and dementia
55 Like babies, eggs send signals when 'hungry'
56 Shaking up megathrust earthquakes with slow slip and fluid drainage
57 Scientists fix genetic risk factor for Alzheimer's disease in human brain cells
58 Scientists tweak CRISPR to speed up genomic editing
59 To shore up beaches, just add sand?
60 Prominent academics, including Salk's Thomas Albright, call for more science in forensic science
61 NIH scientists develop macaque model to study Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever
62 New cardiac imaging technique shortens testing time, improves patient comfort
63 There's no such thing as oversharing in conservation
64 The 'immuno revolution': Turning up the heat on resistant tumors
65 ALS, rare dementia share genetic link
66 Increased risk of unnatural death to people with epilepsy found
67 Spoken language reveals how people develop and mature
68 Wheat research discovery yields genetic secrets that could shape future crops
69 Breast cancer therapy: All clear for the heart
70 Resistance training enhances recycling capacity in muscles
71 Bloodless revolution in diabetes monitoring
72 Why expressive brows might have mattered in human evolution
73 Biomarker helps identify 'window of opportunity' for cancer chemotherapy timing
74 Human drugs could help treat transmissible cancers in Tasmanian devils
75 Study finds how fat tissue shunts energy to tumors
76 Vaccination apathy fueled by decades of misinformation
77 Study examines associations of prenatal SSRI exposure, fetal brain development
78 Payments to doctors linked to prescription practices for two cancer types
79 Study confirms that inflammation during pregnancy is linked to baby's brain
80 Physical activity helps fight genetic risk of heart disease, Stanford-led study finds
81 Blood flow is a major influence on tumor cell metastasis
82 Researchers locate circadian clock that controls daily rhythms of aggression
83 UK giant ichthyosaur is one of the largest animals ever
84 An advance for precision medicine
85 Man develops severe 'thunderclap' headaches after eating world's hottest chili pepper
86 Stop prioritizing the car to tackle childhood obesity, governments/planners urged
87 Novel hormone replacement therapy trial demonstrates improved memory function in adrenal patients
88 UCSF researcher identifies risk genes for ALS
89 How tumors caused by STD quickly regress in dogs
90 Why the Tasmanian devil might be more susceptible to transmissible cancers
91 Rare brain disease in children: Major breakthroughs in Rasmussen's encephalitis
92 Public awareness of cancer drug shortages is low
93 Study: Topical antibiotic triggers unexpected antiviral response
94 When heart disease runs in the family, exercise may be best defense
95 Why some beetles like alcohol
96 Review by researcher calls for pill testing to be part of Australia's Drug Strategy
97 First human migration out of Africa more geographically widespread than previously thought
98 Rats, cats, and people trade-off as main course for mosquitoes in Baltimore, Md.
99 Kids with regular health care less likely to have life-threatening diabetic ketoacidosis
100 Oral sirolimus alters the course of DIPNECH syndrome in three patients [plus another topic]
101 Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality releases early findings from EvidenceNOW
102 Delivery system considerations for inhaled medications undermined in patients with COPD
103 Even short travel can spread colistin-resistant bacteria
104 Researchers find doubling shelter cats' space radically reduces upper respiratory disease
105 Absence of a transcription factor halts tooth development in mid-stride
106 Study confirms link between traumatic brain injury and dementia
107 Two Colorado studies find resistance mechanisms in ALK+ and ROS1+ cancers
108 Nanoparticles for lung cancer pass next test
109 Vampire bats' bloody teamwork
110 Making computer animation more agile, acrobatic--and realistic