File Title
1 Researchers defy biology: Mice remain slim on burger diet
2 Smart skin for flexible monitoring
3 Researchers levitate water droplets to improve contaminant detection
4 Penn performs first-in-world robot-assisted spinal surgery
5 Natural gas prices, not 'war on coal,' were key to coal power decline
6 Could robots be counselors? Early research shows positive user experience
7 Researchers unravel genomic mystery of malaria's deadliest parasite
8 Even brief maternal deprivation early in life alters adult brain function and cognition
9 Novel approach for photosynthetic production of carbon neutral biofuel from green algae
10 Gait assessed with body-worn sensors may help detect onset of Alzheimer's disease
11 Electrical signals in plants affect photosynthetic activity
12 COPD-associated inflammation halted in model experiment
13 Plant relationships breakdown when they meet new 'fungi'
14 Arts and culture could help Finnish schools reach new heights of excellence
15 Temperature swings to hit poor countries hardest
16 Childhood communication enhances brain development, protecting against harmful behaviors
17 Long-distance relationships of particles: Electron-hole pairs in two-dimensional crystals
18 The true 'value' of biodiversity
19 Bowel disease study points to new therapies for lifelong conditions
20 Noise throws the heart out of rhythm
21 Flockmate or loner? Identifying the genes behind sociality in chickens
22 Morphing twisted nanoscale objects to tailor applications in future technologies
23 Cutting number of cancers diagnosed as emergencies could save 1,400 lives a year
24 Picking one photon out of the flow
25 Intestinal worm infections could be dramatically reduced: Study
26 Sylentis announces the results of tivanisiran for dry eye syndrome
27 New research uncovers 'stability protein' for cancer treatment
28 Crocodiles listen to classical music in MRI scanner
29 Armed conflicts in Sahara and Sahel endangering wildlife in the region
30 NUS engineers invent smart microchip that can self-start and operate when battery runs out
31 Mystery solved: The bacterial protein that kills male fruit flies
32 Weeds take over kelp in high CO2 oceans
33 Lining MOF pockets to detect noxious gases
34 Controlling the crystal structure of gallium oxide
35 Frequent sauna bathing reduces risk of stroke
36 Plants get a brace to precisely shed flowers and leaves
37 Women should have right to reject pregnancy
38 Interconnected cells-in-a-dish let researchers study brain disease
39 Atomically thin magnetic device could lead to new memory technologies
40 World's rarest ape on the edge of extinction
41 Mix of natural cures, biomedical devices prompts bone health, growth
42 SWAT team of immune cells found in mother's milk
43 Solar powered sea slugs shed light on search for perpetual green energy
44 Milestone research on Madagascar periwinkle uncovers pathway to cancer-fighting drugs
45 Mistletoe mystery--something's missing from the kissing plant?
46 Is prognosis poor for breast cancer diagnosed after negative screening mammography?
47 What gorilla poop tells us about evolution and human health
48 Largest-ever family study of migraine provides new insight into the disease
49 Custom silicon microparticles dynamically reconfigure on demand
50 Chemists develop MRI-like technique to detect what ails batteries
51 Deadliest human malaria parasite reveals the genomic chinks in its armor
52 Revealing the remarkable nanostructure of human bone
53 Women who eat fast food take longer to become pregnant
54 A new model for communication in plant cells
55 Neurons use a single switch to decide whether to make or break new connections
56 Fasting boosts stem cells' regenerative capacity
57 Study offers new approach to starve p53 deficient tumors
58 How a light touch can spur severe itching
59 Earthquake aftermath: Life-threatening blood clots in legs and lungs from sitting in cars for extended periods
60 A designer's toolkit for constructing complex nanoparticles
61 Working together key to weight loss in relationships
62 Scientists develop a new test to safely and accurately diagnose peanut allergies
63 Women who eat fast food and little or no fruit take longer to become pregnant
64 Brain circuit helps us learn by watching others
65 Sex after 65: Poll finds links to health, gender differences, lack of communication
66 Bacteria therapy for eczema shows promise in NIH study
67 Sleep duration may affect kidney disease patients' health-related quality of life
68 FASEB Journal: Celecoxib shows potential benefit for Duchenne muscular dystrophy
69 3D batteries pack power into tiny footprints
70 The headache of adapting to the cold
71 Mistletoe has lost 'most of its respiratory capacity,' two studies show
72 Study sheds light on genetic foundation of migraines
73 Community helminth control programs may reach more children than school programs
74 Microbeads to combat infection show promise in burn wound simulations
75 New study links gray hair with immune system activity and viral infection
76 Topological domain walls in helimagnets
77 Study confirms curable state between single and widespread cancers
78 An OU study explains why Mars growth stunted by early giant planetary instability
79 Dengue virus transmission dominated by those with undetected infection, study finds
80 Structural variation in key brain receptor enables it to cope with hostile condition
81 Computerized test may help improve ADHD diagnoses
82 UCI simulation technique models material-aging process
83 A molecular dance of phospholipid synthesis
84 Can this invasive exotic pest make better materials for industry and medicine?
85 Cancer cells thrive in stiff tissue, according to new study
86 Ediacara Biota flourished in bacterially rich marine habitats
87 A gut bacterium's guide to building a microbiome
88 Scientists hark back to Pleistocene to trace prioritary areas for conservation
89 For parents of multiples, elevated rates of mental health symptoms but low rates of treatment
90 UM researcher finds link between crystal methamphetamine and immune changes in HIV
91 Non-white scholars are underrepresented in scholarly articles in communications
92 Insight into potential new strategy to target skin diseases like psoriasis
93 Fifteen percent of osteoporosis patients who take 'drug holidays' suffer bone fractures
94 Design for magnetoelectric device may improve your memory
95 Engineered polymer membranes could be new option for water treatment
96 This is not a game: NIST virtual reality aims to win for public safety
97 Urine of kidney disease patients contains diverse mix of bacteria
98 Gut check: Metabolites shed by intestinal microbiota keep inflammation at bay
99 Racing can be fatal to horses, new U of G study reveals
100 Burnout, depression can affect ophthalmology residents, study finds
101 Automatically periodical
102 New approach for treating neuropathic pain
103 Agroecology: A better alternative in Sub-Saharan Africa
104 Low-carbon energy transition requires more renewables than previously thought
105 MSU-based specialists in mechanics investigated the behavior of vacuum oil in space
106 Dancer's brains react quickly to changes in music
107 High-performance multimetallic AuPd@Pd@Pt core-interlayer-shell icosahedral electrocatalysts for ORR
108 Less is more when it comes to developing bigger brains
109 To treat pain, you need to treat the patient
110 Researchers clarify the identity of brain stem cells