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2 Around a million fewer people moved house in the 2000s than in the 1970s
3 Genomics is disrupting the healthcare sector
4 Targeted 'click-to-release' chemotherapy gives good results in mice
5 How low is too low? Experts debate blood pressure targets in post-SPRINT era
6 First robotic system plays tic tac toe to improve task performance
7 Nanoscale measurements 100x more precise, thanks to improved two-photon technique
8 Study shows minorities widely underrepresented in autism diagnoses
9 Greenhouse gas 'feedback loop' discovered in freshwater lakes
10 Expert disease detective unravels mysterious illness that killed famed 12th century sultan
11 Making new layered superconductors using high entropy alloys
12 Molecular movies of RNA guide drug discovery
13 Osteoporosis drug could be used to treat aggressive form of breast cancer, researchers say
14 Laser-driven electron recollision remembers molecular orbital structure
15 Line-1 modes of nuclear entrance and retrotransposition
16 Placental ALLO levels rise during pregnancy and peak as fetuses approach full term
17 EPO protects preemies' brains by modifying genes essential for generating new brain cells
18 COstatus monitor provides direct measure of neonates' cardiac output
19 Which targeted nutritional approaches can bolster micro-preemies' brain development?
20 Depression among parents of newborns can persist 6 months after NICU discharge
21 Stricter state firearms laws associated with lower pediatric mortality rates from firearms
22 Long-term effects of pre-birth exposure to anti-depressants 12 years later
23 New studies measure screen-based media use in children
24 Few transgender teens and parents willing to delay hormone therapy to preserve fertility
25 Reduction in federal funding could reduce quality of specialized pediatric care
26 Study shows early family and community support are essential to children's academic success
27 Factors associated with sexual coercion among adolescents in rural communities
28 Training pediatricians critical to improving quality of care for transgender youth
29 Correlation between secondhand marijuana and tobacco smoke exposure and children ED visits
30 Mothers of children born with NAS are more likely to experience mental health problems
31 Study uses eye tracking to assess receptive language in children
32 At-risk adolescents are less likely to express depression on social media as they age
33 Influenza vaccine delays are a problem for pediatricians
34 Study examines impact of extended maternity leave on breastfeeding in active duty mothers
35 Survey finds many adolescents are not talking to their doctors and parents about sex
36 Study shows barriers exist for Texas adolescents seeking emergency contraception
37 Visual homing for micro aerial vehicles using scene familiarity
38 Ontology-based surgical subtask automation, automating blunt dissection
39 HKU discovers important interaction between land use and climate change in driving species distribution shifts
40 Novel techniques for three-dimensional visualization of microscopic structures in the human brain
41 Oilseed crop's waste product yields compounds that protect skin from the sun
42 UCalgary scientists discover a new way to battle multiple sclerosis
43 Will automated vehicles take the stress out of driving? Research says 'don't count on it'
44 New software, HyperTools, transforms complex data into visualizable shapes
45 Study discovers new molecular mechanism likely involved in cancer metastasis
46 New breakthrough paving the way for universal Ebola therapeutic
47 Researchers find genetic 'dial' can control body size in pigs
48 Planetary waves similar to those that control weather on Earth discovered on sun
49 The effect of night shifts: Gene expression fails to adapt to new sleep patterns
50 New CRISPR technology 'knocks out' yeast genes with single-point precision
51 Study finds possibility of new ways to treat, manage epilepsy seizures
52 Stomata--the plant pores that give us life--arise thanks to a gene called MUTE
53 Transistor fabrication onto curved surface means turn toward better diabetes therapy
54 A new connection between glucose and lipid regulation in cancer metabolism
55 Understanding how DNA is selectively tagged with 'do not use' marks
56 Building better beta peptides
57 Reflecting on possessions can curb people's impulse buying
58 25 years of fossil collecting yields clearest picture of extinct 12-foot aquatic predator
59 How recent economy kept black, white young adults from leaving nest
60 Precision medicine approvals and rare disease treatment incentives evaluated
61 AI detects patterns of gut microbes for cholera risk
62 Are health regulations enough? Lung disease on the rise in mine workers
63 Chemical octopus catches sneaky cancer clues, trace glycoproteins
64 If El Ninos happen twice as often in the future, what happens to seabirds?
65 Uncovering a hidden protein 'tail' that puts the brakes on cell signaling
66 Alligators on the beach? Killer whales in rivers? Get used to it
67 New research suggests that dawn of plate tectonics could have turned Earth into snowball
68 Geoscientists suggest 'snowball Earth' resulted from plate tectonics
69 Social context matters in spread of disease
70 New biotech technique accelerates protein therapy research
71 A new way to watch brain activity in action
72 Providing clinicians feedback on their opioid prescribing data alters future prescribing
73 How companies can help safeguard intellectual property when expanding into risky countries
74 Study finds better measures than a person's occupation to predict long-term earnings
75 FSU research: New model could help rebuild eroding lands in coastal Louisiana
76 New movement monitoring system helping prevent falls in the elderly
77 Hematene joins parade of new 2D materials
78 Antipsychotic medications may result in increased risk of gestational diabetes
79 Genetics help make a weed a weed
80 Measuring snow persistence can help predict streamflow
81 Deadly duet
82 Review of nearly 500 patient cases shows surgery benefits for congenital hyperinsulinism
83 Scientists discover roadblocks that stop brain white matter healing
84 Chemical sensing chip sniffs out cocaine within minutes
85 Brain activity helps explain diabetics' negative feelings, risk for depression
86 Study adds new evidence that infants track others' mental states
87 Russian cuckoo invasion spells trouble for Alaskan birds, study finds
88 New insights into blood vessel growth
89 The NUP/UPNA designs 2 antennas for lighter, more economic communications satellites
90 The apparent inner calm of quantum materials
91 Continuous consumption of pangasius exposes to dangerous mercury levels
92 Carnivores in captivity give birth at the same time of year as those in the wild
93 PolyU endeavors in disaster management and disaster risk reduction
94 Women see through flashy cars and bling
95 Scientists reveal drivers of prolonged spring-summer drought over North China
96 HKU AIDS Institute invents universal antibody drug for HIV-1 prevention and immunotherapy
97 Novel scientific method to derive water quality criteria of metals
98 Wrap an electrode material for Li-ion battery into the inner spacing of carbon nanotube
99 Invisible structures exposed!
100 Molecule that supports blood-cell production under dietary stress is identified
101 If you believe it, it's truer
102 No evidence that women's preference for masculine faces is linked with hormones
103 New evidence that bullfrogs are to blame for deadly fungus outbreaks in western US
104 Breast cancer: Discovery of a protein linked to metastasis
105 Study: Alcohol-related cirrhosis patients are sicker, costlier and often female
106 Nursing home residents with advanced dementia have lower mortality rate with hip surgery
107 Ophthalmologists link immunotherapy with a serious eye condition
108 In ancient rocks, scientists see a climate cycle working across deep time
109 Impacts of windfarm construction on harbor porpoises
110 What will happen when our sun dies?