File Title
1 Brick by brick: Assembly of the measles virus
2 Flaw found in water treatment method
3 Novel reaction could spark alternate approach to ammonia production
4 PD-L1 expression in medulloblastoma: An evaluation by subgroup
5 It all comes down to roughness
6 New research shows that children with autism are able to create imaginary friends
7 Weight loss surgery may cause significant skeletal health problems
8 Global warming of 1.5íC or 2íC: The lower limit would reduce flood hazards
9 Heart disease symptoms improved by blocking immune cell migration
10 Yale physicists find signs of a time crystal
11 Bats go quiet during fall mating season
12 New report details experiences of graduates with student loan debt during the Great Recession
13 Organic printing inks may restore sight to blind people
14 Why Antarctic snow melts even in winter
15 In southern Mozambique, 1 out of 3 persons diagnosed with HIV do not disclose their status
16 Ultrafast laser pulse created by golden nanoparticles
17 Energy recovery of urban waste
18 Nanodiamond turns into controllable light source
19 ISIS online propaganda makes people feel nauseous but also provokes curiosity
20 New species in the North Sea
21 Pre-war Japanese music reflects the developments and conflicts of Japanese society
22 Weather forecast model predicts complex patterns of volcanic ash dispersal
23 Scientists make major breakthrough on omega-3 production
24 Having two jobs is great for employers, but family life suffers
25 Substance in Chinese medicine can cause cardiac arrhythmia
26 Researchers discover connection between circadian rhythm and aggression
27 A novel voltage peak in the metal nanowire-superconductor hybrid structure
28 New leads on treating dementia and Alzheimer's
29 Cracking open the formation of fossil concretions
30 Study sheds light on how 'dopamine neurons' contribute to memory formation in humans
31 Paramedics find better drug to tame violent patients
32 Math sheds light on how living cells 'think'
33 Recent work challenges view of early Mars, picturing a warm desert with occasional rain
34 Climate change to cause dramatic drop in Persian Gulf biodiversity and fisheries potential
35 Let's get physical: Breast cancer survivors on the move
36 Microbes living in a toxic volcanic lake could hold clues to life on Mars
37 Plant breeders balance shared innovation, revenue
38 The DES saga: Death risk high for young women exposed in utero
39 Frequent sauna bathing reduces risk of stroke
40 Research identifies unconventional immune cell capable of fighting viral infections
41 Using Google Street View to estimate travel patterns in cities
42 Seeking the truth on female genital cutting
43 Harsher drug laws won't stop violence, argues former police chief
44 Taming the multiverse: Stephen Hawking's final theory about the big bang
45 No evidence of 'gaming' after death rates for bowel surgeons published
46 Trial finds no benefit of bath emollients beyond standard eczema care for children
47 Vasopressin a possible biomarker for social deficits in autism
48 An ironic health care twist for undocumented immigrants
49 Can an algorithm detect signs of a serious eye disease in premature infants like human experts?
50 Scientists find the first bird beak, right under their noses
51 Stanford scientists find possible autism biomarker in cerebrospinal fluid
52 Bloomberg era's emphasis on 'health in all policies' improved New Yorkers' heart health
53 Liver fix thyself
54 Helium detected in exoplanet atmosphere for the first time
55 Infants exposed to hepatitis C increasing, yet not adequately screened, MWRI study finds
56 Hawking's last paper co-authored with ERC grantee posits new cosmology
57 Risk factors involved in the early onset and severity of childhood obesity
58 Rethinking the umbrella species concept
59 Discovery could lead to personalized medical therapies for emerging food allergy disorder
60 Flares in the universe can now be studied on Earth
61 French bulldogs at risk of various health problems
62 Stanford scientists find fear, courage switches in brain
63 Research finds 'Achilles heel' for aggressive prostate cancer
64 More than relaxation? Saunas may be linked to lower stroke risk
65 Changing cities' food systems to help reduce carbon emissions
66 Engraved Crimean stone artifact may demonstrate Neanderthal symbolism
67 River dolphins are declining steeply in the Amazon basin
68 Plants can use underground communication to find out when neighbors are stressed
69 Wintering warblers choose agriculture over forest
70 Burst of newborn stars in young star cluster puzzles astronomers
71 Increased nerve activity may raise blood pressure in anxiety
72 Walnuts impact gut microbiome and improve health
73 Anti-alcoholism drug shows promise in animal models
74 Newly discovered anti-inflammatory substances may potentially treat variety of diseases
75 CWD prions discovered in Wisconsin soils for the first time
76 Highly elastic biodegradable hydrogel for bioprinting of new tissues
77 Endorsements enhance an MBA applicant's chance
78 Marmoset monkey model of Zika virus infection offers new insights into the human condition
79 A potentially cheap, efficient and eco-friendly system for purifying natural gas
80 Environmental quality research questions identified for Latin American region
81 24 and me
82 Essential malaria parasite genes revealed
83 Nation's first cardiac ablation with mapping system recently cleared by the FDA performed at Penn Medicine
84 Volcanic hazard scenarios: Mount Taranaki, New Zealand
85 Wriggling tadpoles may hold clue to how autism develops
86 UIC researchers create heart cells to study AFib
87 Shrinking the synthesizer
88 Study: Maternal placenta consumption causes no harm to newborns
89 New study sheds light (and some shade) on anole diversification
90 Cognitive remediation can be implemented in large systems of psychiatric care
91 Study: Transgender people who are denied mental health care at higher risk of self-harm
92 Bacterial toxins wreak havoc by crippling cellular infrastructure
93 'Digital snapshots' reveal the protein landscape of mitochondrial quality control
94 Mindfulness at work: UBC study first to uncover positive benefits for teams
95 Daily aspirin linked to higher risk in men
96 Untangling DNA knots
97 Harvesting clean hydrogen fuel through artificial photosynthesis
98 Brain stimulation reduces suicidal thinking in people with hard-to-treat depression
99 Should ethics or human intuition drive the moral judgments of driverless cars?
100 Engineers upgrade ancient, sun-powered tech to purify water with near-perfect efficiency
101 Purdue researchers create instrument to rapidly test if drugs contain trace crystallinity
102 Mercury rising: Are the fish we eat toxic?
103 Mining for gold with a computer
104 Weekday for operation does not affect survival from lung cancer
105 Antimatter study to benefit from recipe for ten-fold spatial compression of plasma
106 Early HIV treatment key to avoiding brain atrophy
107 Decoding the brain's learning machine
108 The brain's 'rising stars': New options against Alzheimer's?
109 PET imaging agent could provide early diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis
110 Odd microbial partnerships via electrically conductive particles