File Title
1 Study links breast cancer to the body's internal clock
2 Metastasis enablers: Findings could unlock new ovarian cancer treatments
3 Fringe benefits: Drug side effects could treat human hair loss
4 Scientists investigate new strategy to treat spinal muscular atrophy in infants
5 A new machine learning tool could flag dangerous bacteria before they cause an outbreak
6 Blocking the molecular source of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
7 Study reveals that people who travel by car are four times more likely to be injured than people who travel by city bus
8 Does HPV vaccination prevent the development of cervical cancer?
9 Tissue-engineered human pancreatic cells successfully treat diabetic mice
10 Researchers use 'League of Legends' to gain insights into mental models
11 For women with history of pregnancy loss, walking may aid chance of becoming pregnant
12 Genes linked with sunburn, skin cancer risk
13 Scientists discover a new way to battle multiple sclerosis
14 Cellular reprogramming approach promotes muscle regeneration in injured mice
15 Drug may reverse imbalance linked to autism symptoms
16 Some gut bacteria may protect against intestinal infection
17 Living in better neighborhood may protect health of kids in poverty
18 Easy-to-measure grip strength test could help predict major disease risk
19 New study provides insight into blood signatures of inflammation
20 Researchers discover cellular messengers communicate with bacteria in the mouth
21 Drinking more water does not slow decline of kidney function for kidney disease patients
22 Regulation of the Hoxb gene cluster maintains blood-forming cells and inhibits leukemia
23 Expert panel highlights patient choice for prostate cancer screen (Update)
24 Duped patients crowdfund for bogus medical care, study says
25 Despite mutations in makona Ebola virus, disease consistent in mice, monkeys
26 Prolonged exposure to air pollution leads to genetic changes in rat brains, study finds
27 Age, marital status, BMI and sleep associated with risk for dementia
28 Amplification of key cellular organizer may initiate cancer, study suggests
29 The effect of night shifts--gene expression fails to adapt to new sleep patterns
30 Study: Women perceive men who extrovertly display their wealth as unsuitable partners for long-term relationships
31 GPs deserve greater safety netting support
32 Invasive procedures should be reserved for a sub-group of acid reflux patients, study says
33 Study looks at barriers to getting treatment for substance use disorders
34 Patients and families who experience delirium report more distress than those who do not
35 Type 2 diabetes ups risk of renal cancer in women, but not men
36 After-school activities beneficial for children with ADHD
37 Primary, secondary implant equal for fibula free tissue transfer
38 Teen sexting linked to intimate partner violence, sexual abuse
39 Congo health ministry confirms 2 Ebola cases in new outbreak
40 More Americans DOA from gun, knife wounds
41 Financial strain has major impact on patients' health care decisions
42 Ultrasound helmet would make live images, brain-machine interface possible
43 Is integrative medicine right for you?
44 Simple post-surgery step reduces bladder cancer recurrence
45 Researchers use emojis to develop a modern face scale for product testing
46 Reading and singing to preemies helps parents feel comfortable with their fragile babies
47 Scientists can measure population change through chemicals found in feces
48 25 years of fossil collecting yields clearest picture of extinct 12-foot aquatic predator
49 Study finds better measures than a person's occupation to predict long-term earnings
50 Professional speedcuber breaks world record on Rubik's cube
51 Tests show no hidden Tutankhamun chambers: ministry
52 Ediacara Biota flourished in bacterially rich marine habitats
53 Expert disease detective unravels mysterious illness that killed famed 12th century sultan
54 Erosion unearths bones on New York's island of the dead
55 Engraved Crimean stone artifact may demonstrate Neanderthal symbolism
56 New find shows early humans were in the Philippines 700,000 years ago
57 Scientists find the first bird beak, right under their noses
58 Math sheds light on how living cells 'think'
59 Longest straight-line ocean path on planet Earth calculated
60 Curves or angles? Shapes in businesses affect customer response
61 New sources prove a Frenchman was one of the translators of the King James Bible
62 Archaeologists find ancient mass child sacrifice in Peru
63 The ancient genomes of the Tsimshian indigenous people left tell-tale markers on the trail of their past
64 Ancient quids reveal clues about genetic ancestry of early Great Basin inhabitants
65 The shape, not size, of our ancestors' brains may have helped them outlast Neanderthals
66 How success breeds success in the sciences
67 Wooden Shigir idol found to be over twice as old as Egyptian pyramids
68 Scalable, cost-effective intervention helps parents improve student attendance, new study finds
69 How much does infrastructure boost an economy?
70 Equal subsidies 'surprisingly powerful,' in promoting use of gold-standard medications, new study shows
71 Many Airbnb venues lack basic safety protections, new study suggests
72 What does a 'normal' voice sound like?
73 Troubling educational stats for kids with intellectual disabilities
74 At the forefront of developing new insights into peacebuilding
75 Extinct pigeon species related to dodo found
76 The importance of accountability after deadly disasters
77 Being able to adapt in the classroom improves teachers' well-being
78 Americans are becoming more socially isolated, but they're not feeling lonelier
79 Diverse evidence is the key to helping people trust science
80 More Americans expect to work until 70; there are benefits
81 Perceptions of Science in America: Takeaways for Your SciComm
82 Dinosaur tracks at Utah park dislodged, thrown into lake
83 Study: Reflecting on possessions can curb people's impulse buying
84 University of California workers start 3-day strike over pay
85 How recent economy kept black, white young adults from leaving nest
86 Study shows how companies can help safeguard intellectual property when expanding into risky countries
87 Most successful entrepreneurs are older than you think
88 Migratory animals carry more parasites, says study
89 Watch how a T cell passes HIV sexually to a new host
90 Researchers identify 15 new species of stealthy cuckoo bees
91 New shrew species discovered on 'sky island' in Philippines
92 Bridgehead effect found to be a major driver for invasive species infestations
93 CRISPR-guided proximity labeling--dissecting gene transcription's proteomic choreography
94 Sea turtles like it local
95 Sharks can acquire a taste for jazz music
96 Scientists train spider to jump on demand to discover secrets of animal movement
97 Research team uncovers mechanism of action for a class of bacterial toxins
98 Researchers find genetic 'dial' can control body size in pigs
99 Uncovering a hidden protein 'tail' that puts the brakes on cell signaling
100 Large predators once hunted to near-extinction are showing up in unexpected places
101 Stomata--the plant pores that give us life--arise thanks to a gene called MUTE, scientists report
102 New CRISPR technology 'knocks out' yeast genes with single-point precision
103 Study of fruit flies shows sex composition of group alters disease transmission
104 Should I stay or go? Birds migrate to save energy: study
105 Could seismology equipment help to protect elephants from poachers?
106 Protecting confidentiality in genomic studies
107 Taking CRISPR from clipping scissors to word processor
108 Genetics help make a weed a weed
109 Researchers develop 'hibernation in a dish' to study how animals adapt to the cold
110 Russian cuckoo invasion spells trouble for Alaskan birds, study finds