File Title
1 Atmospheric seasons could signal alien life
2 Reconnection tames the turbulent magnetic fields around Earth
3 First early-type magnetic star in an eclipsing binary detected
4 Bursting pulsar found to 'hiccup' during crucial stage of its lifecycle
5 Exiled asteroid discovered in outer reaches of solar system
6 Why does the Sun's corona sizzle at one million degrees F? Team of physicists is unearthing clues
7 Dutch astronomers photograph possible toddler planet by chance
8 Waves similar to those controlling weather on Earth have now been found on the Sun
9 What will happen when our sun dies?
10 Astronomers find exoplanet atmosphere free of clouds
11 Caffau's star is a dwarf, Gaia DR2 confirms
12 Study explains why Mars growth stunted
13 NASA's first deep-space CubeSats say: 'Polo!'
14 SpaceX's Dragon cargo ship returns to Earth
15 NASA blasts off Mars-bound spaceship, InSight, to study quakes
16 One scientist's 30-year quest to get under Mars' skin
17 NASA counts down to liftoff of Mars lander, InSight
18 NASA spacecraft will have company all the way to Mars
19 Search for life on Mars could get water-enhanced boost
20 Prototype camera set for integration into novel gamma-ray telescope
21 X-ray navigation considered for possible CubeSaturday, mission
22 Mineral in lunar meteorite suggests water was once on the moon
23 Stellar family portrait in X-rays
24 Recent work challenges view of early Mars, picturing a warm desert with occasional rain
25 Helium detected in exoplanet atmosphere for the first time
26 Spinning science: multi-use Variable-g platform arrives at the ISS
27 Sagittarius A* swarm: Black hole bounty captured in the Milky Way center
28 How many of earth's moons crashed back into the planet?
29 Lasers in space--Earth mission tests new technology
30 Image: Shaker test of 8-ton cooling system
31 Breakthrough Listen begins survey of the plane of the Milky Way at Parkes
32 The latest from Juno as Jupiter appears bright in the night sky
33 ESA selects three new mission concepts for study
34 Video: Horizons mission
35 Antennas for lighter, more economic communications satellites
36 Burst of newborn stars in young star cluster puzzles astronomers
37 NASA's Webb Observatory spacecraft element environmental testing update
38 Surviving the inferno of entry, descent and landing
39 What if aliens can't reach Earth because gravity traps them on their worlds?
40 Breathing lunar dust could pose health risk to future astronauts
41 Astronomer composes galactic jazz
42 NASA's InSight mission will look deep into the heart of Mars for clues about its past
43 Ushering in the next phase of exoplanet discovery
44 The BIG Bell Test--Global physics experiment challenges Einstein with the help of 100,000 volunteers
45 Precision measurement of the proton's weak charge narrows the search for new physics
46 The slipperiness of ice explained
47 Revealing the mysteries of superconductors: Team's new scope takes a closer look
48 How to use limited bandwidth more efficiently? Think like a cave-dwelling fish
49 Moving magnetic fields disrupt ice nucleation
50 X-ray laser opens new view on Alzheimer's proteins
51 'Orbital-selective pairing' theory applied to first 'heavy fermion' superconductor
52 Tech bends light more efficiently, offers wider angles for light input
53 Issues still to be addressed for Breakthrough Starshot project
54 Unexpected behaviour of atom clouds challenges existing theories
55 The apparent inner calm of quantum materials
56 Construction begins on one of the world's most sensitive dark matter experiments
57 After death, Hawking cuts 'multiverse' theory down to size
58 Laser-driven electron recollision remembers molecular orbital structure
59 Switching element made of Cr2O3 may yield smaller, more energy-efficient memory for computers and flash drives
60 X-ray study yields new insights on lithium-sulfur batteries
61 Researchers subtract a single quantum of light from a laser beam
62 Chemical engineers discover how to control knots that form in DNA molecules
63 Researchers levitate water droplets to improve contaminant detection
64 New proof reveals fundamental limits of scientific knowledge
65 Three distinct variants of magnetic domain walls discovered in helimagnet iron germanium (FeGe)
66 Custom silicon microparticles dynamically reconfigure on demand
67 Researchers seek existence of exotic quantum spin ice
68 Researchers investigate behavior in quantum systems with a toy-inspired technique
69 How to understand one of Stephen Hawking's final papers--according to an expert
70 Fish in schools can take it easy
71 An innovation that opens horizons for greenhouse gases' remote monitoring
72 Magnetized plasmas that twist light can produce powerful microscopes and more
73 Marine animals can hear us swim, kayak and scuba dive
74 Can 'local acoustic treatment' reduce speech distraction within open-plan offices?
75 Systematic onset of periodic patterns in random disk packings
76 Specialists in mechanics investigated the behavior of vacuum oil in space
77 Motorizing fibres with geometric zero-energy modes
78 A microscopic roundabout for light--team develops a magnet-free optical circulator
79 Viral infection a matter of simple physics
80 Making new layered superconductors using high entropy alloys
81 Antimatter study to benefit from recipe for ten-fold spatial compression of plasma
82 Eliminating small instabilities in tokamaks before they become disruptions
83 Fusion scientists find inspiration in atmospheric whistles
84 'I opened a bottle with Stephen Hawking to celebrate our eureka moment'--Prof. Thomas Hertog
85 Physicists find signs of a time crystal
86 Taming the multiverse--Stephen Hawking's final theory about the big bang
87 Method assembles cellulose nanofibres into a material stronger than spider silk
88 Researcher develops a new generation of graphene
89 Scientists make strong, super-tough carbon sheets at low temperature
90 Hematene joins parade of new 2-D materials--Team extracts 3-atom-thick sheets from common iron oxide
91 Built for speed: DNA nanomachines take a (rapid) step forward
92 Nanoscale measurements 100x more precise, thanks to improved two-photon technique
93 Revealing the remarkable nanostructure of human bone
94 Atomically thin magnetic device could lead to new memory technologies
95 A designer's toolkit for constructing complex nanoparticles
96 Morphing twisted nanoscale objects to tailor applications in future technologies
97 New class of single-atom catalysts for carbon nanotubes exhibit outstanding electrochemical reduction of CO2 to CO
98 One-dimensional material packs a powerful punch for next generation electronics
99 A reimagined future for sustainable nanomaterials
100 Stage-diving with biomolecules improves optical microscopy
101 Calcium-based MRI sensor enables more sensitive brain imaging
102 Butterfly wings inspire light-manipulating surface for medical implants
103 Geometry is key to T-cell triggering
104 A simple method etches patterns at the atomic scale
105 Researchers identify promising delivery method for immunotherapy combination
106 Breaking bottlenecks to the electronic-photonic information technology revolution
107 Nanowires could make lithium ion batteries safer
108 Watching nanomaterials form in 4-D
109 Graphene origami as a mechanically tunable plasmonic structure for infrared detection
110 Researchers invent nano-coating for synthetic leather that cleans itself--and won't get sticky on a hot day