File Title
1 Study challenges 'shock and kill' approach to eliminating HIV
2 Blacks, whites equally as likely to be prescribed opioids for pain
3 Ames Lab takes the guesswork out of discovering new high-entropy alloys
4 Mainstream media coverage of humanitarian crises falls short, new survey finds
5 Mosquitoes bite when thirsty, too
6 NIST/NASA study shows one detector doesn't 'fit all' for smoke in spacecraft
7 Virus inhibits immune response of caterpillars and plants
8 Deer fawns more likely to survive in agricultural landscapes than forest
9 Food for thought: Ketogenic diets reduce athletes' anaerobic performance
10 Use of ibuprofen and similar NSAIDs may shorten life of patients
11 Curves or angles? Shapes in businesses affect customer response
12 Persistence pays off in discovery that could lead to improved treatment and survivability of patient
13 As consumers, how do we decide what's 'best' when it's not clear?
14 Study: Wearable fitness monitors useful in cancer treatment
15 New diagnostic technique picks up the S in vision
16 Hormone from fat boosts metabolism in both exercise and cold
17 Research team engineers a better plastic-degrading enzyme
18 Army's new find lowers accidental stockpile detonation
19 A rose is a rose is a rose: Mathematical model explains how two brains agree on smells
20 A surprising new superconductor
21 New offices make us more image-conscious
22 Dielectric metamaterial is dynamically tuned by light
23 Disparities found in lung cancer care, survival in US versus England
24 Acupuncture possible treatment for dental anxiety
25 Vegan and traditional kimchi have same microbes, study finds
26 New study finds pureed pork supports infant growth
27 Soccer coaches are an untapped resource in assessing and developing player psychology
28 Posting, commenting and customizing on Facebook help involve, empower older adults
29 CAR-T immunotherapy eliminates metastatic colorectal cancer in mice
30 Palliative care improves hospital care for seriously ill patients
31 Communication difficulties linked to increased risk of self-harm and suicidal behavior
32 Researchers call for tougher standards for studies on obesity policies
33 Extreme mobility of mantis shrimp eyes
34 Stem cells show long-term success in treating severe peripheral arterial disease
35 Distress in men following prostate cancer can be reduced
36 Lymphatic endothelial cells promote melanoma to spread
37 Real-time coverage of inside of the brain made possible
38 Monash study exposes key tactic used by deadly fungus
39 Organ-chips model and predict thrombotic side effect caused by anti-CD154 antibody hu5c8
40 Brain's window for language learning open until adulthood
41 Marmosets as the canary in the coal mine for Zika
42 Physicists find properties of magnetic soliton of interest for brain-inspired computing
43 Breakthrough for SF State kinesiologists studying metabolic protein
44 New insights into the origins of mutations in cancer
45 Most academic institutions unprepared to meet new HHS clinical trial reporting regulations
46 Survey: Medical marijuana could reduce opioid use in older adults
47 Blueprint for the skull
48 EEG signals accurately predict autism as early as 3 months of age
49 Nurse-led task shifting an effective strategy to control hypertension in Ghana, new study finds
50 Sweating the small stuff
51 Novel cancer vaccine strategy blocks death of tumor-specific cytotoxic T cells
52 Making individualized choices about breast cancer screening
53 Vitamin D improves weight gain and brain development in malnourished children
54 New study improves monitoring of treatments for multiple sclerosis patients
55 Study links 'good' brown fat and exercise
56 Small earthquakes caused by migrating gases in the underground
57 Cognitive scientists define critical period for learning language
58 New lab study reveals how breast cancer drug can accelerate cancer cell growth
59 Blood type O patients may have higher risk of death from severe trauma
60 'Smart' dresser prototype guides people with dementia in getting dressed
61 Rapid increase of synthetic opioids involved in drug overdose deaths
62 Historical records help uncover new mechanism in deadly 1906 Taiwan quake
63 Patients get faster life-saving treatment in states with policies allowing direct transport to specialized heart attack care hospitals
64 The macabre world of mind-controlling parasites
65 American pikas tolerate climate change better than expected
66 Stanford scientist develops protein mimic to help injured lungs breathe
67 Acute and chronic changes in myelin following mild traumatic brain injury
68 Lightning carries potential danger to people with deep brain stimulators
69 Scientists map key brain-to-spinal cord nerve connections for voluntary movement
70 Shivering and exercise both trigger same fat-burning effect
71 Analysis links US government global health R&D funding to jobs, economic benefits across states
72 Siamab Therapeutics announces publication of new data on its ST1 lead program in the journal Oncotarget
73 For patients with esophageal cancer, status of lymph nodes after preoperative therapy determines survival
74 Opioids over-prescribed after hiatal hernia surgery
75 Frozen embryo transfer versus fresh embryo transfer: What's riskier?
76 High prevalence of atherosclerosis found in lower risk patients
77 Post-mortem CT angiography illuminates causes of death
78 Poll finds 4 in 5 Americans favor increase in mental health support for children
79 Fracking the immune system
80 Tobacco company's understanding of addiction revealed by internal documents
81 Valleytronics discovery could extend limits of Moore's Law
82 A new giant virus found in the waters of Oahu, Hawaii
83 Pioneering paper shows infection control and prevention in clinics is in everyone's hands
84 Understanding fear of guilt key in better treating OCD
85 Newly improved glass slide turns microscopes into thermometers
86 App allows for crowdsourced exercise plans, which rival trainers in effectiveness
87 Survival and restoration of China's native forests imperiled by proliferating tree plantations
88 The case for hope: Educating as if survival matters
89 Protecting campus free speech, even when it challenges beliefs
90 How small molecule halts spread of toxic protein associated with Alzheimer's progression
91 AI better than most human experts at detecting cause of preemie blindness
92 Cryo-EM structures of the nicotine receptor may lead to new therapies for addiction
93 Morris Animal Foundation study shows drug comes up short in osteoarthritis pain relief
94 Hubble detects helium in the atmosphere of an exoplanet for the first time
95 Mixed progress on drug resistance in A. baumannii infections in children
96 Are emperor penguins eating enough?
97 A simple catalyst helps to assemble complex molecular frameworks of antifungal agents
98 Toy-inspired experiment on behavior of quantum systems
99 Breast cancer places greater financial burden on black women
100 Whooping cough more widespread than previously known
101 Study links parental support and career success of children
102 Why plants are so sensitive to gravity: The lowdown
103 Medical aid-in-dying laws are increasing, but substantial barriers to access remain
104 Harvesting health information from an unusual place: The wastewater treatment plant
105 Precise targeting technique could regulate gut bacteria, curtailing disease
106 Improving 3-D printing of plastic parts
107 Pilot study validates artificial intelligence to help predict school violence
108 Longevity Industry Landscape Overview Volume II: 'The Business of Longevity'
109 Researchers find gut microbiome plays an important role in atherosclerosis
110 Climate change will boost global lake evaporation--with 'extreme' consequences